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Vibrant Gujarat 2013 has created new ambassadors in 121 nations!


Shri Modi pointed out, “This Summit that you just saw, heard, experienced- it is a marvel for people from abroad. I have been for conferences including all over the world but at this scale, with this minute detail and so many programme- there are very few events.” 
The Chief Minister opined, “People’s attention has gone to many aspects of this event but there is a need to see one thing. 121 nations came and saw things here. When they go back to their nations what will they say? They will say I went to India!” Shri Modi further affirmed, “This Summit has created new ambassadors in 121 nations. Their skin color may be different but they will say something good for us.” 
Shri Modi stressed on the fact that while this event was held on the soil of Gujarat, it has sent a message that this too is an India. “This event increases the Aan, Baan and Shaan of India!” he avowed.

Summit an effort towards strengthening the youth

The Chief Minster expressed joy over the involvement of youngsters in this summit. He stated, “I was seeing that those who want to do something, those who have dreams, these youngsters got involved in this summit.” 
He pointed out that a major contribution of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013 is that it rises the confidence among the youth. He said, “Due to the various events, the exhibitions the confidence of the youth rises. They will think let us also do something.” He added, “There is always a fear in people and that fear is the fear of the unknown. Due to this event, by seeing so many people from so many nations the fear sentiment for the unknown will go away. Those with a negative attitude may start understanding this after 10 summits.” 
Shri Modi affirmed that the Government seeks to strengthen the youth but this cannot happen with merely one or two efforts. With such less efforts an impact cannot be created. “For this we need to make a collective effort at a very large scale in an aggressive mode. That is when change will come.”

India has always led in a Gyaan Yug (era of knowledge)

Shri Modi stated that it is keeping this vision in mind that the 2013 Vibrant Gujarat Summit is focusing on the knowledge creation and partnerships in knowledge. He shared that this is the reason over 145 universities from all over the world converged under a single roof and Gujarat prepared a blueprint to take the youth ahead. “India will lead the world in the 21st century, it has always led the world in a Gyaan Yug (era of knowledge).”

There is purity in our soil and the sweat of our ancestor’s hardwork

Shri Modi talked about how Gujarat has made a distinct mark for development and also informed the august gathering of the secret behind this development. 
He said, “Earlier when someone asked about Gujarat it was said- it is an hour away from Mumbai by flight. Today they say Mumbai is close to Gujarat.” Shri Modi stated that from Day 1, he was determined not to limit himself to doing ordinary things that are conventionally done by Governments. 
The Chief Minister further shared, “I used to tell people abroad- I only want you to come to Gujarat once. I told them- feel Gujarat. It was asked yesterday what is there in the soil of Gujarat. (I can say) there is purity in this soil, there is the sweat of the hardwork of our ancestors.”

If we do not understand the world, we will be like frogs in a well

During his speech Shri Modi stressed on the need to walk in sync with the rest of the world. He avowed, “We want to scale new heights of development. At the same time if we do not understand the world, if we do not talk to them we will become like frogs in a well. We will feel we did a lot but when we see the world we will feel- see where they have reached. We want to reach there. That is when dreams take shape.” 
He further added, “In changing times we cannot be different from the world. We cannot go ahead like this. Such summits are an opportunity to understand the changing world.” Shri Modi remarked, “So many people in line for the exhibitions- we have created an urge and this is our major success. They feel today we are seeing things, tomorrow we can get it also. There is a transformation and we need to understand this.”

The bond in Gujarat is stronger than the brand!

The Chief Minister said that the Vibrant Gujarat is a summit of which the entire state would be proud. He remarked, “People from 121 nations are coming here and experiencing the love of Gujarat. You see so many of them saying Kem Cho, Namaste. We cannot measure all this by a thermometer. It is the love of the people across the world for Gujarat. This bond is priceless. This bonding is stronger than branding.” 
He further expressed confidence that the next time anything good or bad happens in Gujarat these nations will remember the state and its people. Shri Modi affirmed that the expansion of Gujarat, a new Vishwa Roop is happening and for it to happen in such a short time is a big achievement. Commenting further on the issue he said, “Those who cannot stay without non-vegetarian food for a day enjoyed our vegetarian dishes during their stay here.”

Have we thought why Swami Vivekananda’s dream of India as world leader not yet fulfilled?

The Valedictory Session took place on the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and Shri Modi paid glorious tributes to Swami Vivekananda. He asked why we have not been able to fulfill Swami Vivekananda’s dream of taking India to the pinnacle of world leadership a reality and added that we can achieve this with our youth. 
“A nation with so many youth- what can it not do!” he asked. He shared that the Gujarat Government has given great emphasis to skill development. He pointed that in the coming years, the world will require skilled workforce. “People say we export Ford, Maruti but I say why can’t we export teachers? When a teacher is exported a generation is created.”

I consider this to be the most successful event

Shri Modi declared that he considers Vibrant Gujarat 2013 to be the most successful Summit. He recalled that when the Summit was first held there was immense negativity but the results have proven to be something different. 
He shared 
that on the lines of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit a similar programme will be held for agriculture. He further said that Government made such an effort in 2012 and the result was very successful as the event saw participation by farmers and representatives from 14 states. 
Shri Modi spoke about the strong links Gujarat has with the South East and the Far East thanks to Lord Buddha. He also thanked the Prime Minister of Canada for his kind words on the summit in a letter he sent through an MP. 
Earlier, captains of industry and foreign delegates addressed the gathering where they lauded the development journey of Gujarat under the leadership of Shri Modi. Senior Ministers and officials were present on the occasion

Sources: Gujaratindia.com


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