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Selected News pieces:2007


Selected News pieces:2007

Red Fort enters World Heritage RecordsIndian Architectural marvel and symbol of Love, The Taj Mahal is named as the New Wonder of the world along with other wonder monuments – China wall (China), Rome’s ColosseumPeru’s Machu Picchu, Brazil’s Statue of Christ Redeemer, Jordan’s Petra, and Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid. Over a Hundred (100) million votes were cast via the Internet and cell phone text messages, said New7Wonders.com, the nonprofit organization that conducted the poll.In a colourful ceremony amid songs and dance, Bollywood star Bipasha Basu announced Taj Mahal as one of the wonders. Agra Mayor Anjula Singh received the award. Indians voted overwhelmingly in the polls cast by over a million people. The polling picked up drastically over the last one month, to see the “monument of love” through to the final seven.


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The 17th Century Mughal marvel Red Fort, has joined the rank of 26 other Indian sites including Taj Mahal, to be included in Unesco’s List of World Heritage sites. The monuments faced a competition among 45 other Historical sites across the world. Quoting the famous couplet inscribed in the Fort’s Diwan-e-khas “If there is paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here” Unesco, in it’s citation referred Red Fort that it is considered to represent the zenith of Mughal creativity which under Emperor Shah Jahan was brought to a new level of refinement. Unesco will heed help of International Conservation experts and at time of crisis will implement changes without any Govt Agency to interfere changes or plan projects at the fort. This will also attract foreign players to participate for conservation or rejuvenation projects just as the Aga Khan Trust for Culture was involved with Humayun’s Tomb. 

Child Friendly city – In pipeline Project
– Ahmedabad

A local school, Riverside School, initiates a project to make city Child Friendly. The Project is in pipeline as ‘aProCh’ – the project is initiated by Kiran Sethi, Director of the school in partnership with businesses, Institutes, citizen volunteers and the public in general. Riverside in colloboration with NID (National Institute of Design) and IIM-A (Indian Institute of Management) has already roped in a few Gujarat based corporates to partner them in their endeavour. Their six concrete initiatives are: Bus Karo, Parents of the Park, Friends of the children, A movieing experience, Street smart and Model society. The Project, Friends of Children’ will make the kids learn to respect the city and its people and in return be respected, says Kiran Sethi. More details can be found on the aProCh website. 

Simpson at Home
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Simpsons, after 18 years is back home to Springfield, Vermont.  In an online vote for the right to host the premiere of the upcoming Simpsons movie featuring the popular TV Cartoon family. Vermont town beat 13 other Springfields from around the US. The town won with a Homer and Marge Simpson, look alike chasing a giant, pink doughnut throughout the town. It landed with 15 thousand plus votes with a Simpson spirit charm.

Vote for Comics
– Ahmedabad

Now that new7wonders conducted the poll on Wonders of the World, here is a Comics website calling for votes. DC Comics, the publisher of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will introduce an online imprint that amounts to a virtual presentation, accepting submissions from the public and paying for the best comics that come in. Aspiring Cartoonists can now register at the site and submit a sample. Editors at DC Comics will select 10 entries and invite people to vote for their favourites. 

Children Stories Performed on Stage
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A local based ‘Pratibimb Theatre Group’ organized a Drama show in Tagore Hall with about thirteen child actors of their own Institute and five as Guest actors. These children performed ‘Aapka Harishchandra’ adopted from the story of King Harishchandra who always spoke the truth. The stories in drama form are taught to children with modern age message and instill moral values in children. The Harishchandra character lives in the mind of every child who are innocent and always speak the truth but the modern age living has it’s influence on them. Hence, the organizers spread the message with child performers in the age 7-14 years. They practiced for the show since February for a two and a half hour show with an audience of around 400 people who watched the show. The children showed their talent and build confidence with the stage performance.

World Population Day
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July 11, 2007 – The World Population Day in India was organized in New Delhi by Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh (National Population Stabilisation Fund), a regd. society of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India in collobaration with WHO, NYKS, NSS and NLM. The Program ‘Sensitisation Programme for Youth and Adolescents’ was held at an Auditorium near Rajghat in Delhi. 500 young people in the age group 16-20 participated from underserved villages of Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, MP, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh states for the sensitization programme on population and health issues. Dr, Ramadoss, Union Minister for Health & Family welfare inaugurated the programme.

