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Google search now teaches animal sounds


Google Voice Search released a new feature that enables parents to teach children about different noises that animals make.

Now when you search for “animal noises,” a field appears at the top of your search results that shows illustrations of animals, their names and a sample of what they sound like.

The Google tool appears with a photo of the animal, an audio clip, and a phonetic transcription of the sound to make it easier to imitate.

After checking the specific animal sound that a user is looking for, Google also shows related animal sounds that the user might be interested in under the “More animal sounds” tab which shows more animal sounds. Included in the list of 19 animal sounds are a zebra, ape, cat, lion, moose, owl, pig, cow, duck, elephant, horse, raccoon, bowhead whale, humpback whale, wolf, rooster, sheep, tiger and a turkey.

Rightly said, “Google Dad or Google chacha ko sub pata hai” (Google knows everything) and indeed, has got all the answers even children are looking for !

– Kidsfreesouls News Desk


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