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Sunsign – Your Character Traits


Sunsign - Your Character Traits


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Planetary Ruler : Mars | Gemstone : Diamond | Lucky Day : Tuesday | Colours : Red, White | Lucky Number : 1, 9
Flower : Geranium
Characteristics : Bold, Courageous, Energetic


(March 20th through April 19th)

 Aries are amazingly generous, confident and warm by nature. They are imaginative and full of ideas with sharp memory and are found to be very sentimental. They show sparks of anger when they are intolerant and their temper flares to flames when their ego hurts. However, aries soon forgets and forgives repenting for their weird attitude. Aries show their affection demonstratively. Aries are naughty inviting trouble for themselves by injuries with some scars on head or face. They take the lead always and usually have their own rules. They have excellent intelligence but will always rank in B grade but if they decide to compete, than they are sure to reach the top. They are enthusiastic but dampening their spirits weaken them. Aries would gear up for challenges and his sharp intuition makes him succeed. They crave for praise and needs to be motivated. Idleness spells trouble for aries. Aries make others happy and will make all impossible dreams turn true for you.


(April 20th through May 20th)

Calm, Pleasant and lovable Taureans possess silent attitude and speak sparinglyl. They are emotionally stable with a cheerful nature and seldom get disturbed. However, they have superior quality and are stubborn. Nobody can force them what they dislike. They have excellent powers of concentration. Usually, Taureans are well organized, wise, clever and obedient. They are often leaders due to their common sense and judgement. Many Taureans possess low, soft, melodious voice and are good at music and singing. Paint brush in their hands reveal their artistic abilities. They are also found to be confidant and self made. Their greatest weak point is that Taureans have an ego and would never opologize even if they are wrong. To ask for forgiveness seems to be beyond their dignity.

TAURUS ( April 20 – May 20)

Sunsign - Your Character Traits

Planetary Ruler : Venus
Gemstone : Emerald
Lucky Day : Friday
Colours : Red, Green
Lucky Number : 6, 4
Flower : Violet
Characteristics : Conservative, Possessive, Loyal.


GEMINI  (May 21 – June 20)

Sunsign - Your Character Traits

Planetary Ruler : Mercury
Gemstone : Agate
Lucky Day : Wednesday
Colours : Orange, Yellow
Lucky Number : 5, 9
Flower : Lily of the Valley
Characteristics : Lively, Talkative, Intelligent.

(May 21st through June 20th)

Geminians are friendly, alert, inquisitive by nature. They are bright, interesting and enthusiasting. They have great gift of talent. Geminians are good readers and can impress with their vocabulary skills. They are good conversationalist loaded with remarks and can turn to be good writers. Geminis are smooth sailers and can change their mind pretty fast. They are active but restless and cannot stick to one place. Restriction and strict discipline emotionally disturbs them as they love to live on their own. They have an air sign and hence tend to move like air. They possess swift movements and are quick as a snail. They are never punctual, often distracted and also can blow their own trumpet. Due to varied taste and interest, Geminis have too many fingers stuck into too many pies. They are surprisingly clever with twin desires, sharp and talented but impatient with an exploring mind. Geminians turn out to be good authors or politicians or match their qualities to the wits of people engaged in public relations, radio station, publishing house or Advertising Agency. Whatever, Geminians always have a million dollar ideas stuffed in their brainy heads as they fly in air like a butterfly with unsually quick but graceful movements.


No doubt, the Cancerians have the kicks of their mysterious moods with variety, swinging up and downs with a lot of twists and turns. They have their deep emotions and are found to be very sensitive nature. They have an exceptional good memory and his mind is full of imagination. They are fascinated with all the delicious treats and candies. The Crabs are easy to manage and disciplined as they are a lot fond of home environment and depend on the family. They love loneliness and like to build castles in the air. Cancerians have qualities of leadership and have independent thinking with rich, colourful, varied moods, building their own image. He possess artistic and creative qualities. Sensitive minds of the crabs bring feelings of hurt and pampering them brings shock as they need to be spanked sometimes when they are in the wrong. Teachers find these Crabs, whizz kids with brilliant mind remembering the history and events. They can turn to be good stage artists, creative photographers or turn for music or arts. Cancerians have a good sense of humour and can crack jokes, make funny faces and laugh contagiously but once they are sensitive and hurt, they prefer silence for hours. Many Cancerians have the nickname of ‘Fatso’ due to their fondness of good food and drink and can raise the food bills whereas some can be just ‘skinny’ but teasing them would hurt these sensitive crabs. Cancerians are labelled ‘Handle with Care’as they have soft hearts.

