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Kankaria Carnival 
– Ahmedabad

Carnival at Kankaria lake begins on 25th December especially focused on Children. The four-minute song will be part of the week-long cultural extravaganza Kankaria Carnival. Also a scintillating performance of laser beams on a giant water-screen amid the picturesque Kankaria lake will be organised. This kind of laser show is exclusive and been performed earlier at IPL tournaments and Umiya Mata Festival in Unjha.



Another laser light show will depict 600 years of foundation of Ahmedabad, cultural ethos and lifestyle of the city. Deputy municipal commissioner MS Patel says, “This year, the carnival revolves around children. It will be a unique experience for the visitors. We all are working on the finer modalities of the performance which will be based on a story line.” Last year, over 20 lakh persons participated in the inaugural year of the carnival. It has been organised by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) to mark one year of Kankaria Lake Front Development Project (KLFD).

Sattvik 2009 – Healthy way to Go

– Kidsfreesouls

A three-day Sattvik 2009′, traditional food festival was organised by SRISTI and Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIM-A) with rich cuisine, traditional food items and products. Kashmiri cuisine was offered to the city people apart from AP’s bamboo soup made up of bamboo buds mixed with pulses. The festival showed the rich bio-diversity existing in rural areas of the country untouched by the urban masses. At more than 50 stalls organic foods, food grains, fruits and traditional delicacies and rural innovations were at display. Booklets were distributed on how to save the grains from germs and other traditional tips of cooking. Health and organic food product stalls attracted the visitors.

Hindi Magazine by Gujarat Vidyapith
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Gujarat Vidyapith’s Bhartiya Bhasha Sanskriti Bhavan will launch its first quarterly magazine ‘Vidhya Kiran’ on November 14. It will have 20 to 24 pages and will be released by Vice Chancellor Sudershan Iyengar. The magazine will give the readers an insight into languages and their history. The Bhavan aims to circulate at least 1,000 copies free in colleges, banks and Central government officers in the city. The magazine will feature articles, poems and stories among other write-ups by faculty. Students will be invited to contribute in due course and the magazine’s scope might be extended to the entire state. The magazine will be in Hindi. The department teaches 12 Indian and foreign languages like Spanish, German, Arabic, French, etc.

Send Essays on Connecting India
– Kidsfreesouls

Gujarat NRE-AMA Centre for National Integrity has organised an essay competition on “Connecting India — The Dream Beyond Sardar”. School and college students in the age group 15-20 can send their entry in Englih or Gujarati in not more than 1,500 words by November 14.

The entries have to be forwarded by their respective institutes, said AMA Co-ordinator KK Nair. The essay competition is an effort towards collecting the views of the youth on building a strong India. The best five entries in both languages will get prizes. Results will be announced on November 20 and the five winners will get an opportunity to address the audience on November 21.

School Websites
– Kidsfreesouls

Education inspectors from Ahmedabad DEO’s office will start instructing Shala Vikas Sankul, techinicians and QDS groups on making websites and the data needed for the same. Recently a circular was issued by the State Education Department that schools should have their websites and should upload all relevant information. It will be a task-oriented work and it has been divided among zones. Zonal education inspectors will guide the schools.

Diabetes Awareness
– Kidsfreesouls

Project Kadam organized an Awareness Exhibition for Diabetes as part of a scientific conference. A walk had been organized on Sunday early morning at 6.30 to reiterate the need of exercise to control diabetes. A small lifestyle modification like 30 minutes of walk every day can go a long way in controlling diabetes. Also, for the first time, an initiative is launched on Sunday at 8 am from Gujarat University exhibition centre. Twenty dieticians, 10 counsellors and 10 educators have gave guidance to the people about symptoms of diabetes, tips to help diagnosis of the disease in early stages and also awareness to control diet for effective diabetes management. The exhibition venue at Gujarat University also had healthy food corner put up to help people understand the kind of dietary changes that can be incorporated.

Welcome to Gujarat : Swagatam to the newly revamped Gujarat State Official Portal

 As  I content wrote  the Gujarat Government State Portal for last many days, here’s presenting the newly revamped Official Gujarat Portal. The thematic Portal provides glimpse into 5.5 Crore Gujaratis ‘Apnu Gujarat – Agavu Gujarat’ (Our Gujarat, Unique Gujarat) and act as catalyst to positively influence Gujarat and its rich Culture and traditions which has marked its footprints Internationally. The Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi lives on to the boom of a 21st century Gujarat with robust and mass movement of Development and Progress with a Proactive Government.

 – Explore Gujaratindia.com  till I still Explore to write more on Gujaratindia.com and present worksheets for Kids on Kidsfreesouls too.

Young Scientists meet at Science City
– Kidsfreesouls

For the first time, the 17th National Children Science Congress is being held in Ahmedabad. Gujarat Science City will evaluate child science projects with 800 children in the age group of 10 to 17 years participating from 22-24th October. Earlier the program was to be held in December which has been now shifted for ongoing projects. (refer below for earlier news)

President Barack Obama gets Nobel Peace Prize 
– Kidsfreesouls

9 months to Presidency and US President Barack Obama gets Lifetime Award ‘Nobel Prize for Peace’ – “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”. It is learnt, the President has decided to donate his about $1.4 million Nobel Peace prize money to charities. Obama would travel to Oslo to receive the Award. On being awarded, Obama, was himself surprised and humbled by this announcement. He said the Nobel Peace award to him represents hopes of millions and millions throughout the world and is not just the achievements of one person. It represents the life and the world that they want to live in — whether that’s a world without nuclear weapons, a world without the spread of weapons of mass destruction, a world with peace in the Middle East, a world that addresses climate change, he said.

Although Mahatma Gandhi did not get the Nobel Prize, the Gandhian club got one more member with nobel peace prize being awarded to Obama. Prominent leaders who believe in Gandhian philosophy of peace and non violence globally are Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi and Dalai Lama. An admirer of Gandhi, Obama seems to be a great follower and recently mentioned Gandhi as ‘real hero of mine.’

– on Nobel Prize | Educational Games

Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry – Dr. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
– Kidsfreesouls

The Swedish Nobel Committee awarded the Prize to Dr Ramakrishnan, an India-born structural biologist whose quest for scientific excellence took him from undergraduate schools in India to graduate and post doc studies in US and research in UK. He is currently affiliated with the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK, for his work on protein-producing ribosomes, and its translation of DNA information into life. He shares the Prize with Dr Thomas Steitz of Yale University, Connecticut, and Dr Ada Yonath of Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. Back home in Vadodara, his hometown school where he studied will be hosting a function and MSU will start a series of lecture in Venki’s name. Covent of Jesus and Mary High School from where the Nobel Laureate Venkataraman Ramakrishnan did his schooling will host a function in honour of achievement of a student. All teachers who taught him from 1961-67 when he cleared his Class XI SSC exams are invited as reported by a newspaper. Both his parents, father Dr CV Ramakrishnan and mother Rajalakshmi were faculty in bio-chemistry department and he himself was interested in pure sciences.

Obama fails to win Nobel Prize for Economics!!!

