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Success is my birthright


Success is your Birthright. The need of the hour for Business Women is to Feel the Power within and Stand out from the rest. The only hurdles that block are :

Limiting Self Beliefs
Trust in your capabilities and things you can do
Low Self Esteem
Losing Confidence

Self Ignorance – Is definitely your Problem
Self Awareness – Might lead to Solutions

Don’t Push – Don’t Pull and let not life be a Tug of War as what you focus on, always expands.

Life is a roller coaster ride. It consists of countless moments. These moments makes one smile, cry, irritate, frustrate….All you need is to Move On – Bounce in with your Passion, Purpose, Innovation, Creativity and happy moments.

Success Affirmations might work:

  1. I am an Achiever and no matter what, I stick to my Goals
  2. I am a magnet – committed, determined and focuse
  3. I am the Power – Learning from experience and burying the past to foresee bright avenues
  4. I am fully in charge of my Emotions. The emotional intelligence within me is super par to excel me with my desires and capabilities
  5. Positive thinking. Negativity has no place in my mind.
  6. Success comes in cans and not can’ts and I know this too well.
  7. Right Decisions at right time and I go for it.
  8. I can Do It – my sole motto for success
  9. I Plan Purposefully, Prepare prayerfully, Proceed positively, Pursue Persistently. My Achievement matters.
  10. My success Mantra – The Gita quote :

From the Gita

Karmany eva ‘ dhikaras te,
ma phalesu kadacana,
ma karmaphalahetur bhut,
ma te sango ‘stv akarmani

Yogasthah kuru karmani,
Sangam tyaktva dhanamjaya,
siddhyasiddhyoh samo bhutva,
samatvam yoga ucyate

“Which means… Thy rights is to thy work alone, But never to the Fruits of work;
Let not the rewards of action be thy motive, nor yet be attached to inaction

Steadfast in Yoga, O dhananjaya, do thou work; renounce attachment and be balanced in success of failure, such evenness of mind is called Yoga .This is how, I though of spreading Literacy and became an Educationist / Journalist / Author / Corporate Insurance Agent and a business person in family business. “

Management Mantra Column and all Contents written by Ilaxi Patel on Kidsfreesouls. 


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