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It’s Back to School time again for many Free Souls. It is said “Don’t change with the change but Change before the change” and so, begin well to end well to trail behind the grudges against the educational system. The right way is a regular routine schedule avoiding Homework hassles by saying “I Can” and “I will” instead of relying on shoulders of others for help.

 Try it your way and you succeed. All a Free soul student needs is to decide and make up his mind to face the challenges ahead. Have fun, enjoy life and follow the simple 15 rules of success to make best of your school days.


Home-Work Hassles  – Editor, Kidsfreesouls


Talk with a group of parents and undoubtedly one will find the inner details of educational upswing and off beat stories excitedly related, exposing the positive or the negative influence. In creeps,  the hassles of homework, tuitions and lack of time. At the end of the year as the final exams are at the corner, many parents too prepare for the Herculean task of the most important word ‘Examination’ and get time off their busy schedule to help their kids perform better and score percentage. It seems as though the children are in a rat race to score those percentages like precious gems and parents too feel the pride to count the scores. In the run, year after year, one overlooks the real value of education, which helps the overall development of the child and makes them intellectually capable to inherent knowledge. Many blame the educationist, some pour their outburst about the degraded education system and some are concerned with the homework assignments given by the school and tuition teachers throughout the year. It is evident that the quality of schooling and overall school environment is an important issue. Poor teaching, lack of interest of teachers, overcrowded classrooms, tuitions and competitions just gradually wear down the child and the family.

Kids Free Souls flashes in some guidelines for Homework plan to help the kids to excel. Homework, tension filled, stress and tedious it may be also serves good purposes. It makes them regular, disciplined, focus attention, concentrates and builds the skills needed to understand better. Final exams are less stress if regular homework is assigned to the child after explaining the lessons in the schools and the dedicated teacher carries out also regular checking of homework. A supportive parent may add to help the child and shake the conscious of the teacher and find out the worth of their fees paid to the institution.

Psychologists say “Be patient” and that is the key for successful upbringing of the child. Let’s Face it – Homework Hassles will be a routine boring and a responsibility for both Parents and Teachers but like in the good olden days, neither there were Tuition teachers and homework assignments, regularity, punctuality, patience and responsibility were on the top priorities. So, let there be peaceful learning – After all, we cant afford stress and traumas for our kids!


Road Ahead to Academic success

Just remember, Much of your academic success will depend on:

  • Being organized
  • Tapping into your thinking skills
  • Implementing study skills and strategies that are easy and really work for you
  • Knowing how to take tests successfully

Set realistic and specific goals and objectives for yourself. The goal is what you hope to achieve and the objective is how you will go about achieving it. After you have written down your goals, using specific data, numbers, and times, check to see if they are realistic. Then add your objectives, the actions you will take to obtain what you want.

So, get set right to the right attitude.


Interaction with the Teacher: At the beginning of the school, make sure to meet the Teacher and find out the homework assignments she intends to chart out for the class. Her regularity in assignments, expectation and time frame to complete the assignment. If the child grips with the homework phobia, find the reason and straighten up things.

Set aside regular homework time: Find the predicted time and form regular habit of settling down to their studies. Check out the time required to finish the work as hurried or delay tactics in homework will not get desired results.

Material: Offer the required material to the child and teach to be neat and tidy. Sharpened pencils, erasers, books should be handy. Assign the work when the child is in good mood, energetic and eager.

Appreciation: Praise and motivate your kids. Give rewards to encourage conscientious work. Offer to take the kid out for a weekend if he gets the work done every night. Cheer up the child and build confidence instead of showing grudge for the work due to lack of time, understanding or interest.

Interact: Keep your contacts live with other parents. If your child cannot meet the assignments, find what the other parent has to say about it. If the child finds homework difficult, find out the reason and sort for a solution with the teacher.

Reading time: Use a regular Reading session, write stories, practice maths or spellings. Research indicates that students who consistently read and are read to become better readers. Children who make a regular habit of writing and spelling in ‘real writing’ are more likely to retain words.

Analyze Results: Sometimes children adopt the stereotype system of performing the task of homework. Teachers too take the corrections easy after a few days. Hence, cross check the child whether the assignment done by him is understood and also make sure what the teacher has assigned the work for the day and whether it is checked and corrected the next day. Insist on the Teachers’ signature so as to ensure that the child do not lag behind.


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