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Your Sun Sign Dance


Your Sun Sign DANCE

Sun Sign & Dancing
What’s Perfect Dance Steps for you?

The heart is the gateless gate to reality. Move from the head to the heart and if you do so, all problems dissolve. Everything is crystal clear and transparent leaving just the mysteries which turn to unforgettable sweet memories forever, says Osho.


Music is speech of angels, a universal language of mankind. In music, one must think with the heart and feel with the brain and so, after every silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music! That’s when you dream and your every dream precedes the goal! Its like dancing away your blues to reach high for stars that lie hidden in your soul and this is when the heart and mind perform in harmony after all!


Feel the music, Dance away the blues, Live to Reality…..

May Peace be with you, Keep the faith – 

Your Sun Sign Dance ilaxi
Editor, Kidsfreesouls.com 


Your Sun Sign Dance


Dance on the floor this christmas with special dance steps to suit you – as per your Sun Sign. I recommend ‘What’s the perfect dance for you’. However, if you think you do not have a dance class nearby, just hop on to one of the catchy numbers I recommend and pick your choice. Enjoy! 

Your Sun Sign Dance  The Merengue, a quick tempo dance. Bounce with the brisk moves and exclusively for the assertive and energetic Arians. 

Your Sun Sign DanceThe Viennese Waltz, compassionate, poised and royal. Perfect dance for the known steady, caring with the dance movements suited for well controlled circular motion, full of love.

Your Sun Sign Dance  The Cha Cha Cha – 1-2 Cha cha cha…go step to step in rythm of flirtatious moves coinciding the moods of Gemini who are dynamic, mischiveous and bubbling with energy – lively and evergreen. The Cha cha cha steps have features of spicy steps with loads of hip action.

Your Sun Sign DanceThe English Waltz of the Great Britain – the most tender, graceful and elegant dance. The unpredictible dance moves, very much in tune dance to the unpredictible cancerians who are moody as well as gentle. A sentimental and romantic dance with swing and flow. 

Your Sun Sign DanceThe spanish dance – The leos are fiery and flamboyant with leadership qualities. The Paso Doble sort of dance, like the bull fight dance where the man represent the matador and the woman, his cape. The movements are with pride and dignity on part of pair. 

Your Sun Sign DanceJive to the floor. Rythemmetical and swinging dance similar to boogie, jitterbug, rock n roll…Too much fun, carefree moves and relaxing. Fastest of the Latin dances for Virgos known to be practical and cautious, yet fun loving. 

Your Sun Sign DanceLove is the message of the dance-Rumba. Perfect for Librans full of emotions and love – managing the balance, this dance has fascinating rythms and physical expressions for the romantic mood creations. Often known as Rumba, the dance of love. Passion and togetherness with libran charm.

Your Sun Sign DanceTango – showing emotions and perfectly suited for Scorpions who pose mysterious. Enigmatic and passionate Scorpio can Tango away with the feel of Argentina cowboys. 

Your Sun Sign DanceSamba is an all out Brazilian dance with hip actions to suit Sagis’ attitude. Always adventurous, the Sagittarians balancing act with daring moves poised for courage and facing challenges. 

Your Sun Sign Dance  Capricorns and the step is Bossa Nova – Just made for the typical Capricorns who are cool, go-getters and determined individuals. The Bossa Nova steps are in unison to cool and calm attitude. The Creation of Joe Lanza in 1960, the Bossa Nova which means new beat or new wave or feeling, is the pick for Capricorns. Bossa Nova, the modification of twist, mambo, samba, rumba…for the deep Capricornians. 

Your Sun Sign DanceSalsa and you think of Aquarians. Orderly in its form with a craze over the floor with its saucy dance style, perfectly matching the Aquarian typical mood swings – changing from sexy to loving to gloomy to passionate or even heart-breaking. Adopt any style to the beat of the music, be it Miami, cuban, Colombian, america, puerto rican…the Salsa is the choice of the nex gen Aquarian who are well organized and understanding ever.

Your Sun Sign DanceQuick Steps – imaginative and artistic for the Pisces who are dreamy and creative. Fast tempo in harmony and the Quickstep with the hops and swings perfect for the creative and original piscean, fulfilling foot movements. Developed during world war I and entered into the ballrooms, requires good posture and stamina which is possessed by the pisces. 

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