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Yoga: Mind, Body & soul


The word Yoga itself means to join, unite or merge. Derived from the sanskrit root yuj, Yoga is a science and an art. Practiced by thousands of people round the world, it integrates the body with the mind and the mind with the soul, thereby helping us to understand or own natures and to live harmoniously with people around us. Some people are aware of Yoga as the Asanas and meditation. In fact, I think it’s an eight fold path called Ashtanga Yoga (eight limbs)

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The commandments are:

1. Yana:- Yoga

Ahimsa : Non violence

Satya : Truth & Honesty

Brahmacharya : Continence & self control

Aparigraha : Non accumulation of needless wealth

2. Niyama:- Personal disciplines

Saucha: Cleanliness & Purity

Santosha: Satisfaction & contentment

Tapas : Austerity, ability to bear hardship

Svadhyaya : Introspection

Ishvara : faith in god

3. Asana: Postures

4. Pranayama : Control of breadth and bio energy

5. Pratyahara: Withdrawal of the sense organs from the objects of sense

6. Dharana : Intense  concentration for developing inner vision

7. Dhyana : Meditation, uninterrupted and deep concentration for a prolonged period.

8. Samadhi : The goal of Yoga, attained after the dhyana.

It is said, as a river merges into the ocean and becomes one with it, so also the individual self merges into the Universal spirit and becomes one. Peace and happiness are a way to experience as all polarities such as pain and pleasure, good and bad vanish.

When we often talk of Health & fitness, we tend to miss out on the right way of living and this comes with an attitude – Yoga is all about Attitudes and even we focus on one of the commandments, we could bring about a lot of difference!

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