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Valentine: Birds Myth

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Valentine: Birds Myth

Schooling is fun time when you spot a shadow of an eagle on the playground and run to place your foot on it with hopes to find treasure or see the special ‘Koels’ singing alone or together and start rhying on them. Birds have a special influence on valentine day and if seen by a woman, she is sure to marry the person it symbolises. A couple is represented as ‘Love Birds’ when they’re young, when age with the greying, it often ends up ‘Peace Doves’ – Take it as you like it but now, Angry Birds Game on gadgets will have a new meaning ‘Angry Birds in Love’ – Does it not reflect the new Generation Romance, I wonder! 

Sight of birds and it’s about deciding the partner. If you spot a bird/birds, here goes the rhyme. 

One for Joy, Two for Sorrow, Three for letter, Four for Boy, Five for Silver, Six for Gold, Seven for Secrets never to be told. 

Blackbird… A man of Spirituality or Priest
Bluebird… A man of laughter – Happy man
Crossbill… A man of argument
Dove… A man of kindness
Goldfinch… A man of wealth
Gull… He travels a great deal for work
Birds of prey…He is a businessman, politician or leader
Robin… A man of the sea
Sparrow… A man of the country
Woodpecker… no marriage will take place
Yellow Hammer/ Wagtail… A man of wealth
Pigeon…He will eventually return to the place where he grew up

Farms were very popular in earlier days and hence, a hen and cockerel means, a girl will get her partner and marry soon ! 

In age of Technology and gadgets, the new Angry bird Valentine Game is just on for fun – So, download one and Enjoy – Happy Angry Bird Valentine! 

Valentine: Birds Myth


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