All Laureates for Economic Science
Paul Krugman – Amartya Sen 

Elinor Ostrom, 

76, known for her work on the management of common resources, is the first woman to win a Nobel in economics.
She shares this year’s prize with Oliver Williamson, 77, who pioneered the study of how and why companies structure themselves and how they resolve conflicts.Elinor Ostrom showed how common resources – forests, fisheries, oilfields, grazing lands and irrigation systems – can be managed successfully by the people who use them, rather than by governments or private companies.

More Here | LA Times

– more on Nobel Prize

Joys of Giving
– Kidsfreesouls

DPS school children interacted with the underprivileged between September 23 and 29. The project was called Joy of Education Helping the Underprivileged Girls’ as a part of Joys of Giving campaign . These children found that the drop-out rate of girls from the municipal school after Class VII was drastically high. The reasons for drooping out were varied. DPS children motivated girls for higher learning. In their interaction with 36 girls, they were taught to make diyas, greeting cards and envelopes. Story sessions were also held. This interaction gave an opportunity to talk about the importance of education, the impact of child marriage on their health and importance of economic independence. The group plans to organize activities in Municipal schools and even encourage parents to allow girl students to educate.

Planet Earth – Children Science meet
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NCSC (National Children Science Congress) has organized a five day Science meet on the central theme ‘Planet Earth’ beginning on 27th December. The 17th NCSC meet will be hosted at Science City under the aegis of the DST (Department of Science and Technology), Government of Gujarat. The program will be held in association with SGVP International School. NCSC is a national academic event for the kids in the age group of 10 to 17 years along with eminent scientists and faculties. NCSC is a program initiated by NCSTC (National Council for Science and Technology Communication, DSt, Government of India.

Navratri Celebration begins
– Kidsfreesouls

Navratri Celebrations begins today, 19th September in Gujarat with the inaugural festival program held at Gujarat University Ground. The theme ‘Shaktini Saptdhara’ will be inaugurated by Hon’ble CM Narendra Modi. The Vibrant Navratri – Where Life is a Celebration will be attended by 42 countries, 84 delegates and over a 500 foreign guests. For nine days, every day from 7.30 onwards, garba competitions will be held. Every district of Gujarat will participate with selected finalists. Saputara, the hill station will be visually presented to viewers at a special pavilion. Ambaji, Bahucharaji, Chotila and Pavagadh Shaktipiths and development process will also be presented at the pavilion. World famous Champaner will be highlighted at the pavilion. Also a theme pavilion on Global warming is set up at the venue. Sports Authority will take the initiative to present cycle tracks, artificial mountain climbing and other related activities.

Growth of Industries in gujarat pavilion focus on development in Gujarat. Kids city will entertain kids and Shyamal-Saumil, Arti Munshi, Praful Dave, Parthiv Gohil, Vatsala Patil, Nayan Pancholi, etc. will present Music and vocals of Garba singing at the venue where wearing traditional dress is compulsory.

The inauguration can be viewed here on

 State Portal.

– Navratri festival page | Listen to Arti

Ozone Day on 16th September
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Gujarat Science City is observing the ‘World Ozone Day’ on 16th September 2009 on the theme ‘Universal Participation:Ozone protection unifies the world.’ The week long celebration began with 350 school children and communities undergoing ozone education and awareness programmes in association with Indian Chemistry Teacher’s Association. An illustrative exhibition on the theme of Save our Sky, and a film show on Ozone Awareness will be shown to students to create awareness. Schools and college students are participating in the ‘Good ozone and Bad ozone’ quiz. Painting competition is also organized for students in the age group of 5 years to 16 years and puppet shows will entertain children. The Science city initiative will help to understand the importance of ozone layer and protect nature.

 on Ozone – About Ozone on Environment Page

Grades in CBSE Schools
– Kidsfreesouls

CBSE makes class X board exams optional from 2011. It is officially announced that there will be no Class X exams in CBSE Schools while there will be a board exam for class X in 2010, grading system based on continuous and comprehensive evaluation by schools. After the board examination is abolished in 2011 (for class X), students will have a choice to take the board exam on demand for transfer (to another school) or entry into pre-university institutes,” Human resources minister Kapil Sibal said at a press conference recently.

There will be nine grades. The highest will be A1 (exceptional) with a grade point of 10 and a marks range of 91-100%. Second grade will be A2 (excellent) with a grade point of 9 and marks in the range of 81-90%. Third grade will be B1 (very good) with grade point of 8 and a marks range of 71-80%.

The fourth grade will be B2 (good) with a grade point of 7 and marks range of 61-70%. Fifth grade will be C1 (fair) with grade point of 6 and marks range of 51-60%. C2 (average) will be the sixth grade with grade point of 5 and marks range of 41-50%. D (below average) will be the seventh grade with 4 grade points and marks range of 33-40%. E1 (needs improvement) and E2 (unsatisfactory) are the last two grades. In a year, the school will conduct four formative and two summative assessments. CBSE also plans to offer an aptitude test that will be available by February 2010. By the time a student reaches Class XI, he/she would have undertaken the aptitude test twice, once at the end of Class IX and then at the end of Class X.

Science Exhibition Train
– Kidsfreesouls

The science exhibition train would begin its third journey from Gandhinagar, on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, next month. The science express, the 16 coach train, a virtual exhibition-on-wheels, rolled out twice from Delhi earlier, started it’s journey for the first time in 2007 from Safdarjung station. Railway officials said that the train will leave from Gandhinagar and will be stationed there for nearly 14 days before coming to Ahmedabad. Then it would move to Jamnagar, Gandhidham, Anand, Valsad and Navsari. The train will be stationed at Ahmedabad from October 16 and leave for Jamnagar on October 20. The exhibition will be organized and manage by CSC in the state. Later, the train will leave for Maharashtra.

The train is expected to cover a distance of around 18,000 km and halt at 55 stations. The science express features over 300 large format visual images, 150 video clips and multimedia exhibits. The exhibition provides information right from the origin of the universe, the origin and development of life, advances in technology, environment and its problems and the solar system.

Officials said that the Joy of Science Lab developed by VASCSC allows the participants to perform hands-on activities and experiments in science and mathematics. The lab is equipped with material useful for performing more than 50 interesting experiments and activities for different age groups.

Eco Messages through Garba venues
– Kidsfreesouls

Government of Gujarat has an innovative way to spread Eco messages this Navratri. As Garba venues have large members, the government has decided to ensure that all these should have a message on preserving the environment. Over 80 Lakh people visit the Garba venues during Navratri. As such, the Government has taken initiatives to go Eco friendly and police commissioner or authorities giving permission for such garba events have been asked to ensure that organisers either have messages like `save environment’, `conserve water’ or `save trees’. The organisers will be asked to display such messages either on the stage or entry gate. The department initiatives awareness campaign and has also made plans to have such messages printed and displayed through NGOs.

CM Narendra Modi to address Teachers
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Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will felicitate 35 teachers from across the state and address over one crore students of various schools through video conferencing on Teachers’ Day, 5th September 2009. Teachers will be honoured for their outstanding contribution to the field of education. Each of them will be given a cash reward of Rs 21,000 and a certificate by the Chief Minister in a felicitation function to be held here at Tagore Hall.

