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Take charge of your Life!


Take charge of your Life!

It’s time to Take Charge of your Life: Emotionally, Physically, Socially and Spiritually. The workplace is changing at a fast pace and in the coming years; more people will find themselves working at home on their computers too! This arrangements offer greater control but it means learning how to keep work and home life in balance. Moreover, Repetitive strain in the workplace can face new dangers of health safety. Perhaps, the best known repetitive strain injury is the carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) which is caused by a simple swelling. Repetitive typing on computers, lead to pain in arms and hand that causes to strain injuries. The tendons that control the movement of the fingers pass through an area known as the carpal tunnel. In this tunnel, located in the wrist, the tendons are surrounded by bone on all sides and thus, cause membranes around these tendons to swell, pinching soft nerve tissues against the bones of the tunnel. These symptoms are felt with tingling or numbness in the hands.

Being more a workaholic, one tends to be more isolated and an isolated lifestyle ends up with emotional outbursts of anger, irritation, and loneliness and so on. This results to greater risk for heart disease or psycho problems. Hiking, jogging, swimming can help dispel anger. Dancing/Aerobics is the best stress relieving activity. Meditation is easy to learn and help to reduce work stress. Instead of being a social cut off, set the priorities and schedule time – time for work, play, fun with friends, music and movies – Time to manage own Life and be Spiritual too. No person can deny the gift of god that we all possess – the form of humans and being a good human is all that enrich life. It’s time to get-set-right to Take Charge of our own Life! Light a candle and spread peace within, peace around.

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