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Save your Soul

Life drifts through thick n thin, happy n hazy times  as I pass through miles to reach Austin here. Nevertheless, Health is always a prime concern as I jot down all I got to pin up here on my blog. If I don’t happen to be here, maybe I won’t be writing on Health anymore!

Whatever, Ageing is one factor that really needs to be probed into getting more alert to live at peace while keeping healthy. We can talk on this on loads – However, Anxiety and Insecurity are the two main things that need a check – when at 40 people get naughty but when at 50 it’s said, Hold your Heart and get prepared not to slow down the spirits of living.

This 1st October will be the International Day for Older People. World wide, there are 600 million persons who are aged 60 years and over. This will multiply by 2025 to reach 2 billion by 2050. The Development world will be seing the figures rising too high. The World Health Organization (WHO) site has more on it and so will you find here. Study also finds potential to fight ageing and slowing down the process.

However, remains the concerns on keeping Healthy, fit as a fiddle. I find many people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Dutch Researchers reported recently that people who are Smokers over 55 years were 50% more likely to develop dementia than similar non smokers. Dr. Monique Breteler of ErasmusMedicalCenter in Rotterdam, Netherlands has mentioned in Neurology Journal that they followed 7000 people age 55 and older for an average of seven years ad over that time, 706 people developed dementia. Smoking could cause small strokes and this can damage the brain and cause Dementia.

So, there you get my point! If ever to be healthy, Stop Smoking and before the smoke fumes the inside layers, better not let the rest of the life to be led to ash.

But, it’s said, who are we to give advice to elders?

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