CM’s speech will be broadcast live in 7,600 primary schools and 4,391 secondary schools which have computers with LCD screens, 410 colleges and 90 self-financed institutes and 62 government polytechnics. It will also be broadcast live on 8000 e-gram panchayats and local cable services.

– More on CM Narendra Modi’s website | Gujarat website

Sam Pitroda visits GCCI Youth Wing Installation function
– Kidsfreesouls

Sam Pitroda was the Chief Guest at the Installation of GCCI Youth Wing on Wednesday. He interacted with the youth and gave tips on management and power of thinking ‘Out of Box.’ He focused on the Education system which needs to be more multi disciplinary. He weighed stress on literacy issues especially among women and showed concerns to ‘Save Girl Child.’ He talked of the need to redesign cities as cleanliness is a major drawback in Indian cities. The Youth wing members were given tips on Team work and attitude building for self development and create a strong personality. On crisis, he spoke on restructuring world crisis emphasizing the need to focus on tomorrow’s job and change with the change with modern training centers.

Installation of Amitabh Shah as Chairperson of GCCI Youth Wing along with Anar Patel as Co-chairperson, took place amidst a cheering Youth members in a jam packed hall. It is noted that under GCCI ‘Mentoring Program’, 600 young business members of the Youth Wing will get a chance to closely work with successful business houses like Vadilal, Zydus Cadila, Claris, Motif, Meghmani and Cambay group among others. Each corporate would mentor five entrepreneurs for three months. The Youth Wing is encouraged by GCCI main wing apart from activities also conducted by GCCI Business women’s wing.

Eklavya Awards for Teachers
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Eklavya Education Foundation has announced its 13th ‘Excellent Educator’s Award’ to be conferred upon five outstanding teachers. The winners are Nita Desai, AIS (Excellent Educator Award), Sneha Banker, Nirman School (Young Educator Award), Kalyani Dave, Anand Niketan (Excellent Institutional Builder), Premlata Pandya, Municipal School (Excellent Institutional Builder) and Perin (Aunty) Lalkaka, Thumbelina (Life time Achievement Award). The Award Ceremony will be held on 5th September at AMA when these Awards will be given by Sr. Journalist-Columnist Nirja Chowdhury.

– Teacher’s Page | For Teachers | Kidsfreesouls as Educationist

World Photography Day celebrated
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World Photography Day was celebrated on 19th August by Gujarat state Lalit Kala Academy and Niharika-The society of Gujarat Pictorialist. A slide show 2009 was exhibited where 24 countries participated with 1500 participants. 300 best entries were chosen for the Slide show with competition on entries color slide, natural slide, wild life, photo journalism and travel photos. Out of this 300, 10 best slides are to be selected with 50 slides for which Award and certificates are to be given. Vraj Mistry, Sanat Shodhan, B M Kanoja, Banvarilal Rajput, Vivek Desai, Hemendra Shah, Dinesh Shukla, Surendra Patel, etc. artists were felicitated on the occassion.

Camera club of Karnavati also organized a Photography exhibition at Ravishankar raval Art Gallery. 24 photographers exhibited 90 photos. The exhibition was inaugurated by Siddharth Patel, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Samiti. The club is operational since 26 years with around 350 members with weekly programs related to photography. Eleven members of the club were felicitated on the occassion.
DAV Centre for Creative Education organizes KHOJ 2009
10th Annual National level Science Festival
October 1-2, 2009
Inviting registrations from all over India

Pune, August 18, 2009: : DAV Centre for Creative Education shall be organizing KHOJ – the 10th Annual National Science Festival at DAV Public School, New Panvel on October 1-2,2009.

The participants are invited to develop and present their projects on Solar System, Sunspots, Space Shuttle, International Space Station, Star Systems. This interactive festival shall also include educational events like Elocution competition, Science talk shows, Essay writing, and several other on the spot Creative activities.

The registration for participation in KHOJ is invited from all Schools (Std III to Std XII) and Colleges. The parents and teachers are also invited to participate in this event.

Dr.K.B. Kushal, Director DAV Centre For Creative Education observes, “Science Festivals like KHOJ strengthen learning orientations through interactive exposure and experience. We have been successfully organizing KHOJ for the last 9 years. It’s a pleasure to provide a vibrant platform for the learners where they can share with each other their experiences, experiments and achievements concerning their creative ventures in the field of science and technology”. Last year there were more than 2000 students along with hundred of parents in Khoj at Gurgaon (Haryana).

The last date for registration is 10 September, 2009. Schools can submit their entries to DAV Centre for Creative Education, Plot NO.267/268, Sector 10 New Panvel – 410206. Tel.No. 022 2745 6520 /2749 0492, 2745 1793, 9820622749 email – davrowr@gmail.com  , website – www.davcce.com
Media Contact: Akash Gosavi @ Reach Out PR # 9423055128
– freesoul@kidsfreesouls.com

Riverfront Project
– Kidsfreesouls

Gandhinagar is set to have its own river front Project with Jogger’s park, Yoga and meditation center, government run cafetarias and eateries. Along Sabarmati river, a 7.6 kms stretch between Shahpur and Chiloda bridges has been earmarked for the green capital’s own Project. A weir is being constructed near Torrent power plant in Sabarmati which would hold water upto an average 4.6 metres which will mean ample water in the Sabarmati till Gandhinagar. There will be an exclusive parking, exclusive cycling tracks for the health freakers and a Bird’s paradise as great emphasis is being laid on creating dense green space along the stretch to attract wetland birds.

Paryushan Parva
– Kidsfreesouls

Paryushan festival is celebrated every year by members of the Jain community. Started on 16th August, the jains follow fasting for self purification by adhering to the five vows as to practice non violence or ahimsa by not causing harm to any living being, by speaking the truth and follow Satya, by refraining to steal and by not taking anything that is not given willingly, by following celibacy by avoiding sensual pleasures and to remain detached and so follow non possession or aparigraha.

Relief Road – replicating CG Road model
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Independence day marked celebrations all over the city of Ahmedabad. Especially, Relief road replicated the C G Road model of traffic cops free as the Traffic Police declared the road from Gheekanta Cross roads to Zakaria mosque as ‘Walker’s Paradise’ on the 63rd Independence day. 500 children participated from 15 schools from the area in dance performances, fancy dress competitions, plays depicting the freedom struggle and subsequent attempts for peace keeping. The streets were colorful with happy faces and tri color furling groups who enjoyed traffic free surroundings.

Janmashtmi celebrations
– Kidsfreesouls

Janmashtmi was celebrated all over Gujarat with great religious fervour. Especially in Ahmedabad, students dressed as Radha and Krishna on the day and organised ‘Go Green’ initiatives. They distrubuted saplings in Satellite and Bodakdev areas. Krishna Leela was performed with celebrations at clubs. Temples were flooded at midnight and next day for Parna at all temples.

On the Spot Painting Competition
– Kidsfreesouls

Gujarat Visual Artist Association has organised a Painting competition on 15th August to celebrate Independence day. 200 participants will join the On the Spot painting competition at Karnavati Art Gallery. School children will also join in competition from 9-12 at Gujarat college footpath and paint on environment, festivals, village life and urban living, etc. The exhibition of this will later be held at Karnavati open art gallery.