The Taj Mahal tops in 7 Wonders of the World
– Ahmedabad

Indian Architectural marvel and symbol of Love, The Taj Mahal is named as the New Wonder of the world along with other wonder monuments – China wall (China), Rome’s Colosseum, Peru’s Machu Picchu, Brazil’s Statue of Christ Redeemer, Jordan’s Petra, and Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid. Over a Hundred (100) million votes were cast via the Internet and cell phone text messages, said New7Wonders.com, the nonprofit organization that conducted the poll. In a colourful ceremony amid songs and dance, Bollywood star Bipasha Basu announced Taj Mahal as one of the wonders. Agra Mayor Anjula Singh received the award. Indians voted overwhelmingly in the polls cast by over a million people. The polling picked up drastically over the last one month, to see the “monument of love” through to the final seven.

Bid for Mahatma’s letter

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A letter written by Mahatma Gandhi, 19 days before his assasination is to be auctioned in London on 3rd July. India will make a bid to acquire the same. The Culture ministry has asked the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, an autonomous body under the ministry that has a bulk of Gandhi’s writings, to bid for it.

School Children Rally
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School children rally against Drug abuse. The rally was organized by The Ahmedabad zonal unit of the Narcotics Control Bureau. An awareness program was organized and an exhibition was held where children displayed their Posters. The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit trafficking program was responded by 300 school and street children who participated in this rally. The NGO Naya Jeevan has been active with the rally.

Budget for Primary Education
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The Gujarat Education Minister Anandiben Patel on Tuesday declared that the Government has alloted a budget of Rs.1,900 Crore for Primary Education. The Education Minister declared this in a function celebrating 50 years of the Municipal School no. 2 of Usmanpura. She also further stated that there are now 87 lakh students studying in Primary schools which were about 75 lakh four years ago.

Sunita Williams Feat 
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A wellknown Club, Karnavati Club in Ahmedabad has congratulated Indian American astronaut Sunita Williams for her outstanding achievement of staying in space for a record period and returning to earth safely. The Secretary Girish Dani said that it is a matter of great pride that Sunita hails from Jhulasan Village of Mehsana district of Gujarat.

Potter Spell
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 As the kids await for the 21st July 2007 – new release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and the final book in J.K.Rowling’s magical Harry Potter series, the Muggle Counter at Amazon.com reads 818,290 Plus Pre-orders of the book!

However, the spell casts loss as online retailer Amazon and Wal-mart stores have almost slashed nearly 50% off the book’s $34.99 list price. Many Independent booksellers follow the same to stay competitive. Barnes and Nobles and Borders Group sell at 40% off.

 Well, Here is Kidsfreesouls In Association to Amazon – The kidsfreesouls Store to explore with books for kids and Harry Potter DVDs too. Enjoy! 

Disney comes to Yash Raj Films
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Walt Disney and Yash Raj Films have recently entered into 50-50 agreement to exclusively create a series of original Computer Animation feature films. The first in the series will be ‘Roadside Romeo’ which revolves around a rich, cool and spoilt dog, who finds himself abandoned in Mumbai’s streets. Tracking Romeo’s life, from soft beds to piles of garbage and from champagne to tapwater, this adventure is scheduled for release in mid 2008. The film will be directed by Aditya Chopra, Jugal Hansraj and feature the superstar voices of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor besides animation at Mumbai’s Tata Elxsi (VCL). This will be a storyline that may high appeal to the Indian audience.



State Kids Malnourished
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State’s infants are found to be malnourished and the level is rising higher that the national average. Below 3 years children, the situation in tribal children is worst. The CM is shocked with the statistic reports of malnutrition in kids and have announced ‘Bal Bhog’ project under which 1000 specially indentified malnourished children will be brought from nine most under-nourished Districts – Banaskantha, Vadodara, Bharuch, Narmada, Dangs, Sabarkantha, Surat, Valsad and Navsari. Under the project specially made chocolates containing Vitamin A, C, folic acid and iron will be distributed. The National Family Health Survey on ‘Trends in children’s national status in India shows that Gujarat has 47 percent underweight children. This indicates poor nutrient status. Gujarat has 17 per cent children who are too think for their height and 42 per cent children stunted which means too short for their age. In 1999, Gujarat state had 45% children under weight whereas in 2006, the percentage falls to 47%. 

