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Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013


Welcoming the galaxy of domestic and international delegates to the 6th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit Shri Modi stated, “I stand here humbly to welcome you to this large and global gathering. This is the land of Mahatma Gandhi and the summit is at an auspicious time as it coincides with the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.”   
The Chief Minister expressed his gratitude to the partner nations Japan and Canada for their continued partnership. He also thanked the partner organizations who are represented at the summit. 
“I am overwhelmed by the fact that all of you had so much confidence in this event and its continuity, that you had declared your support in advance. This confidence of people from within and outside Gujarat is a confidence in positivity,” Shri Modi said, adding that this confidence of the various stakeholders casts a big responsibility on the shoulders of the Government. 
At the same time he assured that the Gujarat Government’s plans for development have always been futuristic, robust and responsible. “We have completed our first phase of development, and now we are ushering in the second phase-a more robust, more dynamic, and more modernized Gujarat.” He stated confidently. 
Earlier Gujarat was the gateway to the globe from India. Now it is becoming global gateway to India! 
Shri Modi pointed out that the people of India are firm believers in the Mantra of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is our family) and added that this belief is even more strongly displayed in the thoughts and actions of the people of Gujarat. 
He opined, “Earlier, Gujarat was the gateway to the Globe from India. Now it is becoming the Global Gate way to India. And thus, Gujarat welcomes you with open arms to this summit, which has grown far beyond the boundaries of Gujarat. “ 
The Chief Minister pointed out that since 2003, when the biennial Vibrant Gujarat Summit first began, the event has grown leaps and bounds and become a truly international event. 
This must be a forum that displays commitment to the betterment of the economy 
Commenting on the state of the economy, Shri Modi said, “We are meeting at a very crucial stage of our social and economic life. The last few years have not been very encouraging for the global economy. This has impacted livelihood and social lives of people around the world. Even fastest growing economies have experience slowdown.” He further said that the same is the state with the Indian economy. 
Thus, in this atmosphere Shri Modi pointed out that it would be a great service if the forum such as this can display commitment for the betterment of the economy. “The first and foremost expectation from this Summit is to send a positive message to the global economy.” 
Growth rates in Gujarat not impacted adversely by global slowdown 
The Chief Minister stated that despite the global slowdown the growth rate was not adversely affected in Gujarat. “We have acquired an element of resilience in the economy. It stands equally on all three important pillars – Manufacturing, Services and Agriculture. We have not only been able to sail through, but also have maintained 10% plus growth rate in all the three sectors.” He also noted that the economy has sustained itself as well as sustained jobs and livelihood for the people. 
The reason Shri Modi attributed to this is the spirit of togetherness among the people of Gujarat. “Togetherness is our biggest strength. We know how to get together, how to stand together, how to grow together,” he affirmed. 
Today’s world characterized by power of technology and power of information 
Stressing on the power of technology and information Shri Modi said, “Today’s world is characterized by the power of technology and the power of information.” He also spoke about the importance of youth power. He shared that India is the world’s most youthful nation and the nation’s youth power is a matter of great strength. “We have to harness it and put it to our advantage,” opined the Chief Minister. 
Furthermore, he spoke, “I firmly believe this century is India’s century. It has to be the century of the Indian Youth. We have drawn elaborate plans for youth led development.” Shri Modi avowed that women are going to equal and active partners in the development of Gujarat. 
Shri Modi declared that he is a firm believer in skill, speed and scale and described them as the 3 pillars of the modern world. “We are using technology to bring in speed in Governance and in execution of programmes. We are focusing on skill development of our youth in a big way,” he pointed out. 
Our development model has brought smiles on millions of faces! 
Shri Modi talked at length about the unique development model of Gujarat that has taken the states to newer heights in the last decade. He said that Gujarat has provided far-reaching solutions to many of the problems society faces. “We have created a model which makes use of local resources and local talent. At the same time, it offers solutions which are right and relevant in the global perspective,” he declared. 
The Chief Minister shared that Gujarat has won many awards over the past decade and that the state has created a development model that has brought smiles on the faces of millions of people. 
He stated, “We will enhance income of our farmers. We have given round the clock power, broadband at village level. We will set up world-class investment regions, smart cities. We have taken initiatives in solar, wind energy. We are the highest job creator in this country. Our new initiatives will lead to creation of more than 3 million additional jobs. We are creating new skill development institutions.” Shri Modi expressed joy that a recent report ranked Gujarat as the top state in economic freedom. 
We have added newer agendas in this summit 
Shri Modi shared that the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2013 has moved beyond the conventional investment oriented agenda, and added newer agendas to the summit. “This time, our focus is on knowledge, technology and innovation. We want our youth and our SMEs to particularly benefit. There is emphasis on R&D, knowledge sharing and building cross-cultural partnerships,” he affirmed. 
The Chief Minister said that he wants the Vibrant Gujarat Summit to become a bridge of technology, he wants it to be an incubator for innovators and entrepreneurs and a lighthouse for sustainable development.

Sources: gujaratindia.com


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