Teachers ‘Hold on’
– Kidsfreesouls

Teachers need to ‘Hold on’ their tempers as a Bill bans mental harassment of students. Slapping or canning students is already banned in schools. However, with the passage of The Right of Education Bill, 2009 in the Lok Sabha, the HRD ministry is expected to define mental harrassment. Corporal punishment or mental harrassment in schools had no defined terminology and schools had initiated its own measures to discipline students. Counselling methods are adopted and many schools have sort for professional counsellors.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai 
– Kidsfreesouls

Community Science Centre and schools in town celebrated Birth anniversary of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai on 12th August. A special book launch was held at Community Science Centre as Author Amar Pandit read excerpts from his book ‘Manavta samarpit karmayogi scientist Dr. Vikram Sarabhai’ (in gujarati). Mrinalini Sarabhai and Mallika Sarabhai were Chief Guest at the function. A photography exhibition on the Scientist as well as panel exhibition was also held. In schools, exhibition on Science were held to pay tribute to the departed soul.

Kidsfreesouls pays Tribute to Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Godfather of Scientists. He was born on 12th August in 1919 and became a great Scientist in India who made Steam Engine when he was merely in his teens.

Wiki Info | Isro | Nasa Images More Literature Profiles

Kankaria gets new Stadium
– Kidsfreesouls

A multipurpose Stadium with a Rs.250 crore project is being developed by Transtadia technology, partners of UK based StadiArena on the lines of Wembley Stadium at Kankaria in Ahmedabad. The Project will be unveiled during Swarnim Gujarat celebrations to mark Gujarat’s 50th anniversary in 2010-2011. It will be build with patented technology that coverts an outdoor stadium into an indoor arena within minutes. The Project is coming up in 10 acre land on the outskirts of Maninagar area near Kankaria Lake. The Stadium’s is designed for ten sports but main use will be for football and hockey. It will have an auditorium, exhibition area, table tennis courts, conference rooms and restaurants.

City Kids top Net Users in India
– Kidsfreesouls

Ahmedabad tops internet usage at home, school among mini metros, says TCS Survey (Tata consultancy Services Ltd.) conducted recently. The study covered 14000 school children between the ages of 12 and 18 in four metros and eight mini metros to capture youth trends in information, technology and aspirations. The City kids topped Internet usage at home and school among mini metros with 63 percent and 28 per respectively. It also revealed, kids in Ahmedabad read film and celebrity gossip the most on the net. Ahmedabad also scored phenomenally high in terms of Internet penetration. Internet access in Amdavadi homes is as high as 63 percent. Bangalore and Delhi with 77 percent home internet access are highest in the country. Chennai tops with 75 per cent internet home usage. Facebook is the most commonly chosen networking website.

Friendship band to slum kids
– Kidsfreesouls

Youth Red Cross Society volunteers in association with National Service scheme of Sahajanand college participated in health awareness camp in the slums of Juna Vadaj to celebrate Friendship Day on Sunday. The under-priviledged kids were made aware about the dangers of mosquitoes and other monsoon related diseases. They were taught to keep their surroundings clean. Pamphlets were distributed to create awareness on cleanliness.

No Cell phones in schools: CBSE
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CBSE has issued a circular banning mobile phones in schools in July end. It states that mobile phones are major distraction and often misused by students. It is strongly recommended that mobile phones be banned as students are even found to misuse cameras. The teaching staff is also debarred from using mobile phones on school premises. Sms are major drawbacks and even texting abuse and other issues surface. Parents have supported the ban as this will reduce their monthly bills and stop the mobile nuisance.

Gandhinagar celebrates its 45th Birthday
– Kidsfreesouls

Gujarat’s capital town Gandhinagar celebrated its 45th birthday on Sunday, 2nd August. Thousands of citizens participated in a huge Bicycle rally which was flagged off by Chief Minister Narendra Modi. As the State is geared to combat Global warming with a new Department on Climate change, the bicycle rally see a new light to save fuel, protect environment and also healthy living too. 11 new local city buses were also flagged off by the CM. It is the first time, local buses in three circular routes will ensure that passengers can avail facility to reach every corner of all the sectors in Gandhinagar.

Oxygen Parks in city
– Kidsfreesouls

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporaton has identified siz zones in a bid to increase the green cover of the city by making Oxygen Parks. Seventy five percent of the park will be covered dense plantation with 20 percent as native species of trees. The Park will also have fruit trees and a water body. Each of the park will be spread over 3000 square yards. The park will provide green cover as well as space for birds, walking track, decorative gate and rest huts with sitting arrangements among other features. Trees like Gulmohar, garmalo, peltophorum, etc. will be planted.

Sidi Saiyyed Jali as logo for Shanghai Expo
– Kidsfreesouls

The famous Sidi Saiyyed Jali of Ahmedabad will feature on the front facade of the Indian Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Built in 1572, The Sidi Saiyyed Mosque is known for the wonderful carving of Sidi Saiiyyed Jali. The 4000 sq. mt. dome structure inspired by Buddhist monument at the Pavilion will showcase the ‘wisdom of ancient Indians.’ The exhibition will be themed on ‘Cities of Harmony’, focusing on the integration between urban and rural regions through exchange of trade and services. Visitors to the pavilion will have an opportunity to see the ancient to the present day India. The dome is supposed to have 360 degree screen to depict images about life in cities through the ages. An average 450 visitors every 20 minutes can visit at a time. A food plaza will serve traditional Indian delicacies. Ahmedabad gets a separate 257 square meter pavilion.

Moving Tower at Kankaria
– Kidsfreesouls

Kids News 2009
Courtesy: Flickr, Pictured by ‘keyurc’

AMC plans to gift citizens new age Qutub Minar – a column at Kankaria lake to stand 80 feet tall, a moving steel tower which will twist, change shape and colour with the help of powered robotic motors and exclusive software. The tower is being designed and conceptualised by city based NID and IIT, Delhi. The cost of the project is Rs.4 crore. The tower will symbolise the character of the city and its progressive populance. It will be operational throughout the year. AMC is looking for experts who could handle the components like the robotic motors, the steel block alignments, etc. and expect to attract many tourists once the project is completed.

Walker’s Paradise
– Kidsfreesouls

Jointly organized by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Ahmedabad Traffic Police, C G Road will be a ‘Walker’s Paradise’ for a day – “NO CAR DAY” on C G Road today, 5th July 2009. Only, Discover Paradise, take a walk. There are added activities and lots of fun – Police Band, Cycling, skating, Face and tattoo artists, caricature artist, treasure hunt, car racing, dart games, dance performances, etc. This initiative is towards ‘Green City’ as the busy road will be ‘No Car Day’ and families can have fun together on Sunday.

