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Two Black Dogs


TWO BLACK DOGS – Pronouns/collective and abstract nouns/revision

There lived an old man in England who was very rich. He had three sons. They were Bins, Megs and Deep. Their mother was not alive. She died whey they were kids. One day, the old man called his sons to his bedside and said, “I am going to die

 in a few days. There is a box under the bed. Take it and share the money equally amongst you. “We’ll obey you, father,” said the sons. After a few days, the old man died.
Bins took his money and travelled to far off lands. There, he lived like a King. He spent all his money and later, came back home. He had no money left with him. His clothes were torn and dirty. He had no shoes on his feed. He was tired and weak. He looked like a beggar!


 Deep was a kind man. He looked at his brother and felt sad. He welcomed Bins and gave him food, clothes and money. He asked him to live with him.

After some time, Megs also took his money and travelled to far off lands. He lived like a King. He spent all money. 
(Complete the para like Bins para) 

Deep welcomed Megs (complete as bins)
A few days passed. One day, Bins and Megs said to Deep, “Brother, shall we go on a journey? Shall we go and see other countries of the world.” Deep said, “Are you not happy with me?.” They replied, “Yes, we are but we can explore and get lot of money. Deep finally agreed as they coaxed a lot.
The three brothers set off and travelled many lands. They came nearby a sea. Deep saw a beautiful girl sitting by a rock looking at the sea. Her eyes were blue and her lips were red like a setting sun. He said, “Oh, what a beautiful girl!” He fell in love with her and married her. She was very kind. Deep loved her very much.
They all set off in their ship. Megs and Bins did not like their brother’s wife. She will get all the money, they thought. So, one night in the middle of the sea, they tied Deep and his wife and threw them into the sea. However, Deep and his wife did not die. They were safe because Deep’s wife was a fairy! She whispered magic words and freed themselves. ‘Float on the water’, the fairy said to the magic carpet she had with her. It flew over cities and mountains, over castles and clouds. They reached a beautiful Palace.

Two Dogs were standing as guards at the gate of the castle. Deep’s wife said, “They are Bins and Megs. They are your Brothers. As they are wicked, I turned them to Dogs. Deep felt pity and begged his wife to turn them back to humans and also allow them to stay with him. Bins and Megs felt ashamed and were forgiven for their misdeeds. All of them lived in the Castle happily forever.
Two Black Dogs Worksheet



Two Black Dogs

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