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Snow White


SNOW WHITE – Subject-Predicate/Capital letters/Proper & common nouns

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a lovely Queen sat by her window sewing. As she worked, she pricked her finger with her needle. Three drops of blood fell on the snow-white linen. “How happy I would be if I had a little girl

 with lips as red as blood, skin as white as snow and hair as black as ebony”, thought the Queen. When spring came, her wish was granted. A little daughter was born but the queen’s happiness was brief. Holding her lovely baby in her arms, she whispered, “Little Snow White” and then she died! Snow white was very beautiful and sweet natured that everyone loved her. The lonely King married again, his new Queen was beautiful but heartless and cruel. The Queen had a magic mirror. Every day she looked into it and asked:
“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?
And the mirror replied that she was fairest and all was well. But if another lady was named, the Queen flew into a furious rage and had her killed. One day, the mirror replied “Snow White” and the Queen was very angry. She made Snow White dress in rags, made her work hard and finally, sent her to the forest to be killed by her huntsman. The kindly huntsman felt pity for her and fell to his knees before the Princess. “I cannot kill you,” he said, “even though it is the Queen’s command. Run into the forest and hide, and never return to the castle. Alone in the forest, Snow White wept with fright and ran blinded with tears, deeper and deeper into the forest until weak with terror, she fell to the ground, sobbing. Out from the burrows and nests and hollow trees, crept the woodland animals. The birds sang the gayest melodies and they all led her to a tiny cottage. Snow White clapped her hands in delight and cried, “How Sweet! It’s like a doll’s house”. She cleaned the house, washed the crumpled clothes and set the kettle of delicious soup. Upstairs she found seven little beds in a row. “Why, they have their names carved on them,” said Snow White. “Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful, Sleepy – such funny names. Yawning, she sank down on a bed and fell asleep.
“Hie, ho, hie, ho, It’s home from work we go”



Marching and singing came the seven Dwarfs to their tiny cottage. They were surprised to see the door open and all was neat and clean. “Maybe a ghost or demon is here”, they feared but when they saw Snow White, they whispered, “Bless our souls – its a girl!” Snow White woke up and said, “Oh, you are little men!” Please give me your introductions. They all told her their names and became friends. They danced, sang songs and had dinner. It was a great evening of fun.
Meanwhile, back at the castle, the huntsman had presented the wicked Queen, a box, which she thought to be with the heart of snow white. “Ah ha!” she said and hurried to the magic mirror and asked again
“Now, magic mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest one of all?”
The honest mirror replied “Snow White”. So, in a rage, the wicked Queen set off to the forest, dressed like a witch and came to the Cottage with a basket full of poisoned apples. When the dwarfs were out for work, she knocked the door and Snow White could not recognize her. She ate the Apples the queen offered her and feel into a deep sleepy trance. When the dwarfs came back marching and singing 
“Hi Ho, Hi Ho, from work we go home”, they saw the frantic birds and animals into the woods to warn them. They realized that Snow White was in danger and however racing they came, it was late. The seven dwarfs found Snow White lying as if asleep. They built her a bed of crystal and gold and set it up in the forest, watching night and day. After some days, a handsome Prince heard about the princess and rode there to see her. At once, he loved her truly, so he knelt beside her and kissed her lips. Soon, Snow White woke up. She saw her dream Prince Samuel, bending over her. She knew she loved him too. She said good-by to the seven dwarfs and mounted on a white horse with the Prince and rode off to his Castle to Baghdad where their dreams turned true.


Read the Story Snow White & Answer the following in Nouns and define whether it is a proper or common noun. Remember to put the Capitals in case of Proper nouns:

1. Who was the fairest in the land?
2. Who sent Snow White to the forest?
3. Who took Snow White to the forest?
4. What did Snow White see in the forest?
5. Who lived in the cottage?
6. Give the names of the dwarfs?
7. What did the wicked queen dress like?
8. What did the witch bring for Snow White?
9. What did Snow White eat and feel asleep?
10.Who sat beside Snow White to pray?
11.Who came there one day?
12.Where did the Prince & Snow White go? 
13.How did they go?

Underline the Nouns (Proper & common) in the story.Put p for proper and c for common noun

Make a List of Names, Places, Animals & Things 

Make a Label like one below and observe :

     Mr. Bins Patel
     Swagat Kidsfreesouls,
     17, Hatkesh Society,
     Ahmedabad 380 009. (India)

Look at the address: 
* The name and surname begins with capital letter
* The Street name begins with capital letters,
* The name of city begins with capital letter
* The name of country begins with capital letter 


Rewrite using capitals for proper nouns and underline common nouns:
1. london is the capital of england.
2. ships sail from dover
3. bath is a very old city.
4. he was born in oxford.
5. bin lives in ashton road, bristol.
6. we went by train to new york.
7. the biggest city in wales is cardiff.
8. many people visit disneyland.
9. bins has a pet dog named pepper.
10.we paid a visit to mr. and mrs. patel. 
Remember:Capital letters are used 
* to begin a sentence
* to begin every line of poetry
* for the names of people and pets
* for the names of places, rivers, mountains and so on
* for addresses
* for the names of the days of the week
* for the word ‘I’

To the Parent/Teacher : Click Grammar Fun for More Nouns 
The story is aimed at Revision of Proper and common nouns. Collective & Abstract nouns can be taught through Grammar fun exercises.


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