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Me and my friends at Swagat Children Library 

These are the few of my favorite things! Hang on for a While…I love Loads of Fun and bring the same for you…..Enjoy!

*Laughing and joking, Reading Champak and Story books, Drawing and coloring, dancing, making friends.

DID YOU KNOW? – What is the Tallest Tree

I have compiled this from Tell me Why – I will add the best ones I like here. Hope you like it. 

Trees are green plants. They have roots, stems, seeds, just as other green plants do. Trees are also the oldest of all the green plants. Some of the sequoia trees of the north western US are more than 4000 years old. This means they were fully grown trees long before Columbus discovered America!

And trees are the biggest of green plants. The tallest trees known to exist on the Earth are the Giant Red Woods of California. There is one tree there, growing in the Humboldt National Forest, that is believed to be the tallest in the world. It is called the Founder’s tree and is over 110 metres high !

Some authorities believe that long ago the eucalyptus tree of Australia may have been as tall as the California Red Woods, but those growing today average 15 metres short. Two other kinds of trees that come close to the red woods are the douglas fir and the sequoia, some of which have grown over 91 metres tall. The roots of a tree not only take water and mineral materials from the soil, but also hold the plant firmly to the groun. And with very large trees,it takes quiet a bit of root system to hold the tree firmly.

Did you know that the roots of a tree take up nearly as much room under the ground as that their tops and crowns do above?

Scientists have learnt to tell the age of trees by counting rings in the wood. There are rings in the cross section of most kinds of trees trunks. New wood is formed each year in a layer outside the old wood and beneath the bark. It is this layer that becomes the ring. Each ring in the wood of the trunk of a tree represents one year of the tree’s life. The trunk gets bigger and bigger around as new rings or layers are added.

A tree adds rings not only to its trunk but to its branches and twigs, too. Some length is added to the tip ends of the twigs and branches each year because growth in height takes place only at the tips of the branches. The limbs of trees never move farther from the ground than they were in the beginning !

Arjav's Blog

Did You Know? 

When was the Computer Developed?

What is a computer? An automatic computer may run by itself for hours or days, performing millions and millions of steps in solving a problem. A computer is able to handle whole problems, which may include thousands of pieces of information. This information may be numbers made up of digits; words made up of letters; or sets of digits, letters and other signs. Such information is called a Machine word.

The Computer then adds, multiplies, sorts, compares or does any one of hundreds of other kinds of figuring or reasoning. The computer carries out all its work on the machine words by following a long list of instructions called a program. The instructions on a program are fed into the computer by a person. But the computer analyzes for itself all of these detailed instructions. And finally, the computer solves the problem and prints out the answers on special, coded computer forms.

Computers usually do not have any moving parts, but do their work by means of small flows of electrons or particles of electricity.

The first automatic computer that really worked came into being in 1944 at Harvard University. The men who made the computer were Professor Howard Aiken of Harward and a group of engineers from International Business Machines Corporation.

They called the machine the Harvard IBM Mark I. This was the first machine that could carry out long list of figuring, operations of a great many kinds, all in the proper order.

This machine worked with twenty three decimal digits; it could add two such numbers in 3/10 of a second and it could multiply them in four seconds. The machine used electrical and mechanical parts, but not electronic ones. As soon as good electronic parts were put into use, the speed of computers rose rapidly.

Now, the most powerful electronic computers can perform several million arithmetical operations each second, and store enormous quantities of information.

(taken from Tell Me Why series)

Jokes for You

Teacher: Bins, get the map and find India

Bins: Here is India

Teacher: Class, who discovered India?

Class : Bins

Bins: Dad, can you write in the dark?

Dad: I think so.

Bins: Do you want to try?

Dad: What do you want me to write dear?

Bins: Your name on this Report Card

Bins: Why did the girl take the ladder to school?

Friend: No Idea

Bins: Because, she was going to the High School

Riddles for You

1. In our kitchen, all the year round, live old Jack Frost, All safe and sound.

2. Of our deep river, it joins the two banks. When it helped me cross it, I said, “Many Thanks” Who am I?

3. This wingless bird will soar and soon land quiet safely on the moon.

4. Never planted, still it grows, what’s the answer, now who knows?

5. It has wings, but it cannot fly. Without legs, it moves swiftly. Who I am?

(Answers: A refrigerator, Bridge, rocket, hair, fish)


I am fond of reading. Here is my ‘Story Board’ – List of some stories I have read. I will keep adding more stories to the list and also find reviews. So, stay tuned.

Mongoose and serpant
Tom Thumb
The Thirsty Crow
The foolish fox
The seven wives of Bluebeard
The frog Prince
A woodman’s axe
Alice in Wonderland
The camel and the Jackal
Buttered Lamb

Quotes for You

Hope is the only good that is common to all men; those who have nothing else possess hope still. – Thales

Each time a man stands for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope. – Robert Francis Kennedy

Hope is but the dream of those that make. – Mathew Prior

The history of the world is but the biography of great man. – Thomas Carlyle

A man without patience is a lamp without oil. – Andres Segovia

Thank you for reading my Blog. 

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