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Teacher’s Day & Grandparents Day are the two important days to observe. Children can make cards and give to their teachers and grandparents. Let them learn to make Appreciation cards and teach them how to write ‘Thank You’ notes.

Author Raold Dahl’s Birthday in September (13). Children can be encouraged to read Raold Dahl Books and jot down stories they’ve read. They can even write reviews of role play in the classroom. Ask them about their Fav Author and add Author Profile in their Literature Project file.

 First Television in India was launched on 15th September. Make the children write all the TV Channel Programs they like and why. If they write Cartoon Channel, ask them of their fav Cartoon show and get into conversation about their likes or dislikes. Be interactive and friendly – children will be pleased to participate in a conversational session in English with a topic of their interest.

 New York Times  was first published in September. Make a list of your favorite sections as a teacher or parent and what you like to read. Talk with kids and Ask them what they like to read in New York Times. If you’re not reading NYT and happen to be on Kidsfreesoulslet me know  your favorite sections on Kidsfreesouls:-) Also organize a Crosswords and wordsearch session in the class.  Print sheets and use as activity.


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