Hike in Textbook prices
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The School re-opening has found many parents fumbling and fuming over the price hike in text books. Parents are dissatisfied with the Education Department for the steep hike in textbook prices of Class II, III and IV. The prices have doubled compared to last year which indicates that the Education dept. is minting money, says the parents. The State Education Dept text books are taken for syllabus in many primary schools. Many schools have assigned books of Scholastic (Ratna Sagar pubn) and other publication books which are found to be very costly even compared to Education Dept. books. Education Dept books cost to Rs.30/- whereas Scholastic books (3 in a set i.e. English Communication / Englich vocabulary / English Grammar) costs Rs. 150/- around each i.e. average Rs.400/- per set for only English books along with more expenses for books in Science, Social studies, etc. This year, it is noted that the stationary prices too have hiked. 

October 2 has been declared as World Day of Non Violence
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The Gandhi Brand is getting popular with the 114 UN member countries joining hands recently to support India’s resolution to declare Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday on October 2 as the “International Day of Non Violence”. The idea to pay the tribute to the Mahatma’s ideology came from the follow up of the Satyagraha Conference organised by the Congress earlier and a dedicated campaign that was launched under the aegis of the government. Kidsfreesouls News earlier mentioned of the Satyagraha Conference titled “Peace, Non Violence and Empowerment – Gandhian Philosophy in the 21st Century” held at the Death Anniversary of Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi, Congress President had then called steps to get the day marked for non violence. She had written to the UN Secretary General for the UN Declaration with follow ups made by PM Manmohan Singh. The Leaders also wrote to several world leaders including Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, other world leaders of Spain, Brazil, etc.

Young Matriculate
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In Lucknow, a seven and a half year old girl Sushma Verma has created a record by becoming India’s Youngest Matriculate. Daughter of a labourer, she cleared the Uttar Pradesh Board high school examination securing 354 marks out of 600. She got 60 marks in English, 68 in science, 66 in maths and 58 in Hindi. So far, the record was held by Patna’s Tathagat Avatar Tulsi who accomplished the feat when he was nine years of age. Sushma took direct admission to class IX last year, following permission given by Secondary Education Dept.

World Env Day Celebrated
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Aware Organizations celebrated World Environment Day by conducting sapling plantations and spreading awareness to mark the day. The CEE campus organized Children activity with Canvas Painting, pottery making and slogan writing. 

Arts & Crafts Workshop
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Selected News pieces:2007 Sangati Trust workshop

Sangati Trust organized a two-day Summer Arts and Crafts Children’s Workshop on  June 2nd and 3rd 2007 at 9:30 am to  5 pm at 33, (Old No.70), Z Block, 11th St., Anna Nagar, Chennai 600 040. (Shanmuga at 094441 83955) The session was led by veteran educator and teacher trainer, Mr. Ravi Aluganti. The workshop was primarily meant for children in the age group of 6 to 12 years.

Kids of smoking Parents not healthy
– Kidsfreesouls

Recently, World No Tobacco Day – 31st May was observed by WHO to spread the message to say ‘No Way’ to Tobaco. An average 11,000 deaths per day globally are caused due to tobacco. Six lac deaths per year are caused due to Tobacco consumption in India itself with 50% resulting to cancer. What is more alarming is, 55000 Indian children get addicted to tobacco every year.

Tobacco was smoked as far back as 1556 by the people of the Caribbean, as discovered by Christopher Columbus. It is a silent trap and causes lung cancer, bronchitis and asthma, mouth ulcers, etc. Smoking or chewing tobacco gets a person addicted and No Safe Cigarettes are proven too as low nicotine or the light cigarettes are also equally harmful.

Researchers presented a study at the American Thoracic Society 2007 International Conference lately that Kids of smoking parents aren’t so healthy.
Children whose parents smoke have more respiratory problems. More puffing, wheezing, cases of pneumonia are the effects to the health of the children. The kids also have higher risk of getting depressed, hyper tense and even get lower grades in schools due to their health problems of wheezing and lower respiratory infection due to which, they cannot concentrate in class.

It is noted that growing number of smoking bans in public places might cause parents to smoke indoors in the privacy of their homes. As a result, children are apt to increased harm to the developing lungs and they may get prone to
bronchial and asthamatic diseases.

