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My Success Story and Fond Memories


We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face Challenges. And, these very Challenges makes one fearless in the pursuit of what sets the soul on fire.

For me, Memories are special moments and they share our story. My Journey has ever been a Roller Coaster ride. There has been Ups and Downs, Twists and Turns but nevertheless, a wonderful tale to narrate. And, as I believe, Behind every successful woman, woman is herself. Passion Projects always bring positive results. With the passion comes Work, Focus, Push, Ideas, Trial and error methods, Serve selflessly and persistence.

Thomas Edison once said, “I haven’t failed, I have found 10,000 ways that don’t work” and this itself is an experience that failing often makes you rise. When you realize you are destined for greatness, your potential haunts and this is where I drew my line – to keep believing in myself and the things I can do. Living Life Principles is more easier when you accept life unconditionally. The Gita Principle has given me the strength to keep on doing work without waiting for fruits ” Karma kare jao phal ki iccha mat karo”

Karmany eva ‘ dhikaras te,
ma phalesu kadacana,
ma karmaphalahetur bhut,
ma te sango ‘stv akarmani
Yogasthah kuru karmani,
Sangam tyaktva dhanamjaya,
siddhyasiddhyoh samo bhutva,
samatvam yoga ucyate

“Which means… Thy rights is to thy work alone, But never to the Fruits of work;
Let not the rewards of action be thy motive, nor yet be attached to inaction.

As a Journalist, maybe we help others, or uncover corruption and the abuse of power. We conduct thorough research for our stories and explain how things work, or create positive change in our communities through our stories and online newspaper columns. Being a Web Content Analyst and Content writer for Political purpose is altogather a responsibility to highlight on Initiatives of the Government and selflessly add on to build the strength and power to work for society.

My experience has been indepth and I would keep adding on. I have the chance to do the kinds of things I’ve had a chance to do. I think when I looked around the world, I’m very opportunistic about it. I’ve been a Journalist, a Political writer, an Author, running a Kids Newspaper as an Editor or Blogger/VA (Virtual Assistant) to politician and even a Tech Expert as a Women Techmaker by Google or IT Head for GCCI BWW. And, first and foremost a Home Manager. And I had seen what happens when you have a giant force that emerges and just totally changes the rules of the game. Women has Power and I have much more Power Within to do the things I can do. And I loved doing everything that came my way. Still, head on to more bigger avenues with no surprize. There is no Pause button like a Computer coz when you press the pause button on a computer, it stops. But when you press the pause button on a human being it starts. It starts to reflect, rethink, reimagine and life moves on.

Watch my Special Story on Nirmana Television on my Success Journey on International Women’s Day 2017


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