The James Bond Movie ‘Cars’

The James Bond Movie ‘Cars’


The suave James Bond is geared for perfection as per his image in the books of Ian Fleming with usually a plot revolving around a mission with characters like a special woman, a villain, an exotic location and a car!!! The cars in James Bond movies are ‘special featured’ and they can speak, listen and swing in action too! Hey! Car freaks, watch out these movies and hang on your room wall, a pic of Kids Free Soul Fav’ The James Bond, Tough and Rough! 






Goldfinger : James Bond introduced Aston Martin DB5 with machine gun, bullet proof, oil dispenser, saw bladder from wheel hubs
On her Majesty’s Secret Service: New Aston Martin DB5 with machine gun and box containing radio active, computerized safe opener and copying machine.
Thunder ball: Bentley Mark II Continental – The savvy devised Bond Car.
The Man with the Golden Gun: AMC Hornet – The car which became Aero plane.
The Living Daylights : The Aston Martin Volante with wind screen head up visual display, special bullet proof and fire proof, digital radio, guided missiles, jet engine rocket. Convertible ice tyres, cutting device in wheel hubs, self-destruct mechanism. Also GMC Vandura Ambulance
Golden Eye : Aston Martin DB5
Skyfall : Aston Martin DB 5, Audi 5
Tomorrow Never Dies: BMW 20000 volt security system, defence weapons, remote control – Ford Scorpio – Daimler Limosine and Range Rover – Jeep Cherokee XJ
The Spy who loved Me: Bond has Lotus car that turns to a submarine.
The World is not Enough: BMW Z8 Car with missiles in head lamps, titanium plating and Amour, infra red tracking system, remote controlled.
Octopussy : Alfa Romeo GTV6,
Quantum of Solace : Alfa Romeo GTV159, Alfa Romeo 156 – Audi 6
Moonraker : Alfa Romeo Supercharged Straight 8
View to Kill : Jeep Cherokee
Licence to Kill : Jeep CJ 7
From Russia with Love : Bentley Mark IV
Casino Royal : Bentley
Live and Let Die : Bentley
Never Say Never Again : Bentley
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