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XXL’S the Future


XXL'S the Future

The Future is Here and it’s gonna be  XXL. I guess, soon the x will have a tough competition as to who’s going to be on top charts.

I mean, we all need to be ready for the new XXL Generation with the Burger-Coke-Pizza Culture leading to a generation of obese and unhealthy kids growing up to be equally an unhealthy XXL Generation.


Recently, I heard the Indian Thums Up to Thumbs up for exports to Middle East and South Asian Countries. The cola has a 150 kilo calorie has nothing in terms of nutrition or for that matter, neither do the over sized burger, pizzas or the sizzling noodles have practically nothing except an unhealthy dose of fat and calories. Yet, we all are so much attracted to such eating junk that we lick our taste buds vs getting our future general go XXL generation.

A research in an IndianBombayHospitalLilavatiHospital shows that consumption of fast food in schools is linked with body mass index problems and weight gain. This, when coupled with inactivity and excess TV viewing, causes obesity and related problems like diabetes. Overweight youngsters entering into Doctor’s clinics with type 2 Diabetes and hypertension are frequent. WHO reports such cases getting higher in recent years.

Hence, it’s about time to mould the kids and tune them for healthier food. Modifying junk to suit palate and get to more nutritious eating habits. Colas like drinks are a strict ‘no no’, switch over to whole bread for sandwiches or making frankies with wheat flour instead of plain flour and what’s more – Just to remember:

A bottle of Soft Drink : 250 cal. High on sugars and fats, leads to weight gain and diabetes – XXL i.e. the extra extra Large clothing to wear!

Potato Chips : 150-200 cal. from 100 gm, High on fats and contain oils that irritate inner lining and increase bad choloesterol in the body causing constipation – XXL i.e. the extra Large clothing to wear!

Pizza : 250 cal from 1 slice – Mostly fats with the cheese….Say with a Smile and end up XXL – i.e. the extra Large clothing to wear!

And the list goes on….A poor diet can be a factor responsible for poor attention span and academic performance, deficiency in vitamins leading to mood disorders and depression and all the XXL Wears.

Ultimately, an obese. An obese person has accumulated so much body fat that it might have a negative effect on their health. If a person’s bodyweight is at least 20% higher than it should be, he or she is considered obese. If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 25 and 29.9 you are considered overweight. If your BMI is 30 or over you are considered obese. So, consuming too many calories, a sedentary lifestyle, less sleep and sleep disorders, Endocrine disruptors, such as some foods that interfere with lipid metabolism, medications and even Fructose effect on the brain may promote obesity. Some known obesity problems are :

Coronary heart disease


Gall bladder

High blood pressure




XXL wears are due to Changes in Life Style (Urbanisation)

•Unhealthy eating patterns

•Wrong choices of food, increased portions

•Increased oil consumption

•Snacks, colas, rewards……

Sedentary pursuits

• Long school hours, tuitions, long work hours

Reduced physical activity

vehicles, reduced play areas, TV, telephones, gadgets and lack of outdoor games

XXL wears? You decide what you got to do ! You decide what to feed your children. Better Check it out!

(All Posts by ilaxi patel: This Health & Fitness Blog is based on personal thoughts and research work. Readers may please Consult your Doctor for your Health Problems)


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