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The Antigone Poems

antigone poems

The Antigone Poems

It has been a surprise to me when the Book (Advance Review Copy)  was delivered at my doorstep for a Review by Altaire Publications.

Surprize – because of the trace of my address on M J Akbar’s Blog (www.mjakbar.org)  on Book Recommendations as a Book Reviewer. Appreciated and feel honored.

Altaire Publications (www.altaireproductions.com)  is releasing the ‘The Antigone Poems’ a collaboration of poetry and charcoal drawings by Poet Marie Slaight and Artist Terrence Tasker, created in the 70s while the artists were living in Montreal and Toronto. An only print book, this is rich in parable and metaphor with short, mysterious pieces which seek to convey emotions that explore love, loss, passion and pain through Antigone’s eyes. A startling collection of Poems, beautifully bound yet haunting to the suffering of women who accepts death with grace.  I feel, the rhyme of words here:


‘Fought, order, limits time.

Time of surrender or death.

To go where no one has been,

The past destroyed by heat. ‘

‘We live our lives

The instant between life and death.

To touch death always,

That is the sun.’

There are no narratives yet the fragments and images capture our heart – haunting with sufferings but no rebellious touch as of the myth. The Charcoal drawings reflect the anguish and frustration in the poetry and this is what supports brilliantly pouring in effects to poetry while one attempts to recite aloud.

In Chapter Four, the opening lines catch my attention. Words and if spilled will have an impact and maybe this is so true as it is said, ‘Silence speaks a thousand words’

‘This voice is afraid to speak.


Of the brutal metal

Of its words.

Words that scrape.

Words that scar.

Words that have no peace.

If I utter this voice

This great

Aching scream

Its horror will echo forever.’

Involvement and this is exactly what a reader finds as it’s a page turner with every short and sweet poetic expression is bound to raise emotions.

The Antigone Poems is divided into five chapters. The book opens with a prelude ‘And Sing / my bitter praises / to nails/ and flint/ and flesh.’ And, I wondered why this flicker the flames of passion and it’s a voice of a genius that vividly portrait women suffering – the pain, heartbreak and poured emotions. Maybe an adaptation of mythology to portray sufferings of all women in general as the lines mention:

And why.

I wanted everything.

To live all lives, all deaths, encompass all women.

To smash every confine.

And what have I done.

I don’t know

I have written a few words

Created a few images

Influenced a few lives.

I live at the corner of St. Lawrence and Pine.

I have three Children.

‘No words, only the gaping silent scream’ like the poet reveals  – Yes, The Antigone Poems is touching read – a bizarre feeling !   

The Antigone is a timeless collection – Lives through ages with ancient Greece myth written by Sophocles.  Operas, Musicals, Comics, Books and now Poems to remember and recite  ‘The Antigone Poems’

Grab a copy – Pre Order at Amazon.com as the Book launches around mid June 15, 2014. The website is http://www.theantigonepoems.com/

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