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Action speaks louder: Sunanda Shah


Principal, N.R. High School, Ahmedabad

She’s ever been Supportive and a great source of Inspiration.
I’ve been as a Guest when she Organized a Teacher’s Day in 1998. Here’s her Writing below:

There are three kinds of actions – Action with thought, Action with speech and Action with Body. Action with Body is less harmful. For example, when irritation forces your action to raise your hand to slap a person, it is an instinct and you soon tend to forgive and forget. Your next reaction towards the same person may be a kind gesture or loving feelings which is a mild form of action. Sometimes, your speech is harsh for any disappointing and irritating action by someone. This will hurt and give malign feelings to him disturbing his surrounding environment too as it plays on his mind. This is the reaction of Speech. But the very important is the Action with Thought which is powerful. Thoughts linger on the mind and creates an impression which influence the whole world around you. Sometimes you have a strong desire to harm someone but your action restraints you as the thoughts accumulate, resulting into mental torture to your own self as well as harnessing the peace of the other. When you throw a stone in the pond, it creates ripples in the pond which reaches the border and from there, returns back from where it started. Similarly, our good or bad thoughts influence the world around us in more or less quantity.

It is such a powerful media of action that a person who is locked in the prison can continue influencing people with his power of thought. Hence, humans can do positive work for the world with their concerned Action. One need not have the riches nor power. Neither it is required to meet people or move in society. One can sit erect, be positive, think positive and influence people around with good Thoughts and good deeds. By this way, one can change the world and enemies can turn to be friends. To sum up, “Thought is a slow process but effective” as said in the words of Madame H.P. Blavatsky from the teachings of Theosophy.


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