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The Scourge of the Monkey Habit


The Scourge of the Monkey Habit

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Remember the song of George Michael? Why can’t you do it, Why can’t you set the monkey free…(http://www.sing365.com/music/Lyric.nsf/Monkey-lyrics-George-Michael/5CE94C0DACFD7BB04825686200149C31  ) Do you love your monkey or do you love me…goes the words.  

Oops, I hear he himself been fighting hard to stop the drug habit that he referred as ‘monkey’ in that particular song! Well, no drug is good – be it alcohol or marijuana or cocaine or a crack!  The ravages of drug addition etch on the face with clear systems of a depressed, forlorn addict who suffer physical withdrawal symptoms. Depression, anxiety, mental turmoil, emotional drawbacks, lung and heart problems, panic attacks or develop acute paranoia, loneliness etc. are the many effects related to the reverse habits of getting addict.



I had been watching the Documentary interview of the star Drew Barrymore of Charlie’s Angels and a day came in her life when she began drinking at 9 and hooked to drug at 10. She was sent to the rehab to come out of the Drug addiction and later wrote her autobiography ‘Little Lost Girl’ at the age. of 14.  She admitted that she was so forlorn and lost with a scary background being brought up with a broken parent relationship, had her first crush at an early teen age and got addict to overcome misery but ultimately got into a very bad shape.  She always thought that she will not get into the vicious cycle of anxiety and denial that dominates an addict’s life. Desperation took over doing anything. Finally, the rehab taught her to avoid situations and people that may tempt using the drug and she had to guard herself from her own weaknesses. Later on she trailed to be on a fame path to be a celebrity – away from crashing.

The point I feel here is that like someone said, “Most Alcoholics are Bankrupt Idealists.” Taking Alcohol in some proportions is a routine for some and seemingly harmless social drinking. No one is instant alcoholic but being a heavy drinking one becomes an alcoholic. Also a drug addict is a danger signal – Best ‘Keep Away’. A slip can be an opportunity for learning but repeating the mistake is intense feeling and demoralizing.

At the time of May Mental Month Campaign (http://www.nmha.org), it’s a time to think on how to Safeguard and mind your family’s Mental health lifestyle too. An unhealthy atmosphere at home may lead to breaks and separations do affect the kids – The result is obvious and the victims are all the family members too!

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