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Struggle within

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The season goes high in my town in October-November with the misery of Sinusitis. A struggle to fight the cold that blocks the nose, head feel stuffy with headache, a constant companion. When the season changes, some people are prone to allergic – dust or pollen or whatever be it. Sinus becomes a dreadful word and we need to battle it.

A human has eight sinuses, hollow spaces. Each sinus opens into the nose for free exchange of air and mucous and each is joined with nasal passages by a continuous mucous membrane lining. Hence, anything that causes a swelling in the nose, an infection, allergic reaction, pollution can affect the sinuses. As a result, the sinus attacks.


The main symptoms can be:

Due to pollution or allergic effects, cold triggers and there’s headache, a typical of sinus problems

Cheeks become tender to touch and upper jaw and teeth ache.


swelling of eyelids and tissues around eyes, pain between eyes.


Cough can be severe at night

running nose or nasal congestion

Now, Is Sinus Headache symptoms = Migraine? “Migraines are known to affect 18% of U.S. women and 6% of U.S. men. But fewer than half of migraine headaches get diagnosed. Many get misdiagnosed as sinus or tension headaches,” says webmd.

Well, many people are sensitive to strong light, noise, odours or even while performing activities like bending over and going upstairs. As a result, the headache triggers.

I think proper diagnosis and treatment are the keys to relief. When you’re feeling a heart throb, feel pressure around eyes and cheek and forehead, it seems to be sinus headache but one need not jump to conclusions. Consult a doctor but for a quick remedy, here’s a quick tip:

1. Take luke warm water and add juice of lemon + a spoon honey early in the morning every day. Can be take 2-3 times as to the severe conditions.

2. The ayurvedic drink of Ganthoda (Valerian rhizome) added with water (a spoon in one cup of water) plus jaggery and a pinch of dried ginger. Bring to almost hot and add a little ghee (indian butter) and pinch of khus khus (white poppy seeds)

Over and above, be cautious to what you eat! This means, like I said earlier for Asthma and allergy – No fried, no yeast based or fermented food is allowed but a good deal of green vegetables and fresh fruits like vitamin c lemon and oranges is good. Neither milk products nor all that fall in beans category pulses.

More, go for morning walks, avoid direct sun, go for Yoga and go for oil massage on head (even shirodhara i.e. treatment of hot oil head massage)

With a little self help, I guess, one can sort for Ayurvedic remedy and it do work wonders.

(All Posts by ilaxi patel: This Health & Fitness Blog is based on personal thoughts and research work. Readers may please Consult your Doctor for your Health Problems)


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