– Watch the video by Kaushik

Kidzania at Balvatika
– Kidsfreesouls

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation(AMC) had decided to develop an influenced Kidzania like theme park, ‘Kids City’ at Kankaria lake front. For kids, by Kids, the Park will be for 2 to 12 years old or up to 14 years of age. Adults are a strictly not allowed to enter the pavilions. AMC will develop children activities such as fire station, police station, bank, hospital, tax collection, public transportation, sports, radio station, etc. AMC had experimented with this idea during Navratri on GMDC grounds and finding it a success, the officials who visited Indonesia earlier this year,are keen to implement the Kidzania theme park at Balvatika, Kankaria. Kidzania – a center for learning and education, are active in Korea, Indonesia, USA, Mexico, Japan, Portugal and Chilly with Dubai Kidzania in the making. Kidzania in Ahmedabad is expected to be an Acitivity House with learning process – Interactive, Educational, Informative and safe for kids.

Adopt a Tree
– Kidsfreesouls

AMC has initiated a Tree Adoption Scheme by depositing Rs.1000/- in a bid to turn the city green. As Eco friendly Events will mark the World Environment day at Tagore Hall, the civic body will plant saplings in different parts of the city and host a series of environment awareness programs including ‘bicycle rally’ and drawing competition. AMC calls for good samaritans to deposit minimum Rs.1,000/- for adopting a tree and the money would be used to nurture them. The name of the adopters would be displayed on 9×9″ name plates which would be attached to tree guards. These would be displayed for five years from the date of adoption. Private companies, organisations or individuals can adopt trees. The plantation will be done at roadsides, parks and oxygen parks under the scheme. AMC will bear the rest of cost like watering, ferlizer and cost of tree guards, etc.

June 5, World Environment Day
– Kidsfreesouls

The city celebrates World Environment day on June 5, 2009. Science City has organised a workshop on climate change for school children, teachers and visitors. The theme this year is ‘Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change.’ Paint for the Planet Poster competition is held and quiz contests for children is organized. Also sapling plantation drive, screening of biodiversity film and interactions with eminent scientists will take place.

FM Radio has organised a live phone in programme on the theme where listeners can ask questions on 02717-241212. J K Vyas, Director of Forest and Environment Dept, GOG, Dr. N K Jain, Department of Environment Sciences, Guj University will interact with listeners on various aspects of environment education and awareness practices.

British Library is organising a Wildscreen Festival from June 5-14, where films by winners of the Panda Awards, also known as Green Oscars will be screened. Films on Earth Science, wildlife and Climate Change will be screened. Illusrated books on themes will be on display.

The Center of Environment (CEE) is open for public on World Environment day. Poster competition, slogan writing, photography, bag designing and newspaper dressing competitions are held. Participating students of the summer camp will take part in puppet shows, dramatics and mime and also theme pavillion and street play. Visitors can take part in pottery, clay modelling, face painting and origami workshops.

– World Environment Day | Environment column

240 Schools to open
– Kidsfreesouls

Gujarat Education Department will be opening 240 Schools in rural areas where there are no seconday and higher secondary schools. The decision was made after a state wide survey was made by Institute of Space Application and Geo Information (BISAG) identified several rural areas where there were no such education system. By June, 131 Secondary and higher secondary schools will be opened. Of these, 40 schools will offer Science stream and 69 will offer general stream courses. The Government schools will also have Computer rooms, library and other facilities. As recruitment of Teachers begin, priorities are given to English, Maths and Science teachers. Of the secondary schools to open, 21 schools will be in Vadodara district, 17 in Kutch and 16 in Tapi and 9 each in Bharuch and Dangs. Among the higher seconday general stream schools, 13 will be set up in Kutch, 7 in Surendranagar, 6 in Jamnagar, and 4 in Ahmedabad rural. While the students opting for Science stream, 4 schools will be set up in kutch, 5 in Jamnagar, 5 in Bhavnagar and 6 in Surendranagar.

Free books on Traffic Safety rules by ATCC
– Kidsfreesouls

To educate youngsters on Traffic Safety Rules, Ahmedabad Traffic Consultative Committee has come up creative book labels and timetables to be distributed free in city schools. ATCC conducts training session , make presentations on traffic and conduct surveys at schools and colleges. To keep the impact live on these training sessions, the time-table and stickers will be reminders to message of traffic rules. They have created 16 notebook label stickers each with a quotation on top, explaining one traffic rule. The stickers will read: Footpath:Where there is no pavement or footpath, always walk in the direction opposite to the traffic (left of the road). Founder member, Amit Khatri said, “We are targetting over 10,000 students and contacting people to fund the projects.” ATCC plans to come with video games on Traffic rules in time to come.

International Day for Biological Diversity
– Kidsfreesouls

On the occasion of International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22, 2009, Government of India is conducting a unique Programme on DNA Club (Department of Biology-DBT’s National resource awareness club) for the promotion of bioscience and biodiversity education in the school curriculum. There are 10 DNA clubs with over 600 members in different eco regions of the state that are engaged in sensitising people about the various aspects of environment degradation in order to spread awareness and influence the actions of the policy makers. The Gujarat Science City will also conduct workshops on the theme Biodiversity and Invasive Alien Species. Invasive alien species are whose introduction and/or spread outside their natural past or present distribution threaten biological diversity. A day long seminar for the Science Teachers and nature educators is conducted at Gujarat Science city. A leading newspaper supplement ‘Ahmedabad Mirror’ in association to SPROUTS, a bombay based organisation has also conducted program for betterment of the Environment at GSC. They have come up with a unique game for Amdavadis to help them find how much they contribute to carbon footprint, a measure of the impact of an individual’s daily activities on the environment. The activity is held from 12 noon to 8 p.m. at Children’s Activity center at GSC.

Tribal Museum at Gujarat Vidhyapith
– Kidsfreesouls

A tribal Museum is shaping up at Gujarat Vidhyapith which will feature with rich culture and customs of six tribal communities of the state. The Museum showcasing the life of tribals in Gujarat has representations of 17 out of 25 tribal communities in the state. After the inclusion of six more, it will showcase the tradition of 23 tribal communities. Statues, other art works, varying culture, costumes and other things of the six indigenous tribal communities would be placed right outside the existing museum maintained by Tribal Research and Training Institute at Gujarat Vidhyapith. The tribal tradtions of Bavcha, Komla, Rajgond, Pateliya, Dhanka and Fanse Pardhi tribes inside the existing museum are coming up with Virtual outdoor museum. This will give visitors including students and foreigners, an ambiance of tribal villages as soon as they step in to the campus of the museum. The expenses will be shared by State Government and TRTI (Tribal Research Training Institute). The outdoor museum will have a fencing of bamboo treated with chemicals and the statues will be of Plastic fibre as they can stand heat and rain since the Museum will be an open museum.

AMC to plant Mahagony Trees
– Kidsfreesouls

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is on a ‘Green Drive’ and the civic body is to plant 2000 Mahagony saplings on city roadsides and vacant plots in the city. The one year old saplings will make streets more picturesque in time to come. The average height of Mahagony tree is 60 feet and it lives for over 100 years. Due to the plantation, the city will get a picturesque view and have a green shade as it suits Ahmedabad climate.

