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Fairy Land-Stories For Children

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Fairy Land-Stories For Children

From Editor’s Desk

Welcome to Fairyland! Once upon a time….Thus begins the tale and right away, from those first few words, one’s heart warms in anticipation of fantastic wonders and the unexpected, the end! There are wonderful fairy tales all around the world and fairy tale writers have just charmed,  

not only the children but adults too. There are still insufficient stories to satisfy the need of children for fresh stories. Hence, here’s Fairy Land – with the old and new tales – for you, me and us.

 It’s said, “Fairy tales are fiction, yet hold a hint or two, That no bold hero dare deem untrue.”

A child may be reading or Listening – Grimm’s tales with the enchanting stories so popular, to name a few like the Hansel & Gretel, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty. Or, whichever the Story reads. The magic of stories remain forever. A good tale is a marvel in itself; it grows up with you and like a beloved childhood friend, it accompanies you across the years with unforgettable memories.

I am sure, children who visit this section are going to love to read the stories here. Sometimes, ‘What to do on net?’ and they mostly stay hooked to games or forums. However, Encouraging kids to read and write reviews or do the Grammar Fun Stories worksheet is fun.

At Swagat Children Library, 

kids love to read stories and write reviews but they even love to listen and narrate too. This helps them to develop, Reading, writing and speaking skills. Kids dive into the world of imagination and as they read, they explore the wonderful dream world. They dig into learning Countries, Culture and traditions; expand creativity and get entertained.

Dip into the Magic Space of FAIRYLAND and read the stories with visits more often. The reason is, a one time visit and you can’t resist a smile with fond memories and read the tales as you recall a scene and a second time read, something else stays in your mind. You start wondering, wandering and reading a tale that makes an impression on your mind, you even pass to your child.

Kids, Enjoy the Fairyland. If you have read a book or a story and want to write a review, your thoughts, Express them. Send us your Emails – Fairyland is yours, Ask for More and I’ll keep adding a 3 Minute Story for you. Enjoy Reading Artie Knapp’s stories and other sections too. Stay tuned 🙂

Fairy Land-Stories For Children

– ilaxi patel
Editor Online, kidsfreesouls.com

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