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10 Lessons to Learn from Tom and Jerry


Go back memory lane to childhood days. 78 + years of Tom and Jerry: How this cat and mouse game played out over the years. Our love for Tom and Jerry is alive as we watch the Cartoon show with our Grand children. Tom and Jerry is more of a routine to watch the comic cartoon series. They ran after each other for their lives, but at the same time they were best of friends too.

Always thrilling and on a joy ride with so much fun to watch the hide n seek game of Tom and Jerry. Sometimes, Parenting is Panic, sometimes Fun. Sometimes struggle n strife. And sometimes, rosy n sweet. Or maybe scary when they have a cranky child. The trick of staying Happy, staying wise is to brush off the blues and Laugh. Together watching the fun Cartoons lightens the heart and brings relationship closer.

10 Lessons to Learn from Tom and Jerry

Think deeper and the message with Tom and Jerry cartoons is visible which teach important lessons as : 

1. We fight more with people we love
Tom and Jerry continously keep fighting. Be it small fights where Tom will chase Jerry for disturbing his sleep to big fights where Tom landed in trouble because of the mouse – Ultimately, at the end of the day, they are good FRIENDS.
So, forgive and forget – just know the worth of friendship.

2. Trust
Tom and Jerry’s bond of friendship has been built on love and trust. They are mischievous and performed nasty but did trust each other and hence the hide n seek game. Best pranks are played on person you trust. The lesson we learn is
Trust your loved ones and if your friend is genuine, you are blessed with a value friend or even learn some great things.

3. Confidence is the key to friendship
Jerry in all the episodes is full of confidence. Tip toed she will play the mischief and turns to a big cat but when chased, runs like a deer – timidly hides to safe place. Hence, Confidence helps one win in the difficult circumstances.

4. Size matters? Not at all !
Don’t under-estimate the Power of Tiny. Jerry was tiny but fearless and ready to fight out the powerful Tom. Jerry outwitted Tom and there’s a lesson to understand – Be cool, calm, composed and use your wits. Even the powerful can fall

5. Team spirit
Tom and Jerry always had fights But as we see, in many cases, they unite when they face a common enemy and together form a strong team. As the saying goes, ‘United we Stand, divided we fall’, Tom and Jerry teaches us lessons of Team-
work and compassion too.

6. Learn from mistakes
Tom never used the same techniques to trap Jerry. If he failed, he will change his tricks next time to trap Jerry. As Thomas Edison said, “I came to know about 999 ways which won’t work.” Hence, making mistakes is a part of live but
repeating them is foolishness. Therefore, learn from your mistakes.

7. Sharing and caring
Tom and Jerry were worst of enemies but at the same they shared their emotions. None of them can see the other one sad and hence always tried to keep the other one happy. It teaches a lesson – Give caring a Chance. It will make the
other person happy and this will make you happy.

8. Lifelong friendship
The gift of friendship is valuable and most treasured gift. Tom and Jerry stayed together – in good times, in bad times, forever. Like the song says, “In good times, in bad times, I’ll be there for you forever” value the importance of
relations in your life. They mean a lot.

9. What goes around comes around
As the saying, ‘What goes around, Comes around’ Tom makes devious plans for Jerry, only to fall prey to his own schemes. Hence, Trust in karma and do good. Expectations always dooms.

10. Life throws challenges
Tom and Jerry is full of action. Both face challenges in their own way and find a way to overcome the challenge. A lesson we learn is that what may come, face the challenges in life as you continuously juggle with problems of diverse
situations and some, we least expected it. Everyone goes up and down. No worries as there is a way if you try it – something works, sometimes it don’t.

Some more Parenting Lessons can be found which relate to real life situations of Mom and children. Helpful Parenting Lessons too by Abby 

About Tom and Jerry: 

78 + years of Tom and Jerry: How this cat and mouse game played out over the years
Tom and Jerry is an American animated series of short films created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. It centers on a rivalry between its two title characters, Tom, a cat, and Jerry, a mouse, and many recurring characters, based around slapstick comedy.

In its original run, Hanna and Barbera produced 114 Tom and Jerry shorts for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer from 1940 to 1958. During this time, they won seven Academy Awards for Animated Short Film, tying for first place with Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies with the most awards in the category. After the MGM cartoon studio closed in 1957, MGM revived the series with Gene Deitch directing an additional 13 Tom and Jerry shorts for Rembrandt Films from 1961 to 1962. Tom and Jerry then became the highest-grossing animated short film series of that time, overtaking Looney Tunes. Chuck Jones then produced another 34 shorts with Sib Tower 12 Productions between 1963 and 1967. Three more shorts were produced, The Mansion Cat in 2001, The Karate Guard in 2005, and A Fundraising Adventure in 2014, making a total of 164 shorts. Various shorts have been released for home media since the 1990s.

A number of spin-offs have been made, including the television series The Tom and Jerry Show (1975), The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show (1980–82), Tom and Jerry Kids (1990–93), Tom and Jerry Tales (2006–08), and The Tom and Jerry Show (2014–present). The first feature-length film based on the series, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, was released in 1992, and 13 direct-to-video films have been produced since 2002.

Introduced in India by Cartoon Network India in 1996, not only Cartoon shows but games like Hungry Tom, Save the Jerry, Fun with Spike the Bulldog, Catch Tom by His Tail and Catch the Cheese provide a fun environment for children and they also enhance and challenge their mental and physical faculties.



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