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Valentine : Gods & Goddesses


Valentine : Gods & Goddesses

Since long back, Gods & Goddesses are symbols of love. They have the alluring charm and beauty that were unmatched during the ancient times. History reveals, God and Goddess has been given many forms and names, depending on culture of peoples of the world. The multitude of names and forms can be confusing but some well known names are given below. In reality, Universal truth is – God is one yet, multiple reflects different faith. As the world is so complex in its manifest variety, some specific characteristics apply to every individual divinity.

Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, but originally a vegetation goddess and patroness of gardens and vineyards. Later, under Greek influence, she was resembled to Aphrodite and became popular. Venus was said to be the daughter of jupiter , married to Vulcan and some of her lovers include Mars. Caesar introduced the cult of Venus genetrix the goddess of motherhood and marriage and built a temple for her in 46 BC. The oldest temple dates back to 293 BC. Venus means Beauty, love and chastity which are the defining characteristics of this Roman Goddess.

Cupid is the Roman god of love and the son of Venus. He is a small, winged boy, carrying bow and arrows. The arrows, once striking the heart, makes the victim fall in love. Cupid is also portrayed as a young man with his beloved Psyche, with Venus or with a small group of winged infants known as Amoretti or Amorini. Some traditions say that he was born from a silver egg. Venus was envious of Psyche, the third daughter of a King who did not find a match for her because she was very beautiful even than the Gods. Venus sent Cupid out of her ego to let down Psyche, so the myth says. Cupid is Greek equivalent to eros. The name is derived from the Latin cupido, “desire”. He also went by the name Amor, the Latin word for love.

Eros – The Greek God of sexual love and beauty. He was the patron of love between man and woman and was known to be very mischievous. Armed with a bow and arrow or with gifts for lovers, it was Eros who lighted the flame of love in the hearts of both Gods and men.

Kama – Son of the Goddess Lakshmi, Kama is the God of love in Hindu mythology. He is depicted in the same way as Cupid, armed with a bow and arrow. He would travel the three worlds on the back of his parrot, looking to shoot someone with his arrows that would enchant the five senses with beauty.

Hymenaios – One of the youthful Gods of love from Greek Mythology. Hymenaios was known as the God of Weddings. His appearance in art is that of a child with wings carrying a bridal torch.

Baldr – Born to the God Odin, Bladr was the God of love and light in Norse mythology. The second son of Odin, he was described as being the fairest of the Gods and the wisest of them all. He was married to Nanna and had a son named Forseti.

Xochipilli – From the land of the Aztecs comes the God Xochipilli. He was the God of beauty, dance and fertility in Aztec mythology. He was the patron God of homosexuals and male prostitutes.

Isis – The Egyptian Goddess of fertility, magic and motherhood is known by many names. Among her various powers is that she knows how to make the right use of the heart. She was worshipped as a model figure for motherhood.

Ishtar – A Babylonian Goddess of procreation and love, she was the daughter of the Air God Anu. She was known as the Cow of Sin for her promiscuous ways. When the love of her life, Tammuz died, she went deep into the underworld to find him but was unable to do so.

Aphrodite – The Greek Goddess of love and beauty. She was married to Hephaestus, who was probably the ugliest Gods on Olympus. Aphrodite had numerous affairs with other Gods and mortals.

Frejya – A beautiful Goddess from ancient Norse mythology. She was the Goddess of magic and love and was often called upon for help with matters of the heart. Dwarfs, men, and giants were all lovers to her.

Radha – Beloved of Krishna, Radha has experienced divine love and yearns for her lover. Originally one of the Gopis that Krishna grows up playing with, Radha soon became the epitome of true love in Hindu mythology.

Innana – A Sumerian Goddess who ruled over fertility, love, sex and warfare. Her lover was a shepherd by the name Dumuzid. Often associated with lions, a symbol of power, she is depicted standing on the backs of two lions. Innana is also looked upon as the Goddess of plenty and fertility.

Astarte – Fertility, war and sexuality were the main concerns of this Goddess. She was well respected and accepted in various cultures like the Greek and the Egyptian, under various names. One of her main places of worship was the island of Cyprus.

Branwyn – The Celtic Goddess of sexuality and love. She plays a large role in the history of the Celtic region.

Diana – The Roman Goddess of chastity, virginity and the hunt. Diana was known as the Virgin Goddess and was the protector of virgins and women. A branch of Wicca known as Dianic Wicca is named after her.

Hina – The Hawaiian Goddess of love is known for her association with the moon and rebirth. She is described as a very smart, beautiful and attractive woman who is desired by all the creatures of the Earth.

For a true love – Be Loved. And to be Loved, one need not be a God or Goddess but enter into heart, the selfless love and radiate lives of others. Love enters – Quite Naturally ! 

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