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CM addresses BJP’s Vikas Rally in Delhi

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CM addresses BJP's Vikas Rally in Delhi

CM Narendra Modi addressed the BJP’s Vikas Rally in Delhi on Sunday 29th September 2013. He presented a new ray of hope to the people of India and asked them to think ahead on the nation we want when India completes 75 years of freedom in 2022.

He said that the nation does not want the dirty team of the UPA whose work the nation has seen for the last decade but it wants a dream team that will ensure that the elderly get respect, the poor are well fed, the poor have adequate housing, tribal communities get adequate education opportunities. He inspired every village, every district to dream big so that the nation can move ahead.

Shri Modi asked the people of India to trust the BJP and its leadership. He said, “I urge the nation to have faith in the BJP. Have faith in our work and in the Karyakartas of our Party. We will never break your trust. We will live for your dreams and if need be we will give our lives for your dreams. We are coming to you on the basis of what we all have learnt from Atal ji, Advani ji and Kushabhau Thakre ji.”

Striking an emotional note, Shri Modi said, “See the values of the BJP, see the culture of the Party. A man who sold tea to make ends meet has been put here. Na Shasak Thaa, Na Shasak Hoon, Na Banne Ke Sapne Dekhta Hoon (I was never a ruler in the past, I am not a ruler now and I do not aspire to be a ruler in the future). Mai Sevak Hoon aur Kal Bhi Aapka Sevak Rahoonga (I am a humble servant of the people and will remain so in future).I am not a Nath (divine ruler) but a Dasa (humble servant).

In a display of immense statesmanship Shri Narendra Modi stood up for Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in the wake of reports that Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif called him an old woman from a village. Shri Modi’s comments come a time when even Dr. Singh’s own Party is terming his work as ‘nonsense.’ He affirmed, “I have to say something that is very painful. The Pakistani PM called some journalists for breakfast. There Nawaz Sharif said our PM is a Dehati Aurat. We have differences of opinion with our PM at home but he is the PM of 125 crore Indians. Nawaz Sharif yeh aapki kaunsi aukat hai? (How do you have the courage to say that Mr. Nawaz Sharif?)”

Mincing no words, Shri Narendra Modi said that this was an insult to the Prime Minister of India and that the nation will not tolerate its Prime Minister getting insulted. Referring to the Indian journalists who attended the meeting with Mr. Sharif Shri Modi said, “I want to ask those journalists who were eating with Nawaz Sharif, we expected you to walk out. Yes, we may be opposed to each other at home but no one can point fingers at our nation. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is elder to Mr. Nawaz Sharif in age at least respect that.”

Shri Modi attributed to this disrespect to the PM to his own Congress Party not according him with clear respect. “His own party leaders call him nonsense then what do you expect?” asked Shri Modi.

Narendra Modi ji came down heavily on the Prime Minister for telling President Barack Obama that India is poor and asked the Prime Minister if he is also one of those people who are market India’s poverty to win laurels.

The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate categorically stated that the nation must chose between dynasty and democracy. “Today there is a conflict between Parivarshahi and Lokshahi and the former is strangling the latter. Will we run on the constitution or on the wishes of the prince? This is what we have to decide,” affirmed Shri Modi as he even questioned the allies of the UPA whether they want democracy or dynasty to run the nation.

Referring to the lackluster performance of the UPA, Shri Modi hit out against the increasing corruption, price rise and unemployment among the youth. He said the departments that the UPA is saying are their achievements are actually the achievements of the states and that the Centre has made a mess of the subjects that are exclusively under its control. Shri Modi gave the examples of failure in railways, highways and aviation sector to show what the Centre has done to the departments exclusively under its control. He shared that 20,000 MW of power cannot be produced because there is not enough coal. Shri Modi declared that good governance is the way ahead and while the world is moving forward, the UPA is pushing us backwards. He attacked the UPA for being immersed in Gandhi Bhakti of a different kind, which entailed taking away all the notes with Mahatma Gandhi’s face on them.

Shri Modi stressed on the need to attain Surajya, which was experienced during the NDA Government under Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji and LK Advani ji.

Referring to the poor governance in Delhi, Shri Modi affirmed that the problem lay in too many Governments, each of which considers itself a power in its own right. “Just see how many Governments are there, there is a Government of the Mother, there is a Government of the Son and there is a Government of the Son-in-Law too. There is an alliance and even there we have Governments within Governments,” Shri Modi avowed. He added that while numbers make coalition, they are run by good chemistry that is clearly lacking. He said that if there is a Chief Minister who is breathing most easy today, it is the Delhi Chief Minister who always has some or the other authority to blame, leaving only ribbon cutting to do. He came down on the failure of the Delhi Government on the issue of women safety and even on the CWG scam, which Shri Modi said was not only about economic corruption but affecting India’s image on the world stage.

Former BJP National President Shri Nitin Gadkari delivered a strong speech on the misgovernance of the Congress and its failure to control rising prices. Amritsar BJP MP Shri Navjot Sidhu, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel, Leader of Opposition in the Delhi Assembly Shri VK Malhotra, former Delhi Mayor Smt. Aarti Mehra, BJP leaders Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Dr. Jagdish Mukhi and Shri Parvesh Verma also spoke on the occasion. The hovering clouds did not dampen the spirit of the people as a record number of people came to attend the Vikas Rally.

Sources: CM Narendra Modi’s Website


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