– Trees

Parenting Made Easy
– Kidsfreesouls

A leading Newspaper, Times of India’s ‘Ahmedabad Mirror’ supplement conducted a Summer workshop on Parenting recently. Anju Musafir’s of Gandhi International School conducted the workshop which was highly appreciated by the participating parents. Anju discussed topics ranging from love, care and concern necessary for children to parent anxiety and reaction issues. She spoke on dealing with subjects like depression in children and influence of media on them, impact of parents nagging and many other important issues of a secure free and loving childhood development. Participating parents enacted scenes of every day issues faced with children, be it fussing over food, clothes of even friends. A communication view of exchange bridged the gap as Anju moderated the workshop in her most soft skilled spoken techniques offering counselling for better parenting.

Work begins on historic Dandi bridge
– Ahmedabad

The Heritage route Project is implemented as work begins on historic road to Dandi. A paved road, museums and libraries are being built along the 386 km long Heritage route on which Mahatma Gandhi led the famous ‘Salt March’. Statues of Gandhiji will be put at several locations along the route. The 21 places where Gandhiji took night halt will also be developed as Heritage sites. The road will cut across villages such as Aslali, Navagam ad Govindpura villages. It took Gandhiji and his followers 24 days to cover the 24 miles to Dandi. Tourism have come with 3 day package wherein people will be able to visit the monuments, museums and libraries and places where Bapu stayed during the journey.  Foreigners of late has been traversing the path of Dandi as they walk down the Heritage route.


Gujarat Vidhyapith offering exotic languages
– Kidsfreesouls

Gujarat Vidhyapith is offering exotic foreign languages and regional languages giving it to a local demand. The Gandhian university started its first two month long summer class to teach French. Other International languages in demand are German, Arabic, Spanish and Russian. There are many other courses for Indian languages as well. Among the Indian languages, Sanskrit and Urdu have the maximum takers.

Senior Citizen’s Park
– Kidsfreesouls

Senior Citizens in Bapunagar in Ahmedabad will have a relaxation zone created by AMC at a cost of 14.08 lacs with amenities that will take care of recreational requirements of the elderly people. AMC has already developed a Citizen park in Vasna, Nava Vadaj and Sabarmati. The Corporation will be working on developing floorings, wall ways, shades and benches. There will be dorm like shades for senior citizens. The shades will be in such a way that they can monitor their grand-children playing in the park.

Ten Schools go ‘Herbal’
– Kidsfreesouls

Ten schools in the city to go ‘Herbal’ as they are set to get Herbal Gardens as part of the Central Govt. scheme. Seven Municipal schools and three Schools of ‘Divan Ballubhai’ will develop Ayurvedic gardens under the centre’s ‘Herbal Gardens in Schools’ scheme. The ten city Institutions chosen by the National Medicinal Plants Board of the Union Ministry of Health is Family Welfare for executing the scheme will get financial assistance for two years to maintain the gadens and employ gardeners. The initiative will beautify the schools besides educating students. Each school will have four plots. A group of 12 students will nurture each one of them. The number and kind of saplings to be planted will be decided by the Project commitee after consultation with professors of Ayurvedic colleges. The Project will cultivate a sense of responsibility towards environment conservation among students besides familiarising them to medicinal plants.

AMC ‘Go Green’

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s (AMC) composite efforts to go green’ in its fight against global warming might get rewarded soon as it has been shortlisted among 90 cities in the world to be rated on the Global Low Carbon City Index (GLCCI) later this year. GLCCI rating is being undertaken by International Council for Environmental Issues (ICEI) under the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Dholavira among ‘Seven Wonders of India’
– Ahmedabad

Kids News 2009

Dholavira site, an ancient metropolitan city in Gujarat has been voted as one of the Seven Wonders of India as per the recent poll conducted by a Television News Channel NDTV in association with the Union Ministry of Tourism, Incredible India campaign. Dholavira located in Kutch, in Gujarat was an Indus Valley settlement known for its sophisticated urban planning and architecture. Dating back to 2900 BC, all the buildings are almost exclusively built out of brick. Dholavira has sophisticated water conservation systems, possibly the oldest in the world. The Initiative brought millions of Indians together to vote for natural and manmade marvel of the country. Sun Temple, Khajuraho, Red Fort, Meenakshi Temple, Jaisalmer Fort and Nalanda University were declared the other six wonders.

Golden Temple of Amritsar, was declared as the ‘Peaceful Wonder of India’ and Tawang Monastery, the ‘Spiritual Wonder of India.’ The Taj Mahal was honoured as the ‘Wonder of the Wonders.’

The announcement was made at a gala ceremony in end of march 2009 at New Delhi where fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Berger Paints Sahai announced Dholavira as one of the seven wonders of India.

– In You Tube Favorites here


State to get CBSE Schools
– Kidsfreesouls

Parents in Gujarat are opting for CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)as they feel the textbooks are of better quality and prepares their children for competitive exams. Sources said over 100 schools had applied for affiliation to the central board and that more schools are expected to offer the syllabus from academic years 2010 and 2011. Surat has got permission to start 13 CBSE schools—the highest in the state — followed by Vadodara (9), Valsad (6), Bharuch (7), Ahmedabad (4), Navsari (3), Kutch (2), Junagadh (2), Anand (2) and one each in Panchmahals, Kheda and Bharuch. Gandhinagar will also set up three CBSE schools from the coming academic year.

Schools in Ahmedabad that have got CBSE nod include Amrita Vidyalayam and Nirman High School, Vastrapur. Satvavikas School on SG Highway and Udgam School for Children, that have traditionally been offering the state board syllabus, will offer students the option of shifting to CBSE.

“Not just migrants, even Gujarati parents want to put their children in CBSE schools as they feel the syllabus is of higher quality and also prepares students for competitive exams,” says Raja Pathak of Satvavikas School.
NCERT to introduce Craft Course
– Kidsfreesouls

Titled as ‘Living Craft Tradition of India,’ NCERT has prepared a textbook which will be introduced from the coming academic session in Class XI as an elective subject for all streams. The textbook is basically a new curriculum that incorporates cultural, social and creative aspects of the country’s rich craft tradition into the educational system through both theory and practice. NCERT has prepared a textbook which seeks to help students find jobs in this sector or start independent ventures. Students may take this subject and join an export business or start a venture of their own or train in business management or economics, says NCERT spokesperson. Some might even specialise in museum studies, history, sociology or even anthropology, it is learnt. Statistics reveal that the Craft Sector, other than being a primary source of employment opportunity, is also the highest contributor to export earnings.

Exams begin
– Kidsfreesouls

Class X, XII Board Examinations begin on 17th March which may prove tough for many students this year. Number of students appearing in Class X are 7,76,790, Class XI Science 90,955 and Class XII general 3,63,955. There are 692 exam centers set up for Class X and 327 centers for class XII. More than 903 flying Squads and 756 Center observers will make round during exams. The GSHSEB has decided to be strict with students who copy during exams. The Examiners will welcome students with warm smiles and flowers while they appear for examination. This initiative is taken by GSHSEB to help students to relax before exams. Students will be welcomed with tilak and flowers. The exams will end on 30th March.

