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The Juicy Affair


The Juicy Affair

Winter and it’s time to have a juicy affair – Drink to your health! Fresh juice therapy has long been a component of the 5000-year-old tradition of Ayurveda. Day to day stress, emotional imbalance and poor digestion can block the body’s normal absorption of nutrients. As a result, specific juice therapy is beneficial for anemia, constipation and arthritis sort of health problems. A good immune system is the cornertone of good  health. 


The tulsi juice is found to be very effective for people suffering from allergic conditions and asthma. The tulsi leaves are remedy for cold and cough, sinus problems, acidity, constipation and fever too. Crushing the leaves and adding to tea or water with lemon and pinch of pepper serve as a great health tip.

The carrot juice therapy serves as high calcium drink. Known as miracle juice, carrot juice added with beet or spinach is also very refreshing and healthy. This is beneficial as it strengthens immunity, prevents constipation, bleeding gums, anemia, indigestion, colds and coughs.

The water melon juice is for reduce water retention and high blood pressure.

The fruit juice therapy of Apples, oranges, figs, grapes, mangoes, lemon, papaya, banana and many more have been providing nutrients for physical well being. These juices are refreshing and as per the naturotherapy treatment are found to have healing treatment in many health problems.

Even people who climb the Everest survive with the Lemon juice therapy! The six month old survived from chronic, life threatening rumination with the lemon juice therapy!


And a surprise came from the late Prime Minister of India, Morarjibhai on a urine therapy which is called “shivambu”. The Shirleys-wellness-cafe says on this which you may find it interesting. However, I guess it sure does irk and is nauseating feel – Who on earth can do this! But than, it sure has proved to be true what is said there on Shirley’s site.


And the recent most sort for juice during winter is Aloe vera and wheat jawara ( green fibre plant) which have great healing powers and healthy for all people with normal health conditions too. 

Amla also called as Indian Gooseberry has a sour taste and a sweet after taste. The juice, prepared from this fruit is highly rejuvenating and nutritious. Amla has the highest content of Vit C. Amla  helps in curing diabetes and urinary problems. It is good cure for cold & cough and cures mental and physical weakness. Also helps in purifying blood.

Mixed with Ginger and Honey, Amla juice is great drink for morning winters.

Here’s a healthy recipe of Wheat Jawara for winters for those who love to feel fresh and healthy all through the winter days. A nourishing & full of value drink:

Wheat jawara 50 gms. (wheat put in pot and this grows to leaves in 4/5 days is called jawara)

few rose leaves

5 drops of lemon juice

1 spoon of honey

1 spoon of aloevera gel

10 leaves of curry leaves

10 tulsi leaves

10 phudina leaves

Lots of crushed ice if you want chilled.


mix all ingredients in the mixer and filter it. Fill the glass and top it with a pinch of spices powder.

Juices have the Delicious, Healthy, Healing Treats and they always are refreshers. Have a Juicy Affair and sure, like my affair with the juice therapy, you will never stop dating for a single day!

(All Posts by ilaxi patel: This Health & Fitness Blog is based on personal thoughts and research work. Readers may please Consult your Doctor for your Health Problems)


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