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Verbs For Kids

Building language skills is never much fun if taught creatively. It is quite necessary to master the building blocks of the English language right from the start. Grammar fun songs are Sing Along Grammar Songs. The easiest way to teach children Grammar is Fun and Learn. Kids learn to speak and write more effectively by acquiring an understanding of grammar essentials. Help the kids to sing along the Grammar songs featured here or just help them do the worksheets. They just love the activities esp. Word Search. 


Some children love to write in scrap books and some even spend time filling up the grammar worksheets. Anything is fine as far as the child is active and creative. So, get along to Kidsfreesouls Grammar Fun songs and Worksheets.




Verb: That’s What’s Happening

 I get my thing in action Verb!

To be to see to feel to liveVerb!

That’s what’s happening!

I put my heart in action Verb!

To run to go to get to give

Verb! You’re what’s happening!

That’s where I find satisfaction

To search to find to have to hold

Verb! To be bold!

When I use my imagination Verb!

I think I plot I plan I dream

Turning into all its creation


I make I write I dance I sing

When I feel really active


I run I ride I swim I fly

Other times when life is easy

I rest I sleep I sit I lie

Verb! That’s what’s happening!

I can take a noun and bend it

Give me a noun

Bat boat rake and plow

Make it a verb and really send it

Show me how

I don’t know my own power


I get my thing in action


And being


And doing


And saying

A verb expresses action, being or state of being

A verb makes a statement

Yeah, a verb tells it like it is.

Verb! That’s what’s happening!

I can tell you when it’s happening

Past present future tense

Tell you more about what’s happening

Say it so it makes some sense

I can tell you who is happening

Verb you’re so intense

Hey! Every sentence has a subject

Noun person place or thing

Find that subject, where’s the action

Verb can make the subject sing

Take the subject, what is it?  What?

What’s done to it?  What?

What does it say?

Verb! You’re what’s happening!

I can question like,

What is it?

Verb! You’re so demanding!

I can order like,

Go get it!

Verb! You’re so commanding!

When I hit I need an object!

Verb, hit!   Hit the ball!

When I see I see the object!

Do you see that ball?

If you can see it then

put the ball over the fence, man. 

Go ahead on.   Yeah, all right! 

What?  He hit it! 

It’s going, it’s going, it’s gone!


I get my thing in action!

Verb! That’s what’s happening!

To work to play to live to love.

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