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Manner Song 

I have routinely held sessions at Swagat on ‘Manners’ especially on Table Manners and simple outline of social skills and moral values. Here is a worksheet on Don’t of Table Manners, supported to this session. I am sure, may parents and teachers will find this helpful to have a supportive class circulation copy while you teach Manners in your classroom/or even hang on clip board in your child’s study room/bedroom. Enjoy! 

 Download here for class circulation while teaching Manners session. 

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Manners matter. It has it’s own importance and cannot be learnt in a day! Some children are a joy around. They are pleasant, polite and treat others with respect. Whereas, some are rude, naughty and noisy. They are defiant, give back answers or blur out words they shouldn’t. Are you bugged with such child who needs to learn good manners? Well, here’s this page – simply on Manners.

Good manners at home and away from home, makes life pleasant. Knowing how to be polite will give the child the self confidence, build his self esteem as others will respond positively to his good manners. So, what can you do and set initial steps? May be this can help:

1. Talk about Manners and teach social skills. The simple, ‘Please’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Sorry’, are the easy words but to be used often.

2. Set a good example. Children act the way you do. If you tell him to do something and you don’t, he too will follow the footsteps.

3. Children don’t learn by just playing, seeing or listening. Give them the chance many times over and again to practice social skills.

4. Role play the situations. Let the child be the host and get ready for guests.

5. Teach the proper table manners, Phone manners and even appreciating, caring, sharing and check on proper moral attitudes.

Well, more on this and you can find on the wiki here on a guide to ‘How to have Good Manners’. You may find more websites on Manners through Google Search on Kidsfreesouls Here.

Here’s a song on ‘Manners’ and this should be fun singing and role playing, while you can have a ‘Manners Session’ in the classroom and even circulate a copy of the worksheet here below.


(G) Manners, thoughtful manners, Showing love to everybody, everyday
Manners, thoughtful Manners, being cheerful in the things we do and say.
Manners, thoughtful Manners, forget myself and think of those around,
It’s simply thinking more about the others
And that’s how love is born.

There are many times each day when, you and I can show,
a little deed of kindness, everywhere we go.
(Can I help you?)
Remember, love is noticed by the things we do and say
(Thank you so much!)
So, let’s try a little love and H-e-l-p someone today…

(repeat chorus)

Show respect for mom and dad,
for family members too,
say, “good morning everyone”
and ask, “How are you?” (How are you)
Say, “Goodbye” to everyone when I leave each day, (goodbye)
Find by showing love, that I am happier this way.

(spoken words:)
Man : Oh dear, this bus is so crowded. I won’t find place to sit down!
girl  :  Excuse me, sir.
Man : Yes?
Girl  : Would you like to have my seat?
Man : Why, yes, little girl. What kind manners!
Girl  :  Oh, you’re welcome, sir.

(repeat Chorus)

Know that keeping clean is always a part of manners too,
Wash my hands before I eat, Keep my hair combed too,
Doing unto others, as I w’d have them do to me,
(here’s a Kiss for you)
This is love and kindness, And the loving way to be.

(repeat chorus)

It’s simply thinking about the others,
And that’s how love is found.

(spoken words:)
Man : Well, this is where I get off. Thank you, little girl. You can have your
seat back now.
Girl  : Oh, you’re welcome, sir. Hmmm…sure pays to be kind:-)

(can sing chorus again…)

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