CBSE Course on NSE
The CBSE Board in association with the NSE (national Stock Exchange) has introduced a new stream. Financial Market Management (FMM) for XI and XII students will be taught to students in the new course. Over 50 schools in the country will offer the course from June 2007. The course is aimed at making students understand entrepreneurship and getting self employed. Students will be taught subjects from functioning of the BPO sector to indulging in mutual funds. They will have to appear for online exams conducted by the NSE. Even the Teachers will get into Training Programs by known Institutes of Financial Markets. In Bombay, RN Podar School, Santacruz will be the only school in the city to introduce FMM.

Tintin entertainment

The most beloved Belgian comic strip hero Tintin is to come alive on screen as Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are to join forces to direct and produce a series of three films based on the character Tintin. The Entertainment journal Daily Variety reported in it’s recent edition that the legendary film makers would direct at least one of the films each and serve as producers on all three. Tintin had been a long time pet project of Steven Spielberg who finally secured the film rights to the comic series in the past months. Spielberg said that the computer animation technology used for the films would be unlike anything ever seen. The characters would be made to look real and photorealistic. The three stories are chosen from the 23 Tintin books published between 1929 and 1976.


Notices to Govt. for irregularities in mid-day meal
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The Gujarat High court has acted on the petition challenging the irregularities in the mid-day meal scheme for schools and issued notices to the State Govt. and AMC. Since 1984, the mid-day meal was started with the intention to give nutritious food to students. AMC in May 2006 signed an agreement with Stree Shakti, an NGO, for implementation of the mid-day meal scheme. The petitioner Bipin Rathod sumitted that the NGO cooked the food in one kitchen and hence the students, who should be getting fresh food are getting stale food that contain worms and insects. Moreover, the food was cooked in Palmolive oil, making difficult for students to digest.

Book in Gujarati on “Sibling Rivalry”
– Kidsfreesouls
 {loadposition amazon}

The Eklavya Institute of Teacher’s Education has published the Gujarati translation of Sibling Without Rivalry by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. The translated version is “Harifaimukta bhai bahen” which will be released on 13th April.

– You can read more on Sibling Rivalry on kidsfreesouls Counselling page with a mention of this book earlier.

School reserves bulk seats for girls
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A reputed CBSE school Prakash Higher Secondary School for girls and boys announced a change in its admission policy wherein the school management has decided to take in 70% girls and 30% boys from the academic year 2007-08. Earlier, there were 55% boys in the school. To provide better facilities, the school also decided to provide free education to girls who have lost their fathers. 

City boy excels
– Kidsfreesouls

Kartikeya Tanna of Ahmedabad excels to win laurels with his team in England’s Phillip Jessup International Law Moot Court as first prize winner & International Law Moot Student’s Association participating at Washington DC in “2007 in Shearman & Sterling LLP as second prize in competition.

Jessup moot is the biggest international mooting competition in the world, with more than 500 teams competing for a place in the finals, held in the United States. A moot is a mock trial, where participant argue points of law as they would in a court. Kartikeya is a student of King’s College, London which has been awarded the highest research and teaching ratings by the UK Government’s Higher Education Funding Council, and enjoys a distinguished international reputation.

Kartikeya, son of a reputed Lawyer Bhaskar Tanna , an ex student of St. Xavier’s Loyala School in Ahmedabad and got his graduation from H.L. College. He is also an ex-student of Swagat Children Library.

Heat Wave
– Kidsfreesouls

Ahmedabad get the biggest heat wave as hardly the summer begins. It is the cause of the Global warming. As per the recent study of CEPT, there is an increase in concrete structures in the walled city which is responsible for radiating back maximum heat into Ahmedabad’s environment. The study measured heat at 20 different places and where trees were found, the environment was cool compared to other areas. A green cover development is an important factor in urban planning. Narrow streets, dense concrete buildings and less trees has made the environment more hotter. 

Cycling Mission
– Kidsfreesouls

Congress participants set off on a 13 day bicycle tour from Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad to Porbander. These 250 congress workers attempts to spread the message of Mahatma Gandhi across the state. Gandhian values, his ideology of non violence and truth is almost revived with the recent movie ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’. The object of this rally is also to spread the gandhian values but the opposition parties believe it to be a stunt to woo voters. The highlights of the rally will be the visit of Congress President Sonia Gandhi to Porbander, the birth place of Gandhi. 

