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The Modest Move


The Modest Move

Recently, I was reading a Cheater’s Fitness regimen and she wrote a blurb on her dream to exercise. Though many love to exercise, for some people the idea is evaporated in only dreaming to exercise. There are options of cycling, swimming, jogging, walking, aerobics, dancing, yoga and so on but however hard they decide, the idea of exercise flops.


If you are not a morning person and can’t wake up, the excuse goes for making up later in the day but again, it’s a busy schedule and you wouldn’t want to appear sweaty and hot – so it slips off to the evening when the excuse goes to the tired day. The cheater finds an excuse saying “I need to relax, freshen up, so maybe I will watch a movie or go for dinner date”. The trick is tricking yourself to the extent that you are trying to balance your moves.

Here comes the focus and dedication to shed those extra kilos. Make a modest Move – Start believing that Fitness is not just about being slim but a better way of life. Fitness is a challenge. If the excuses peep in, there’s a way to brush off the cheat way. The late mornings and late nights do not deter a person’s strong will to exercise ‘come what may’. If you have a will, there is a way. And I strongly feel that with the various cheaters’ list, there still leaves room for adopting the most enjoyable style of exercise and that is Dancing. Some new workout trends that have fitness enthusiasts getting into shape make you an enthusiastic fitness freak moving away from the boring and repetitive gym or the routine walks. A lot of attraction these days goes to Tai chi, Trapeze exercises, Jazzercise, Tahitian Stomp or the Aerobic dancing with Disco, Reggae or Hip Hop Aerobic dancing. Aqua dancing is also getting more popular which has the underwater exercises that cause resistance along with the contrasting force of the water which provide maximum workout for the body. And you can try out my fav Ministry of Sound Pump it Up – the ultimate Workout mix! Finally, I can’t resist mentioning the latest Indian craze of Bhangra dancing – it rocks! It provides mental and physical workout and entire family; friends can adopt the bhangra dancing style – only to be careful that you do not overdo the bends and the twists.

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My fav style of exercise has always been the Reggae Aerobics and the Tahitian stomp – call it, the Latin, African and Hip Hop. Tried it all? Well, Reggae aerobics has the rhythmic workout with the reggae music, the calypso and soca. A very good upper and lower body workout with accents on the torso. The Tahitian style has the cardio workouts and if done with the proper drum beats, it is sweating the extra bulkiness and inhaling the fresh air with the oxygen power packs. Reggae Aerobics is not only great exercise but also dive you to spiritual understanding of the bible if you are careful about the choice of music lyrics as many songs has the messages of the Bible scriptures. Here is an example of the song of Peter Tosh.

So, here’s to make the Modest Move – Don’t step into the Cheater’s groove to stop exercising but begin to get your wardrobe ‘Stitched to Stretch’ – Wear the attitude to sink to size – It matters!

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