New Technology for Road development
– Kidsfreesouls

A novel technology, new microsurfacing method of road repair is being introduced in Gujarat for the first time by National Highways Authority of India. This will be eye opener for state roads, building departments and seven municipals corporations of Gujarat. Microsurfacing machine is the spanish technology being experimented on an 11 km stretch on Ahmedabad Vadodara expressway. It will reduce the cost of road repairs by half and increase road life by three times.

Indian Toy story
– Kidsfreesouls

The Commerce Ministry has lifted the six month ban imposed in January on import of Chinese toys. However, they will have to conform to International standards on health and safety and be accompanied by certificates from accredited laboratories. City based NID has been working on the innovative aspect since 2001 for toy centre and seeking to merge tradition and technology. Prof. Sudarshan Khanna, who started the center is also the head of an International forum called ‘Toys for Tomorrow.’ NID offers a two and half year postgraduate programme in toy and game design, the only one of its kind in Asia. In Gujarat, Kutch is known for doll making, Idar for wooden toys and puppets made of cloth and wood are made in Vadaj with more families engaged in making paper toys in Maninagar in Ahmedabad.

Global Warming Department
– Kidsfreesouls

Gujarat Government which announced a new Department in State to address issues of climate change and global warming is the first state in Asia and fourth province in the world to dedicate a department to Global warming and climate change. Set up in February, the Department is headed by Narendra Modi, CM to handle issues of Climate Change. The Green priorities would be:

Promote green tech, earn more carbon credits, power saving, preserve ground water, promote CNG network, increase mangrove cover, fund research in green tech, policy for conservation of water, land and air.

Thirty nine clean energy initiatives of energy and petrochemicals, urban transportation, forest and environment, rural development and industrial and mines will fall under this new Department. It will also carry out a study on the impace of global warming along the State’s 1600 km. coastline. Gujarat currently has 29 percent share of the entire country’s carbon credit, says the CM. Under the Green credit movement, if someone cuts trees to set up an Industry he would have to replace with the same number of full grown trees.


– Kidsfreesouls


Can your school student spell M-A-N-O-E-U-V-R-E correctly? Or Can your students tell the difference between PRINCIPAL and PRINCIPLE?
To test such basic but vital skills, The Times of India Group brings to you a unique and scholarly, yet fun filled quiz contest – HDFC Standard Life Spell Bee – India Spells 2009. Partnering HDFC Standard Life Insurance in this venture are a host of leading companies such as Cello pens, Crizal An Esillor Lens, MakeMyTrip, Strombs, Kingfisher Airlines, National Geographic Channel, MSN, Gini and Jony, Crossword, Radio Mirchi, iDiscoveri Xseed, Shangrila Resorts. This is powered by Times of India and is a 360 degrees initiative. The objective of the exercise is to help and engage Indian students improve their spellings, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, work on their pronunciations, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives. This concept would offer novelty and freshness, & engage them through the mechanics of spellings; a first time initiative. The city rounds would entail usage of various methods to test students on spellings offering proper and repeated pronouncing of each word as well as its etymological meanings. There would also be a lot of fun woven around pictures, symbols etc. used as props to help students spell correctly. The Competitions will be held in 3 Phases. To find more, you can log here for more details on this.

Rectifying Social Science Text Books
– Kidsfreesouls

Gujarat State School Text Board experts will verify contradictory information provided in Class X Social Science and Technology Textbooks after a leading newspaper supplement AM (Ahmedabad Mirror, Times of India) pointed out the factual errors in it’s February report. The conflicting information on literacy figures appear in two different textbooks completely are misleading. About the factual jumble in this year’s text books, the correct version will be printed in Education Board Journal ‘Shikshan Parikshan’ distributed in all schools every month. The teachers will be instructed to put up the correction on the notice board and emphasise it while teaching students. This will remove the confusion of the students. However, the book errors will be rectified only later as 2009 textboks are already printed.

Hi Tech Police Patrol
– Kidsfreesouls

Mobile Police Control rooms set up by Ahmedabad Police will be stationed at 18 different locations in the city from 12th February 2009 for any emergency and will function on the lines of 109 Ambulance Vans. A part of Quick Response Cell, 30 teams will be operational round the clock. Flagged by CM Narendra Modi at a function held in Maninagar, the teams will have a Head constable who will direct operations and lead. The spots will be Stadium Five roads, Nehrunagar cross roads, Vasna Bus stand, Thaltej crossroads, Lal Darwaja, RTO circle, Kalupur Darwaza, Geeta Mandir, Rakhial, Bapunagar, etc. places. The Police vehicle will be equipped with GPS system, high tech gadgets and will also have first aid kits. The team will have specially designed Helmets, bullet proof jackets, rifles and torches.

First ever Gandhi Katha
– Kidsfreesouls

As a part of Non Violence through the Art, Darpana Academy of Performing arts has organized the first ever night Gandhi Katha from 2 to 8 February. The unique Katha will be recited by Narayan Desai, son of Mahadev Desai. This will be Narayan Desai’s 73rd Katha which he beautifully narrates various incidents and historical fact of events of Gandhi. Narayan Desai has written ‘Gandhi Geeto’ (songs) to break the monotony which will be sung by artists of Darpana during the narratives. Narayan Desai is Chancellor of Gujarat Vidhyapith, which was founded by Mahatma Gandhi in the city.

CEE – GU tie up for ‘Green’
– Kidsfreesouls

CEE has joined hands with Gujarat University to set up a Management Education Centre on Climate Change (MEC-CC). The centre will offer short term and full time degree and diploma courses in business response to climate change, coastal zone management, mitigation approaches and applications, climate change impact management. Other than environmental problems and law, courses will deal with capacity building and research and development activities. The courses will be inaugurated on 2nd February 2009 during the three day ‘Understanding Climate Change’ Seminar organised by CEE. On the occassion, Scientist Tim Flannery will discuss with students on Global warming. On 1st February, Scientist Tim Flannery will also deliver the 29th Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Lecture on ‘We are the Weather Makers (the story of global warming) at AMA complex.

Gandhi Ashram re-look
– Kidsfreesouls

Gandhi Ashram is being integrated to Sabarmati river front Project as stated by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. CEPT University has planned a pedestrian access from the riverfront via Dandhi Bridge from where the salt march began. However, the proposal is yet to be accepted by the Ashram Authorities. Public activities, exhibitions and performances on road pavements, developing signages and street furniture, developing plazas at Dandi Bridge area are being actions waiting for confirmation. The Ashram entrance will have a ‘place of pause’ to orient visitors to the tranquility of the interiors. The 1.5 km Ashram Road which runs through the middle of the Ashram will be fully pedestrianised and obblestones will be laid for an exclusive plaza.

