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Skippers Gotta Listen!


Skippers Gotta Listen!

A long time, no see but skippers Gotta Listen! A heading that gripped me frenzy for skipping n hopping around for a while without a bother on Health n Fitness. However, here’s a start for the Breakfast skippers who gotta listen.


I read an article of Roger Dobson with a recommend to start the day with Ham and Cheese. Scientific experiments show the traditional German breakfast of Ham and cheese has the most significant impact on memory, work rate and attention levels.


While most of us do not understand the scientific terms, we do realize the effects of the breakfast intake during the mornings. Sugary foods as cornflakes with sugar, accompanied by a waffle and maple syrup get to high glycogenic load and a slump in performance by late morning. Scrambled egg, bread and jam too had a good score while ham and cheese along with low fat spread on wholegrain bread scores best with low glycogenic load.

Now, what if we do not eat the Ham? Any breakfast which release glucose slowly may be good in moderate quantities? Cereals made from whole grains with serving of 5 gms fibre or slight more is a good beginning. The slower the release of glucose into the blood stream, better the performance. If there is high protein in the breakfast, it will suppress the appetite for longer and snacking is avoided. As such, no diet but curbed obesity is relating to limiting one’s appetite and staying physically fit. Fruits with creative alternatives are also excellent breakfast ideas that freshen up with rich protein morns. In short, breakfast can be taken as follows:

grains (breads and cereals)

protein ( nuts)

fruits and vegetables

milk, cheese, and yogurt

“Have Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper” is a well said saying. Breakfast is your start of the day and as the name suggests it is necessary to “break” the “fast” that has been going on since dinner the previous night to fuel ones’ body for the day. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day is often termed as most heavy meal of the day especially when you are booked at a hotel suite and the breakfast is aha…full of dishes. Great for a while, but than, good times never last and one got to be sane with breakfast ideas – the best convincing is bread or a toast and cereals. Enjoy!

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