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Swagat Children Library Activities

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Swagat Children Library Activities

Swagat Children Library conducts various activities round the year. Apart from regular reading sessions withs follow ups in Grammar skills, reading skills, speech skills, narrating skills, creativity and blog making, some sessions were taken as per the list below.  For More information on Yearly Registration, Please visit Swagat Children Library Page


Projects – Gujarat, Vocabulary Project, Comics Project, etc

Newspaper in Education (NIE) program – Reading, Internet surfing, using Google Search and making collage with newspaper cuttings

Reading sessions and book reviews

Learning the art of story telling 

Loud speaking and clarify – phonics and styles

Debates on various topics

Games sessions

Grammar sessions


Blog making and preparations

Poetry session and how to make up a story

Chit chatting sessions 

Dance party and games 


other activities


Talk Series:


How to Talk – with parents, Teachers, friends, strangers, etc.


Team work


How to clear clutter – Get Organized


How to Tell stories – Narrating, expressing, voice modulation


Group Quiz & team work


Grammar sessions


Book reviews


Song lyrics and singing – imitating, learning phonetics, style and accent


Group reading


Vocabulary, quotes scrap book, idioms and phrases


Riddles fun


Projects: Vocabulary, Idioms, Gujarat, Comics and Story project


Debate: Spanking, fancy things to school, veg or non veg, getting organized, on politics, if I was a millionaire what will I do


Poetry session and how to write a poetry


How to write own story


Making crossword puzzle and wordsearch – solving them too.


Memory games


Handwriting styles


Pen pal communication and getting connected making friends


Blogging and blogging tips


Prayer sessions


Tongue twisters


Champak and Jughead sessions


Thanksgiving – how to write thank you notes


Dad report – father’s day


Flags – India flag and significance


Advertisements, jingles and poster making


Personality Development and human relations – How to talk, walk, speak, behave


Creative and critical thinking


Team work surprise party


Moral values – importance of people in our lives.


Teacher’s Day – appreciation and blogging


Christmas party – Making crib, tree decorations, games, dance learning session and dancing, pledge with candle, prize distribution and sharing 



Story session and Book Reviews

How to write a Poetry & Carry a Poetry in Your Bag

Archie’s Day & Comics Project

Coloring and Inspirations derived from Exhibit pictures

Jokes & Quotes Day

Environment Day – Discussion and worksheet coloring and writing 10 points on How to save Environment

Tongue Twisters – Learning and having fun in classroom with tongue twisters

Back to School – Setting Goals & Handwriting skills 

Sandwich Day & Narrating Class
Eating Sandwiches, singing Sandwich Song and narrating Vacating Musings

Loud Reading – Writing Reviews and handwriting follow ups

Word Search Worksheets (4 worksheets with group activity)

Grammar Fun – Stories with Grammar class with tips on How to Narrate a story

Reading sessions and vocabulary building

Making Advertisements – Explanation, tips and creating punch lines
(session after briefing earlier on thinking out of box, get ready with product and watch the tv ads, hoarding etc.)
(article on this, coming soon)

Reading sessions and writing Book Reviews – worksheets

Exclusive session on Sports with tips by Skating Champion Vishwaraj Jadeja
Interacting with kids on his preparation for Olympics 2014 in Russia

How to Make a Blog – A practical training and discussion with children

Blog Making of Tasha Thakkar  – Practical class participated by all.
They also worked on their content preparation

Talk Series – How to Talk – with Parents, Teachers, friends, adults

Talk Series – Team work

Group Quiz and Team Learning

Group Session & Grammar

Song Lyrics and Singing – Imitating, learning phonetics, style and accent.

Group Singing – Una Paloma Blanca & other songs  for style and accent

Group Reading – Loud Reading

Book Reading sessions and reviews

Vocabulary – Quotes Scrap book and Idioms & Phrases


Swagat Children Library Activities


Swagat Children Library Activities

CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION – Tree Decorating and visit to Sports Club Library and treat

Swagat Children Library Activities


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