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What’s a Limerick? And Tongue Twister?

LIMERICK : A form of humorous verse. It takes it’s name from the city of Limerick, Ireland. No one knows how or where the form originated. It became known after Edward Lear made the form popular with his first “A Book of Nonsense (1846). The Limerick is a poem of five lines, with strong beat and rough anapaestic rhythm (i.e. de-de-DUMM). It is written in Poulter’s measure, a Folk Metre that consists of 13 beats. The first two lines rhyme with the fifth, the third line rhymes with the fourth. 


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The limerick, a witty, five-line poem, was popularized by Edward Lear in his first book of limericks — A Book Of Nonsense in 1846. The word refers to the city or county of Limerick, the third largest city in the Republic of Ireland. It is generally believed they were first written in the early 18th century. 

Limericks, Verse – Originally said orally and served as commentaries on manners and behavior. Limericks are said in five lines and the words are rhymed. Edward Lear, the English Painter & Humorist, the first Limerick writer said in his Limericks Book “Nonsense” (1846) :

There was an old man of the coast,

Who placidly sat on a post,

But when it was cold,

He relinquished his hold,

And called for some hot buttered toast.

More Limericks of Edward Lear

Sun Sign Limericks



Super fast Thinker – symbolized by Ram

Give them a cause, ready to fight

They love a challenge, with all their might.



Gourmet dreamer – symbolized by Bull

They can get their way, like the bull astray,

But rush them, push them, Nay, Nay, you have to Neigh!



Restless explorer – symbolized by Twins

Agitated and restless,

Ever ready to try something new

Completed task are very few!



Careful & caring dreamer – symbolized by Crab

Emotional, sensitive, they hide in a shell,

To think and dream, and worry like hell!



Flamboyant & Dramatic Leader – symbolized by Lion

Full of ideas and deft courage,

In search of praise, they always rummage!



Discerning, Discriminating genius – symbolized by the Lady

Ingenious, reliable, thrifty, realistic & firm,

Full of practicality, sure they’re concerned



Indecisive dreamer & Sophisticated – symbolized by Scales

Light, amusing, cultured & bright,

Keeping balance within their sight



Intuitive, Passionate Thinker – symbolized by Scorpio

Mysterious, determined, strong & firm,

Passionate, Romantic, In their fire you burn,

No half measures, ego they never shun,

They are a Treasure you have lots to learn



Cheerful, Optimistic viewers- symbolized by half man, half horse

Jovial, happy, warm at heart,

Courageous, friendly, very smart



Practical, loyal members- symbolized by the Goat

Sense of duty, traditions high,

Full of convention and family pride



Understanding, Caring, Friendly individuals – symbolized by Water

Friendly, caring, responsible, practical,

Disorganized, dreamy and daring too,

Opinions firm gives advice to few,

Sensible, genius, but diplomatic too



Charming, Imaginative dreamers – symbolized by Fish

Colorful, vibrant and charming,

Humor is their cup of tea,

Kind, caring but lazy, Imaginative, natural & free

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