CANCER  (June 21 – July 22)

Planetary Ruler : Moon
Sunsign - Your Character TraitsGemstone : Pearl
Lucky Day : Monday
Colours : Silver, Pearl
Lucky Number : 3, 7
Flower : Larkspur
Characteristics : Emotional, Patriotic, Home loving

LEO (July 23 – Aug 22)

Planetary Ruler : Sun
Gemstone : Ruby
Lucky Day : Sunday
Sunsign - Your Character TraitsColours : Gold
Lucky Number : 8, 9
Flower : Marigold
Characteristics : Cheerful, Proud, Powerful

Like the song “My O my, wanna say goodbye…If you were my King, I would be your Queen, To rule a country baby, you and I and then Ken say, “I’m gonna my way…” There! That is the real Leo! The king you can say is never destined to stay with the queen. Yet, she is the whole world for him. Leo, a born leader, impressive, confident, brave, proud and majestic! He possesses the three D’s – Determination, dedication and devotion. Quite extrovert, dignified, poised yet egoistic. Lions have the commanding air and make the earth tremble when they are off their moods. His roars can be worse than his bites. However, they are witty and full of humour, sympathetic, kind and caring. Leos are open hearted, generous and flatter compliments that flutters the hearts who winds in his charms. He is a convincing orator, a loyal friend, a powerful enemy, original, creative and challenging. The Leos are the Keep Busy type and seldom get lazy to breathe the fresh air. Some Leos are shy and end up in destructive frustrations. Emotionally sensitive, Leos are sometimes to be handled with care. They lack the courage to face the situations out of control and that’s when they turn back to their den, timid and quite but more matured, loving and understanding. They have extraordinary will power and his decisions are full and final. Leos have an air of arrogance in them and would prove their point right with good natured optimism. Sometimes, they are possessive to. They are talented, religious and adorable. They are meditative to know that the “Kingdom of Heaven is within.” Born to win, Leos reach hieghts of success with their own efforts. He is the lord and master of his own Life and family. Usually soft spoken, Leos love to host parties and royally attend his guests. Normally well dressed Leos, are fond of good nourishing food, exercise and silent beauty sleep. They are nature lovers and are awed by beauty. He has exclusive choices and would not mix up where his brainwaves do not match. Leo characters match with the proverb “Silent waters are deep” and that’s how you can never figure out his thoughts or course of action. Leo hearts are made of gold as their warmth and affection enriches the hearts of others.


Quick and Alert Virgos prefer to live in peace and tranquility. The seem to possess the wisdom to bear the responsibilities on their shoulder as they are found to be dependable, efficient and quick to derive solutions. Virgos have the fluency of speech which they adopt early and are found to be seldom troublesome and are a perfect companion. However, they need large doses of emotional vitamins as they need the love to be showered on them lest their egos drain them off due to lack of encouragement. Teasing them or irritating them would mean, they are wounded with deep scars which turn them sensitive. They are realistic and cannot live in fantasy world. Virgos are honest and very attentive too. If scolded, they bring heavens down on earth! They are practical in nature and prefer truth and honesty. They are true individualists who hate gushy sentiments, idleness and vulgarity. They stick a bit to criticism as they demand perfection from others. Virgos are systematic and well organized. They land up with work related to publishing, literary field, medicine, service agencies, accounts where efficiency is demanded. They are slow in accepting favours but offer their efficient service to others. Reliable and pleasant Virgos are realistic and do not attempt to make them believe in fairy take stories.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

Planetary Ruler : Mercury
Gemstone : Sapphire
Sunsign - Your Character TraitsLucky Day : Wednesday
Colours : Taupe, Blue-Gray
Lucky Number : 5, 3
Flower : Pansy
Characteristics : Modest, Practical, Tidy

LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Planetary Ruler : Venus
Gemstone : Opal
Sunsign - Your Character TraitsLucky Day : Friday
Colours : Blue
Lucky Number : 6, 9
Flower : Rose
Characteristics : Companionable, Diplomatic, Pleasant.



