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The Racing Car


Bins and Megs named their new car “Silver Streak”. They first chose a soap-box for the body, They took four wheels from an old baby pram which lay on the junk-yard. They found some nails to fix up the car. They got sore fingers as they used the hammer to hit the nails and made a lot of mistakes.

 Finally, the car was ready for it’s first trial run. They were very excited to roll down the car through a steep slope. Little did they realize that pushing off the car down the lane would gather speed. As soon as the car was rolling down the steep slope, Bins shouted, “Oh no, there is a bend at the bottom”. Bins and Megs forgot about the curve down the steep slope which came nearer, nearer. There was not a slight chance of steering the Silver Streak at the speed the car went down the slope. With a screeching sound, it left the road and burst into the wire fence. Silver Streak broke into pieces. Megs got hurt and was in great pain. Bins and Megs were sorry for their silly mistake.


Answer the Questions:

1. What was the car made of?
2. What did they require to fix the car?
3. Where did they find the wheels?
4. Why did they get soar fingers?
5. Why were the kids excited?
6. Where did the children go for a trial run of the car?
7. How did the car roll down the slope?
8. What did Bins remember?
9. Why could the children not control the car?
10.What happened to Silver Streak?
11. Why do you think, Bins and Megs made a silly mistake?

A. Same Sound-Different Meaning – Homophones
Some words sound the same. An eg. pain, pane (Megs was in great pain. For pane, the sentence can be A new pane of glass was fixed in the window.) Same words. but find the difference in spelling and meaning. Write down the meanings and make sentences too.

one – won | tale – tail | by – buy | made – maid |

road – rode | sail – sale | there – their | pain – pane

here – hear | main – mane | meat – meet | pail – pale

bare – bear | dear – deer | heel – heal | fair – fare | son – sun

weak – week | hair – hare | pair – pear | pray – prey | die – dye

four – fore | rain – reign | right – write | stair – stare | steal – steel

wait – weight | waist – waste | peace – piece | mail – male |

great – grate | need – knead | peel – peal | been – bean | beat – beet

cell – sell | feet – feat | bow – bough | hall – haul | ring – wring |

yoke – yolk | ball – bawl | flour – flower | him – hymn | leak – leek

Make Sentences using the right word:

1. He tried in (vain, vane) to find the treasure.
2. He tramped over many a hill and (veil, vale)
3. He (heard, herd) tales of victory.
4. The bus conductor asked me for my (fair, fare)
5. Megs (rode, road) to school on her new bicycle.
6. Silver Streak did not collide with a (stationary, stationery) car parked by the roadside.

B. The Similars- Synonyms : Some words mean much the same as other words. For eg. Bins got a gift for his sister. (Bins got a present for his sister) Learn the similars and make sentences.

creep – crawl finish – end halt – stop tug – pull large – big
start – begin speak – talk stout – fat tremble – shake aged – old
connect – join hasten – hurry glance – look linger – loiter hasten – hurry
difficult – hard pile – heap collect – gather peril – danger cash – money
commence – begin plump – fat naked – bare tear – rip weeping – crying
drowsy – sleepy handsome – beautiful plucky – brave broad – wide throw – hurl


Some More Similars to learn:

assist – help centre – middle abandon – leave
cautious – careful conceal – hide pathetic – pitiful
reckless – rash  abundant – plentiful enormous – huge
slender – slim vacant – empty vanish – disappear
wealthy – rich  sufficient – enough fortunate – lucky
abrupt – sudden brief – short odour – smell
room – accommodation disperse – scatter reluctant – unwilling
show – demonstrate eminent – famous interior – inside
endeavour – try loathe – hate intoxicated – drunk

Look at this word – broad. Now match this with (wide, narrow, empty). The word nearest in meaning to broad is wide. (Broad – wide) Choose one word below:

1. brook (stream, river, ocean)
2. ship (vase, scuttle, vessel)
3. throw (catch, taste, hurl)
4. peasant (explorer, footballer, countryman)
5. field (meadow, heath, jungle)

C. Opposites : The word hot is opposite to cold. Write sentences using the opposite word:

1. Bins like to eat thick slice of bread. Megs love to eat ___ slice.

2. Megs did three sums right and bins did two sums ______.

3. Megs look pretty when she smiles but _____ when she frets and fumes.

4. Please take this tea away and ____ me some milk. 

5. Always eat fresh vegetable but do not eat _____ food. 

Find new worksheet 6 for more Opposites. 

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