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Tough Minded Ffaith For Tender Hearts


Tough Minded Ffaith For Tender Hearts

Aftermath of Earthquake or any disaster, its time to pray, heal and move on…..Stay Happy, Stay tuned – Just Don’t Worry, Be Happy. It’s the tough minded Faith for the tender hearted people that keeps you afloat amidst worries and stress. As Marie Chapian said ‘Stay Happy in an unhappy World’, all you need to do is beat the blues, the blahs, the burnouts and other emotional hurts to achieve Happiness. Faith is a lamp that dispels ignorance….



Faith is the hope that keeps you surfing on the waves of a sea of storms…Faith is love, grabbing the magical moments in life and this is the faith that is deciding, daring, challenging and striving to reach the goals. Faith, a trust in tomorrow and dreaming God’s dream of a beautiful world, leads you from darkness to light and than there is Faith – Faith in the super power called ‘God’, a vision of unknown strength that lays down rules that restrict us to do the wrong! Its people who set religions but all roads lead to Rome and so, all religions after all speak of one ‘the supreme God’ Religion is a source of relief because it gives people something to fall back on. It gives a peace of mind and comfort in times of trouble. Religion does not mean following the rituals or blindly following the customs. Its no use going to a temple or praying to god saying you are religious if your mind is not open to peace. Religion is the faith which inspires one to be truthful, to believe in God and do what is right and minimize the sins. Faith in a lifetime makes you disciplined, builds the courage, confidence and gives the strength. Religion grew as codes of conduct, as rules to keep society functioning with minimum chaos and this are quite obvious – all religions speak of what to do and what not! Humans make the classifications of religion, Hinduism, muslim, christainity and all. Do loud aartis amplified by loudspeakers and all kinds of religious rally help anyone follow faith better? Why pretend its about religion? It’s prayers maybe. A way of communicating with god and reaching his domain in a calm, spiritual area to purifiy mind, cleanse the soul. It’s a longing to free from hardships, freedom from fear, clear vision of life, pardon for sins, removal of suffering and offering gratitude for happiness. In the aftermath of the killer quake, a wave of religiosity is sweeping across Gujarat. Temples, mosques and other places of worship aresuddenly overflowing with humanity. People have seen the fury of god and now praying for mercy and repenting for their sins. This is Faith, seeking blessings to gain moral confidence and offer thanksgiving for all that is bestowed on us. Its also a meeting ground, meeting people, an excuse for a social do and many pretends to be devout, then comes out and gossips! Religion begins at home and shifts to public place of worship. Adam and Eve were not born with religion and so, religion should not be a private or particular but faith, strong as a mountain to understand the responsibilities as a human being – to do what is right and when bad things happen to good people, just realize, they make better persons because experiences in life always gives you the extra boost and so, there is this faith that makes you stand in front of god and pray! From age old time, rulers have almost used religion as a magnet for drawing soldiers to the battlefield. As such, politicians have used religion as a weapon and motivate feelings of communalism, which hamper the nation’s secularism! The attitude should be to live and let live. Greed, temptation, gossip, bickerings, self centeredness and any evil disguises are to be overcome.

Hence, religion is a holistic approach. Significance of the deities pointing the need for deriving solutions to problems And then, there is this Faith – Spread the love, banish hate, shrug off the black seeds of anger, selfishness and malicious ways and Faith makes you perform the right deeds. Keep the Faith.

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