Newspaper with a mission
– kidsfreesouls

Selected News pieces:2007

A Campaign for Kalam is announced by a leading Gujarati newspaper ‘Sandesh’. President APJ Kalam is on the verge of retiring from his presidential post and he no longer wish to hold the post in future. However, educationists and children who are too fond of the President wants him to be re-elected for the post as he has major influence in education. The newspaper anecdotes a recent incident while Abdul Kalam landed at the city airport when he informed a father that if his daughter gets admission in medical, not worry for the cost. The Sandesh Newspaper has called for student’s group photographs with attached student’s list who would like Dr. Kalam to continue as President of India. These school kids photographs will appear on the Sandesh City page in their print media. Sandesh will also email the President of the school participating in the Campaign for Kalam. The submissions of school photographs can be made to Sandesh, Sandesh Bhavan, Lad Society, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. (India)

Acting School in city
– Kidsfreesouls

Selected News pieces:2007

Anupam Kher, a popular Film Artist who runs many Drama Schools have recently announced a unique Acting School, opposite the popular Nirma University. Actor Prepares is India’s finest acting school for talented individuals who wish to pursue careers as actor-performers in the entertainment industry.The school has credits with students like Rithik Roshan, Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bacchan who have undergone training at the center. The Teaching Modules vary from acting techniques, Body movements, Yoga, Aerobics, Stunts, Dance, Voice & culture, Diction and speech, Camera, film appreciation, Scene studies and script analysis, dubbing, television & radio, etc. 
For more on the courses, visit the Actor’s Actor Prepares website here.

Better Choice than Cricketers in India
– Kidsfreesouls

Pop Star Shakira & Gazal singer Gulam Ali prove to be a better choice for entertainment than the Indian Cricketers who miserably failed to show their performance in on-going Cricket world cup. Recently, Shakira performed a live show in Bombay after a successful Dubai concert. She performed amidst crowds longing to see her dancing on the tunes of Hips don’t lie, La torture, Objection Tango and all the tunes that makes the fans go for more. An Indian choreographer Farah Khan from the Bollywood has also taught her some Indian dance steps which she performed on the stage.

The Gazal singer Gulam Ali who sings soulful music of gazals is reverse to shakira and do not sing the hip hop or pop. He sings songs worth in terms of lyrics and music and interacts with his audience to fulfil the expectations of his audience. He sings worldwide but belong to India and Pakistan. Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan sings in Hindi and urdu language. 

Fans of these artists comments, “This is better choice than cricket’.

World Consumer Right Day 
– Kidsfreesouls

World Consumer Right Day in Gujarat State was held on 15th March to protect the Consumer Rights. The slogan ‘Jago Grahak Jago’ has become popular to bring about awareness on Consumer rights for:
1. Right to safety
2. Right to Information
3. Right to Choose
4. Right to redress
5. Right to compensation
6. Right to Consumer education

Consumer is said to be the king of Market and the Govt. stand beside citizens to join hands together in the crusade against consumer products that lapse its originality and found to be adulterated or spurious goods. People should carefully shop and insist for bill/receipt and know the proper weight, quality and price and avail compensation on expenditure. The consumer awareness also prompts people to not get trapped with exaggerated and lucrative advertisements. Complaints can be lodged to Food, Civil supplies and Consumer Affairs dept, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar if any customer is found cheated or provided insufficient services.

School Activities at N R (GLS)
– Kidsfreesouls

Selected News pieces:2007 
– scanned pic from TOI

Recently, N.R. Primary School held an Assembly wherein many children participated to show their talents and spread a social message. The invited students were from Mahipatram Roopram Ashram, an orphanage (extreme pic on left top). Children of N R school presented skits with a view to spread awareness on environment themes and save natural resources. The green theme with kids dancing and performing show with various other talents sent a message to stop greed, get rid of lust, anger, pride and jealousy. Ms. Rita Baker and her staff actively encouraged the children of the Orphanage and NR kids and praised their efforts to save nature. 

– Do you have similar news to appear on kidsfreesouls? freesoul@kidsfreesouls.com“Send here alongwith news & scanned pic.


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