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One cold day in winter, Mr. & Mrs. Patel decided to go for a picnic to the Country Club. Bins, Megs & Dee were very excited and jumped with joy. They packed up their swim suits, skates, games and lots of stuff to eat. Their parents packed up the eatables, tins of Coke and other necessary things.

 They set off to the Green Woods in a Gypsy. On the way, the children clapped and sang songs. They spotted many cars on the way and waved to the passengers of a train at the railway crossing. They ate oranges and peanuts on the way and had great fun. They reached the picnic spot and were warmly greeted with a welcome drink. They enjoyed boating, fishing and played ball games over there. They swimmed in the swimming pool and rolled on their skates. They enjoyed the lunch and relished the ice cream. A grass snaked frightened Meg’s pet dog Tuffy, when it saw it crawling and Dee too got scared of the fish that hopped over his head. Bins was so excited that he almost fell down the slopes while playing with the ball. In the evening, the family returned back home with sweet memories of a happy day spent at the Club.


Comprehension Questions

1. Who decided to go for the Picnic?
2. Who all went for the Picnic?
3. Where did the Patel family go for the Picnic?\
4. What did they pack in their bags?
5. Which drink did they take with them?
6. In which car did they go?
7. How did the children enjoy on their way?
8. What did the children do at the picnic spot?
9. What did the children relish?
10. Who was Tuffy? Why was it frightened?
11. Why was Dee scared?
12. What happened to Bins while running?
13. When did the Patel family return home?

What do we say? eg. tins of coke
bunch, bar, piece, bottle, packet, pot of, loaf of, crowd of, pack of, flock of, swarm of, litter, gang, chest of, fleet of,bouquet of, library of, peal of, cluster of, flight of, bundle of, shoal of, choir of, pair of, cake of, pile of, suite of,clump of,regiment of
(Ans: bunch of grapes, bar of chocolates, piece of chalk, bottle of milk, packet of tea, pot of jam, loaf of bread, crowd of people, pack of cards, flock of sheep, swarm of bees, litter of puppies,gang of thieves, chest of drawers, fleet of ships, bouquet of flowers, library of books, peal of banana, cluster of stars, flight of stairs,bundle of sticks, shoal of fish, choir of singers,pair of gloves,cake of soap, pile of books,suite of furniture,clump of trees, regiment of soldiers)

Put ing : eg. skate-skating
climb, smoke, push, ride, fly, shine, bark, shine, bite, rise, drive, lay, try, fry, write, bake, lie, shake, strike, look, walk, teach, pay, go, read, camp, wear, buy, blaze, love, dare, hope,do, say,pull,row, plant, catch, build, spend, thank,
(You add ing to each word, first doubling the last letter – eg.swim-swimming)
chat, rob, hum, chop, drop, drag, slip, grin, nod, dip, grab, drip, trim, rub, put, dig, knit, shut, hit, set, spin. bat, clap, stop

Make pairs: eg. cups and saucers
Choose your words from the box:

saucers feet goat key butter
salt women windows forks west
aunts geography thread silver mosques
vegetables gentlemen daughters enemies sky
Write your Answers Below:
Doors and windows friends and
Men and cups and
bread and gold and
east and uncles and
history and lock and
fruits and knives and
earth and salt and
sheep and temples and
ladies and sons and
hands and east and


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