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The Pig’s House


THE PIG’S HOUSE – Singular-Plural & ing words, Talk in doubles, triple words

Once, an old Mother Pig lived in a small house with her three little Piglets. One day, Mother Pig said, “You are now grown up and can stand on your own feet. This house is also very small for us. Hence,

 each of you must make your own house.” So, the first little Pig went away to make a house of his own. He met a man with some straw who was walking down the lane. The little Pig said to the man, “Mr. Man, please give me some straw. I wish to make a house” The kind man gave him some straw. The little Pig made a house of straw. He was very happy. After some time, Mr. Wolf came along. He went to the house made of straw and said:” Little Pig, little Pig, let me in, let me in”. But the little Pig replied:” No, No, chimney chin. I will not let you in!” So, the wolf said: ” I will huff and puff, And I’ll blow your house in” So, he huffed and puffed and blew the house of Straw. The little Pig ran away to his brothers.

The Middle Pig was a bit wise. So, he made a house with sticks. He thought that his stick house is the best. But again, the wolf came and threatened him that he would blow the house. And finally, he did. He huffed and puffed and blew hard. The house of sticks was crumpled down like a pack of cards. Both the pigs ran away as fast as they could to their big brother’s house. He had made a house built of bricks. He welcomed his brothers and said, “My dear brothers, you are going to be safe with me”. 
Soon enough, the wolf came by the house of bricks. The big bad wolf said: “Three little pigs, now be good and open the door. Let me in” The pigs refused to let him in. The wolf, as usual, said: ‘I’ll huff and puff and blow your house in” The pigs did not pay any heed. So, the wolf, huffed and puffed but could not blow the house as it was made of bricks. The wolf got tired and said: “I will go down the chimney and eat you up” The three pigs were wise. They put a huge pot of water on the fire to boil. When the wolf came down the chimney, it got so badly burnt and ran off shouting and screaming as fast as he could into the forest. 
Next time, the wolf was more cunning. He tried to tempt the pigs. He said, “Hello friends, there are fields of tomatoes nearby. I will take you there. The pigs said “Come for us at six” By the time the wolf came, the pigs had already been to the fields and returned with tomatoes. The wolf tried again and said, “There is a tree with delicious apples.” When the wolf reached the apple tree, he found the pigs having a party. The pigs threw the apples on his face and ran away into the forest. The pigs again fooled the big bad wolf. The wolf accepted his defeat and left the pigs alone then after to stay in peace. 


“Little Pig, little pig, let me in, let me in”

But, the little Pig said:

“Nope, nah, Chinny, chin. I will not let you in”

And the old wolf said,

“Then, I’ll huff and I’ll puff, And I’ll blow your house in”

1. Write the story in your own words using the above lines for each of the pig’s talk with the wolf. What does ‘nope’ – nah mean? Know smileys and words used while computing here and download worksheet.

Grammar Exercise : Singular – Plural (pig – pigs)

One & More than one (Singular-plural) Nouns end with s. eg. sister-sisters
dog, leg, day, chocolate, card, book, boy, girl, pen, cap, shoe,key
We add es to nouns ending in s, ch, sh, x eg. brush-brushes
watch, bush, box, dish, church, peach, dress, glass, torch
We change f or fe in ves: eg. calf-calves
leaf, loaf, thief, wolf, wife shelf, knife, dwarf
(However,we say roof-roofs, proof-proofs, safe-safes, chief-chiefs)
We add ies to nouns ending in y – eg. – fairy-fairies 
city, fly, lady, story, penny, army, duty, puppy, donkey,baby fairy, enemy,pastry
(However, we say Chimneys, toys, holidays, trolleys, valleys, etc.)
Some nouns end in o form plural by adding es – eg.potato-potatoes
hero, tomato, volcano, piano, mango, mosquito, 
Some plurals are irregular: eg. foot-feet
goose, tooth, mouse, man, woman, child, ox, shee

ing words:

Put ing : eg. skate-skating
climb, smoke, push, ride, fly, shine, bark, shine, bite, rise, drive, lay, try, fry, write, bake, lie, shake, strike, look, walk, teach, pay, go, read, camp, wear, buy, blaze, love, dare, hope,do, say,pull,row, plant, catch, build, spend, thank, 
(You add ing to each word, first doubling the last letter – eg.swim-swimming)
chat, rob, hum, chop, drop, drag, slip, grin, nod, dip, grab, drip, trim, rub, put, dig, knit, shut, hit, set, spin. bat, clap, stop 

(More with comprehension ‘Picnic’ – worksheet)

Talk in Doubles – Talk in Triplets : Eg. Huffed – puffed (worksheet)

Talk in Doubles – Use the following words and make sentences or use in conversation



















Talk in Triplets – Use the following words and make sentences or use in conversation

Left, right and center

Past, present and future

Tom, Dick and Harry

Knife, fork and spoon

Days, months and years

Mind, body and soul

Here, there and everywhere

Faith, hope and charity

Red, white and blue

Healthy, wealthy and wise


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