The strongest of all signs that puzzles Librans themselves as much as it does others! Librans are calm, perfectly balanced, intelligent, sweet, gracious and charming persons. Librans have a smile like the soft white cloud and one can imagine the gentleness and intelligence, grace and understanding are the gifts of the fairy Godmother. Libra scales are balanced. They have deep richness in their emotions seeking harmony to remain stable. Librans have fantastic ability to concentrate and possess amazing power of Analysis. However, they are distractive, argumentative and indecisive. They are too impatient too. They are down to earth persons but are repelled by embarassing display of anger and passion. Librans are found to be stubborn, annoying, confused, depressed and restless at times. On the core, they are mild but inside deep within themselves, Librans struggle to balance the scales till it is perfect. They are lazy, tend to live in dreams and at the same time, are found to be very active and live almost in sheer Reality! Librans have wavery minds but once they make their decisions, they remain final which they never change. They are peace lovers and hate bloodshed. They are meditative and love the harmony of music, reading, sounds, colors, poetry, use of words and all that is rosy and gold. They hate to hurt other’s feelings but her continuous mental process eventually make her demanding and act in haste only to repent later. Librans are absent minded at times, likes to keep chatting but make a flattery listener too. Careless and carefree librans are creative in talents, imaginative and add special touch of personal flair in what they do. Being an air sign ruled by Venus, Librans are Romantic, faithfully loyal, sensitive, sentimental, sensuous and thoughtful. They change their moods pretty fast but underneath the ups and downs, Libra nature remain determined and sane.


“A loyal friend with a heart of gold,
Passionate till the years roll,
His hypnotic gaze penetrate your soul,
He is superior human being, stars foretold”

Scorpio, the most loyal of the signs possess the strong four qualities of Determination, Dedication, Discrimination and Devotion. Scorpios are soft spoken, husky velvetty voice who are passionate and can melt you to grip you with fear or in awe and respect. They love travelling and don’t believe in dream fantasies. Their emotions never surface and they never have any expressions revealing to show their inner core. Scorpio has total self ego. Insults roll down their back and compliments don’t stir them. They are however, curious about mysteries of life and are religious minded. They would never pay a false compliment as its beneath him to flatter. If a scorpio says anything in appreciation, it would be sincere and true. They attract fiercely loyal and dedicated admirers. They never forget deeds of kindness and memores remain alive in their hearts forever. Scorpios are brilliant minded with passionate intensity about politics, work, friendship, religion, food, relatives, clothing, life and any other categories that one can think of. Scorpio will surround himself with luxury. Romance is his cup of tea and will never puzzle him to cath him unaware. However, they have explosive tempers and can burn you in their fire only to melt. If you have fireproof nature, you can keep the Scorpio flames under control and have a powerful fire to warm yourself. Scorpio is also deeply philosophical concerned but reserved. They are mysterious at times and barely can secrets be left once he starts probing with burning eyes and piercing questions. He has high taste of choice of friends and can turn into gentle and tender lover as Rober Browning. Scorpios never conceal their true emotions in front of the world but once decided, his good intensions would magnetise and if you are patient and strong, the fire cools down to take you to see the horizons and soar higher in the skies. All one needs is to hang on to these Scorpios tightly with alert mind and open eyes to see the grand sunset. This is the Scorpio who would never abandon you in reality. May be far away but Scorpio lives in heart forever once he chooses to be chosen yet stick to his principles, strong and determined. For a Scorpio, relations means for lifetime.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Planetary Ruler : Moon
Sunsign - Your Character TraitsGemstone : Spahhire
Lucky Day : Friday
Colours : Yellow
Lucky Number : 2, 4
Flower : Pancy
Characteristics : Secretive, Intense, Passionate.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Planetary Ruler : JupiterSunsign - Your Character TraitsGemstone : Turquoise
Lucky Day : Thursday
Colours : Royal Blue, Purple
Lucky Number : 5, 7
Flower : Narcissus
Characteristics : Cheerful, Generous, Talkative, Restless.

( November 22nd through December 21st )

Sagittarians are warm, generous, truthful, intelligent and loyal characters. They dream for the biggest dreams and highest goals. Always outspoken and frank, Sagittarians generally dont apply tact in their speech. They imply statements which sometimes, sends your spirits soaring. However, they can offer profoundly wise counsel, when you can analyze their viewpoints. Most of the archers are extroverts, talkative and forward. Sagittarians remain happy and gregarious, but their tempers flare sky rocketting if hurt by people around him. They have strong determination and concentration but have a tendency for blind devotion. They have a sense of humour with genuineness in their character. Sometimes they are sarcastic and also have the inability to keep secrets. Sagittarians have an optimistic vision. They possess independent nature but raging anger in them which can flare up to flames with emotional setbacks once their ego is hurt. Sagittarians are found to be curious, sometimes shy too. They have faith in their religion and put trust too quickly in people whom they love. They love applause and always look forward for compliments. Sagittarians have a big golden heart and when they aim their arrow straight, it shoots higher than one can see, reaching the stars, to the place where all dreams are born.


