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Live Longer, Live better

No myth. It’s a fact, Green Tea makes one live longer! Indians and esp. in GujaratState, ahmedabadis are world famous for offering tea in a saucer. The morning begins with a cup of tea and the many a tea stalls have flourished. It is a tradition to have tea added with ginger, Cardamom, Tulsi leaves and pinch of grounded spices. Come monsoon and winter, this tea is good for health. Green Tea has a healthy magic and this tea is served by adding green tea leaves in hot boiling water with milk.

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Three billion kilograms of tea are produced each year worldwide. Researches have lately revealed a study in September 2006 that Green Tea makes you live longer. The study of 40,530 adults found drinking five or more cups of green tea a day dramatically cut the risk of death. There has been a considerable reduction of 26 per cent among those who drank five or more cups a day compared to those drinking less than one.  Women’s risk of death from heart disease over seven years was reduced by 31 per cent if they drank five or more cups.

Green Tea is widely consumed in north-eastern Japan. Green Tea is a great herbal remedy and if you have read the book of Kate Gilbert Udall, the caption itself says all. It helps in fighting cancer, lower cholesterol and live longer. The Tohuku University Researchers have given hopes to live longer as adults who drank five ups of the brew daily had a lower risk of cardiovascular death and death from all the other causes.

Now how can green tea work its healthy heart magic? Experts believe natural compounds called polyphenols, particularly one substance called epigallocate chin 3 gallate provide the health benefits. These have strong antioxidant properties that may help prevent heart disease. However, the tea should not be steaming hot, add the researchers.

Well, so here’s a tip on the iceberg for all Tea lovers. Even a healthy option for the coffee drinkers – Hook to the herbal remedy of Green Tea (it’s real mild flavor too) and Live Longer, Live Better. Enjoy!

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