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The creation of Belgian author Herge (Georges Remi), Tintin is one of the most recognized and best loved comic characters along with a supporting cast led by his faithful dog ‘Snowy’. “Tintin is myself. He reflects the best and brightest in me; he is my successful double. I am not a hero. But like all 15-year-old boys, I dreamt of being one…and I have never stopped dreaming. Tintin has accomplished many things on my behalf.” Said Hergé. Georges Remi was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1907.  


He later decided to take the pen name “Hergé,” the French pronunciation of his initials in reverse. Hergé based his stories on real-world events and cultures that had caught the Belgian national attention — from space exploration to Arab oil wars — and brought them to life for his readers in inspiring and exciting ways.
Tintin is the ageless boy reporter all over the world in his comic adventures and generated a legion of fans in dozens of languages. He first appeared in print on January 10, 1929 in a comic supplement to the Brussels newspaper Le Vingtieme Siecle. ‘Tintin in the Land of the Soviets’ adventure was followed by 23 other albums and the books have been translated into more than 60 languages, sold over 200 million copies worldwide. From his debut exposing Soviet propaganda, he went on to be present at the Japanese invasion of China, to get embroiled in a gulf oil crisis and even to voyage to the moon 15 years before the Apollo landings. Along the way, the boy with the cowlick hair, helped by Snowy, Captain Haddock and eccentric Professor Calculus, battles drug runners, mad scientist, spies, Latin American Guerrillas and so on. His famous books and kidsfreesouls most favourites are : The Blue Lotus, The Crab with the Golden Claws, Tintin in America, The Secret of Unicorn, Cigars of the Pharaoh, The Black Island, The Shooting Star, Prisoners of the Sun, Destination Moon, etc. Tintin’s last completed Adventures appeared in 1976.
It’s about to become much easier to find Tintin books in India. It was announced in November 2012 that Penguin India will begin distributing the entire catalog of Egmont UK books, including the The Adventures of Tintin series, in early 2013.
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