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Under the Covers:

Under the covers, it’s meant to be Bedtime reading. A moment when a heady, irresistible exhaustion overtakes me when my eyelids flutter to a close and the book collapses on my chest, I know its really time to go to sleep.

No more we find many people saying this! Technology has replaced books to computers and television with those books waiting to be picked from the bedside rack. In the book of Alvin Toffler, the world famous author of ‘Future shock’ and the ‘Third Waves’ have mentioned that the world has poised at the brink of a Third wave, in which the power of the machine would be replaced by the power of mind. The shadow world has become more real than the world of books and beyond the tickling clock, more technology advance has led to insomnia in time to come, more stress, fatigue, edgy relations and so on. The kids are influenced by the Computer games; the television shows which push in negative signals. More positive results of technology showcase the negative aspects too.

Reading at bedtime, under the covers is an activity which soothes the brain cells. Literature, fiction, comics, suspense heavy plots that keeps you turning pages, romance, biographies are so worlds richly drawn that take you to dreamy slumber and way to picking up those gems and pearls of knowledge. A calm, balanced mind – Right under the Covers, all with a Book!

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