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Should kids be forced to write ‘Thank you’ notes or just say ‘Thanks’ ?


Should kids be forced to write 'Thank you' notes or just say 'Thanks' ?

It’s so common to say ‘Thank You’ or just write ‘Thank You’ – However, to be kind enough to show gratitude comes quite naturally with an Attitude.

As parents, telling Kids to write Thank You notes is a gesture to show respect and courtesy. Ever since I was a kid, I said ‘Thanks’ as there was no choice but to do so as it was taught to me by my parents and teachers. When I grew up, I realized the real meaning of simply being ‘Appreciative’ with an educational value.

Sad to say, the practice of sending handwritten thank you notes is out of fashion and seems to be dying out, especially among the children. How many of you attended a party and never sent a ‘Thank you’ card or even made a phone call saying, “I loved the party, thanks.”

Now, there is the point. Setting an example is the best teaching experience. Get together and write the stuff. Parents often preach but simply do not have the time to say ‘Thank You’ themselves. Children will grow into ungrateful adults if they aren’t able to follow a valid example.

Should you force a child to say ‘Thank You’ or tell him to write ‘Thank you’ note – It’s all about understanding the importance of being gratified and encouraging children to say so – More about teaching moral values while practising together.

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