Capricorns, the most responsible and ambitious personalities with money making abilities which, given a small chance would dazzle and overpower any opposition. Ruthless, determined and self controlled. Capricorns are however, conservative, rigid and suspicious. They are cautious and sharp eyed like an eagle. Their main virtue is painstaking, intelligent hard work. Capricornians have sober, temperate nature, cool, calm and sophisticated. They have great admiration for those who hold their hands to lead them to their goals. They are careful to avoid sharp rocks so that they do not stumble. They are strong and tough but shy, silent and romantic. Being dreamers, they hope for the free wind to blow through their heads and await excitement and adventure. They possess warm and friendly nature. They are stubborn at times and demand perfection observing details thoroughly. Capricorns are stern but fair in their dealings. They have tireless drive to accomplish their mission and they plod on methodically until they succeed. Like their symbol, the mountain goat, they are steady and sure-footed, and take few risks on the way. Capricorns usually prefer dressing in conservative, dark colors and subdued styles. Capricornians are highly spiritual and believe in their religion with great faith. Capricorns are very confident and often feel that they can only depend on themselves and others who think them cold and detached sometimes misinterpret this. This is far from true, however as Capricorns can be very sympathetic and understanding. Just when we least expect, Capricorns can show excellent sense of humor and this is wry, witty and very funny.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Planetary Ruler : Saturn
Gemstone : GarnetSunsign - Your Character TraitsLucky Day : Saturday
Colours : Black
Lucky Number : 2, 8
Flower : Carnation
Characteristics : Ambitious, Cautious, Practical, sophisticated

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Planetary Ruler : Uranus
Gemstone : AmethystSunsign - Your Character TraitsLucky Day : Wednesday
Colours : Violet
Lucky Number : 1, 7
Flower : Orchid
Characteristics : Curious, Outgoing, Understanding,  Independent.


Meet an Aquarian and you are sure to find a dreamy, forgetful, unpredictible, independent, stubborn yet a very broad minded character who is a genius, sensible, sensitive, responsible, kind, caring and a loving friend. Aquarians have multiple friends and make five new ones per day! Their minds are very sharp, mentally speed demons but physically, they are bit slower. They have a vision to see through the souls of others and are very understanding and can soothe pain with their thoughtful behaviour. Aquarians are very responsible yet very disorganized. They always need a punch and a push to charge their spirits but once they decide, they shoot high to touch the skies. They always analyze situations, friends and strangers too. They have a habit of shooting point blank questions anywhere, anytime with a bare minimum of tact, as they probe into the heart of your private feelings. They know how to be diplomatic, gentle, timid and sympathetic. Aquarians are very practical and live with their own code and conduct. However, full of surprises, they are obstinate and you will never know where they will lead you, towards west or suddenly turn you to east without any warning. Trusting people comes naturally to Aquarians after they scrutinize the motives and try to reach your soul. Aquarians are idealists, true credits as idealism consist of blind faith and optimism. They know too well that their dreams are illusions. Aquarians are twenty first century wonder with computer brains and chosen by destiny to fulfil a promise for future.


Dreamy, sensitive and living in their own World – Pisces love to swim in the sea of Life.The typical Neptune heart is free of greed, always carefree with intitive knowledge of yesterday and gentle tolerance of today. Pisces, like a fish, fight their way upstream with least efforts with the flowing currents of water. Its a challenge for them and the only way to find peace and happiness. They are wise, tolerant, understanding, compassionate, imaginative and gentle. Artistic and fond of music and dance. They have fabulous powers to act and show their emotions as desired. Their memory is sharp. They have amazing powers to vision yesterday, today and tomorrow. Humour is one of their secret weapons. An excellent practical joker, Pisces can crack brittle to sophisticated jokes. Tend to be lazy, they crave for appreciation and encouragement. However, they have surprising abilities to organize and concentrate on details to cope up but also found to be confused. They offer helpful hand and are always on toes to work for humanity cause. Pisces talk fast, fluently and frequently but speaks slow, thinks cleverly and tries to mind his own busi ness. A compassionate genius – a rare kind of a fish, this Pisces!

PISCES (Feb 19 – March 20)

Planetary Ruler : Neptune
Gemstone : Aquamarine
Sunsign - Your Character TraitsLucky Day : Friday
Colours : Violet, Sea Green
Lucky Number : 2, 6
Flower : Water Lily
Characteristics : Artistic, Emotional, wise.


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