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Back to School:Handwriting and You


Hand writing & You!

Who said Gandhiji wrote better? No, he didn’t!
He himself quoted, “Bad Handwriting is the sign of incomplete Education”

Watch out! Examination phobia grips frenzy in panic to answer all the quizzled questions that are asked from the extreme corners of the text book with faintest ideas that the question might be even asked! This is Examination, examining your wits, examining your memory power, examining your knowledge or one might say examing one’s Luck. Moreover, the most boring part for some is writing. Who said Gandhiji wrote better? No, he didn’t! He himself quoted “Bad Handwriting is the sign of incomplete Education” It is not a part to be neglected if you want to impress the examiner or the teacher who is going to correct your paper. Imagine the workload, the bunches the examiner has to correct and than, if your messed handwriting are fainting, scratchy and bad as ever, even though the answers are right, it might land you in trouble to score less marks. Examiners are not computerized brains but have to correct your answers manually, isnt this true? Well, whatever maybe the case, Your Handwriting is the reflection of your thoughts. It reveals your character. As said “Thoughts are formed with words, Words with letters, The melody of thoughts and words, combines to form handwriting with sentences.” Good handwriting is easy to read, quick to write and good to look at. As studies show, Bad handwriting is the visible evidence of imperfect thinking. Difficulty in handwriting can hamper thoughts and limit fluency. Careless writing is a sign of discourtesy and disinterest making it an illegible scrawl, difficult to read. Hence, it is necessary to possess the quality of legibility, fluency and beauty. However advanced technology surges ahead, a quick handwritten note is always easier to pen down. Writing unhurriedly enforce discipline in one’s thoughts.

There are many more factors for consideration for better Handwriting. The right selection of pen, pencil and paper, holding the pen, placement of paper, sitting posture, source of light, movement of pen, relaxed state of mind, right adoptive system of flow, etc are the few very important factors to be considered for handwriting. To sum up about Write Better in brief, a simple Kids Free Soul tip “Open up and widen your doors of imagination” Think Fast, Be aware, Read and be literate, than you can write, Write better, Write fast!

The simple rules for Better handwriting

Be Legible : Write to be read

The prime purpose of writing is to read. It crystallize one’s thought as a means of communication. The letters should be easily and accurately recognized. The message too should be very clear. Unreadable material cause strain to the reader, cause misunderstanding, delay and above all, leaves a negative impression on the mind.

Be Fluent : Get the speed, don’t be rough

It is necessary to write reasonably fast rather than snail writing. Writing skills need to be mastered as the written material in today’s time has considerably doubled requiring more time and speed. Hence, write fairly quick but keep a watch that your handwriting is legible so as to be eligible. Writing should be with interest, pleasurable, without strain and written in a relaxed mood.

Beauty : Be an Impressive writer

Beautiful handwriting impresses the reader. Be a beautiful writer as it is an object of admiration. It is a visual treat and feasting to the eye of the reader. It reveals personal taste and preference. Calligraphy or artistic handwriting is not required in day to day writing but simple, graceful hand written work is more attractive. It exposes clarity and is catchy to the eye.


Handwriting : Large Letters indicate an outgoing, positive person, friendly, sympathetic and helpful. Large writing reveals an extrovert personality. Indicative of a restless nature and a lack of depth in thinking sometimes.

Small letters are produced by negative persons. They tend to be slow in responding to other people’s needs and feelings. Cold and logical, these people are likely to have a scientific bent of mind. Writing which is very small, almost difficult to read, reveals a highly introverted person. Inward looking and reserved, this person seems to be non communicative. Not likely to have close friends.

Medium size letters are produced by people of average tastes, accomplishments and abilities. Though they may not unduly exert themselves to help you, we find them easy to get along with. Practical, concerned with materialistic things rather than spiritual or aesthetic.

Letters of variable sizes represents an immature personality. Incapable of indecisive thinking and action, ready to believe others, tends to be self centered to the point of being childish.


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