E-Gram Project Initiated
– Kidsfreesouls

Gujarat Initiates e-Gram Project connecting 13716 Gram Panchayats and 6000 Citizen Common Service Centres as a part of the eGram connectivity Project. On the Birthday of Subhash Chandra Bose on 23rd January, CM Narendra Modi launched the e-Gram Vishwagram Project from Haripura, the place where Subhash Chandra Bose had given call for freedom. Some features of e-Gram Project would be like Video conferencing facilities at all villages, issuing the documents and certificates, application forms for various development and welfare schemes. Also 7/12 certificates to the farmers from panchayats. VSat communication technology based broadband connectivity, free of cost communication between panchayats, common service facilities, advantages of Internet and cyber connectivity and electricity-telephone bills, visa, E-postal services and many more facilities are provided through the online  e-Gram project website.
Kids News 2009

Civic Schools Development
– Kidsfreesouls

A budget of Rs.286.81 Crores is announced recently to focus on improving infrastructure and quality education in Municipal Schools. The Ahmedabad Municipal School Board plans to have good uniforms, ties, socks and shoes for students. More than 1.59 lakh kids study in the city’s 462 Municipal Schools will have a drop out rate to zero by 2010. The AMC is also planning to introduce biometric cards for teachers of civic schools and plan to form a vigilance squad to keep a tab on 4300 municipal school teachers.

English Medium Trends
– Kidsfreesouls

Gujarati Medium schools are losing out to English as many schools have set up English Wings to meet demand. The Gujarati parents are more willing to place their children in English Medium Schools. As a result, schools like Mount Carmel had to close down their Gujarati medium section as just 10 application forms were taken by parents of which only three submitted the same seeking admission. Even prestigious St. Xavier’s Loyala school had only 47 applications for Gujarati medium admission as against 950 applications for admission in English medium. In a state with massive inflow of investment pledges through Vibrant Gujarat, people seems to have realised the importance of studying in a medium which will help fare in a global environment. The Gujarati schools like Diwan Ballubhai has started English medium recently and gets 50 percent application each for both the mediums. CN Vidhyalaya who has been running a gujarati medium school for 60 years have to give in and start English medium school from the next academic year. School like Sharda Mandir, a Gandhian based principles had to give in to the pressure of demand and started English Medium wing. As such, more children are taking Board exams in English, reports Specialist at GSHSEB (Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board).

Save Girl Child Day = My Daughter-Nation’s Pride
– Kidsfreesouls

January 24 is ‘Save Girl Child’ Day – a day when the late PM Indira Gandhi was sworn in as Prime Minister of India. The aim is to highlight the plight of Country’s girl child.

According to recent government statistics, India’s sex ratio stands at 927 women to 1,000 men. Thus, there is a dire need to gender balance. This year, the Campaign will end on International Women’s Day in March and the Slogan will be “My daughter-Nation’s Pride’ instead of ‘Save Girl Child’ as earlier. You can read more on web here . Child labour and illiteracy is seen as private issue. Girls are more vulnerable as still many Indian homes have a value system which has a gender bias. The distress call is alarming and we find the govt swinging in action to Save Girl Child and Sarva Sikshan Abhiyaan policies.There is a need to raise the consciousness of the society towards the girl child so that she can be valued and respected. 

GCCI, Aishwarya, Tanvi Vyas and Minister Maya Kodnani on Save Girl Child Day


Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit
– Kidsfreesouls

As Mega Projects and core infrastructure has the focus of new Industrial policy announced a couple of days ago, Vibrant Gujarat Global business meet at Science city on January 12 and 13, is all set to give priority attention to Gujarat’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Tourism. The Summit will begin with an Inaugural function and inauguration of mega exhibition. There will be sector based sessions/seminars, Business promotion presentation by foreign delegation and companies, one to one business meetings, cultural evenings and exhibitions which will showcase strengths, potential and innovations. Vibrant Gujarat is popular for business networking, showcasing brand Gujarat, Special tours and business visits, Exploring Glorious Gujarat and International Kite festival – the colors of Gujarat. Science city will have models of the BRTS, the Sabarmati Riverfront Development and the new Kankaria Lake front. Delegates and guests who wish to visit these sites will be given an exclusive chance to tour. The heritage walk will take visitors through parts of the old city, revealing historical past. Brochures and leaflets have been printed especially for the summit to provide information with maps and booklets. Gujarat Government will be signing MoU with Italy, Kenya and Japanese Govt. will be a partner in the event with delegations including Jetro (Japanese External Trade Organisation) personnels consisting of top Japanese players in engineering and Automobile sector including giants like Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota.


 More on Vibrant Gujarat

International Kite Festival
– Kidsfreesouls

Tourism Corporation of Gujarat has organised Inernational Kite Festival from January 10-14. The festival which has become an affair every year with around 82 International kite flyers from 30 countries to compete at kite festival. 117 Indian kite flying enthusiasts will exhibit their skill in flying kites of varied sizes and colours. Kite flyers from Japan, Australia, Malaysia, USA, Brazil, France, Canada and other countries will attend the event.

– click for Kite Festival

Entry fee for Kankaria
– Ahmedabad

After a week long Carnival at Kankaria, visitors will now have to pay Rs.5 to Rs.10 as entry fee to the lakefront. A unique toy train ‘Atal Express’ is imported from England and the train will have fix timings which will take 15-16 trips in the day. Entry will be free for morning walkers, physically handicapped, children below five years, senior citizens over 70 years and freedom fighters.

New Jogger’s Park
– Kidsfreesouls

Ahmedabad will have it’s first Jogger’s Park soon near Ishwar Bhuvan in Naranpura on a vacant plot belonging to AMC. It will be spread over 8113 sq. meters, costing to Rs.50 lakh with parking square for two and four wheelers. The Jogger’s park will have amphitheatre, fountains, rock island, a dorm, a water body and a bridge over it. It will also have music facility to break the monotony while jogging. Currently AMC maintains 160 gardens while an additional 69 will be handed over to it by Urban development authority.

Children’s University for Gujarat
– Kidsfreesouls

As a part of Nirogi Balak Varsh, Country’s maiden Children’s University will be set up in Gujarat this year. An Institute called ‘Bal Gokulam’ will initially be started and later converted into Children’s University. The University will focus on education and other cultural activities apart from developmental aspects of children and teachers. It will also provide resource center for training personnel engaged in teaching and other developments of children. Gujarat Government has sort for Rs.500 Million from Planning Commission to commence the Project. With over 85 lakh primary and 15 lakh pre-primary students in the State, this is a great dream project of the Govt.

– Also find this news piece in 2008 Archive here

Copyright on Mahatma Gandhi’s literary works expires
– Kidsfreesouls

With the copyright restrictions on Mahatma Gandhi’s literary works expiring on January 1, 2009, publishers other than the previously authorized Navjivan Trust may be able to publish his writings and speeches. According to the Copyright Act of 1957, the works of a person go into the public domain after 60 calendar years of his or her death. And, by this clause the Navjivan Trust loses the copyright on Gandhiji’s literary works in 2009. Navajivan Trust, since its inception, has published some 300 volumes of Mahatma Gandhi’s works including articles, letters and speeches, apart from translations of his autobiography. It is learnt, in 1940, Gandhi made a will. In 1944, he signed an assignment deed where he assigned the copyright of his writings to Navjivan trust. But according to Section 22, Copyright Act, 1957, the copyright with Navjivan Trust ends on January 1, 2009. However, they are unwilling to ask the Government for extending the copyright. Authorities with the Navajivan Trust say that the Mahatma never subscribed to the idea of copyright despite authorizing them for his works.


– Read more on Gandhiji on Kidsfreesouls |



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